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  1. Finally figured it out. There is a choice between Activity and Classic mode. I was in Activity mode and nothing was right. Couldn't even log a Find. Changed to Classic and all is well. Thanks for the help
  2. Thank you. My screen doesn't have the controls at the top. Just a list of caches. When I select one, I get the details, description, and logs. I'll keep poking around. I have Softwafe version 5.0. I wonder if that's the problem.
  3. Just got an Oregon 750. I can't figure out how to see hints. Can someone help a former Magellan owner figure out his new Garmin? Thanks.
  4. Thank you both for the help. I've been away from my usual mapping practices and the actions that used to be automatic need a bit more thought. Thanks for getting my brain back on the right track.
  5. I tried posting in GSAK forum, but I'm having a problem with my password. I like to download pocket queries into S&Ts by GSAK typically gives me a .est file that S&T can read. Now, I only get .cvs file. I'm not sure what I have done to only get .cvs. Can anyone help be get back to .est downloads? Thanks Craig aka GeoCraig
  6. I cannot recall the last me I used a computer to load my gpsr rather than the iPhone or iPad. I use a small wifi router (Kingston MobileLite, but there are other similar devices) that is about the size of my phone. the router sets up a small wifi connection. When I plug my gpsr into the router, I can transfer files to and from it like any other drive. I use a Garmin, but I don't know any reason why an explorist would not work the same way. The MobileLite app does not support unzipping files. Although the caching app I use (Geosphere) seamlessly imports and exports zipped gpx files and unzips them, a file manager app could do the same thing. FileExplorer, for instance, will unzip files and support connections through the Mobilelite device so it is a simple matter to open a zipped file and transfer the gpx file to another connected device. The browser, icabmobile, also has powerful file handling capabilities, so you could save a zipped file, unzip it within the app, and transfer it using Mobilelite (opening it in either the Mobilelite app or FileExplorer), Thank you so much for your great ideas.
  7. I normally download my Pocket Queries to GSAK and then upload them to my eXplorist 710. I now have an iPad Mini and am looking for a way to use it when I'm traveling to move PQs to my GPS. Has anyone figured a method to get a PQ (which is a zipped file) from an iPad into a GPS? Thanks.
  8. If you have physical maps that you can scan or have digital maps in a graphics format, you might want to consider RMP Maker found at http://www.msh-tools.com/triton.html If you can identify the coords of 3 or 4 places on the maps, you that create raster maps that your 2000 can use.
  9. On UTM Not really necessary for geocaching, but I like the idea of scouts learning how to use it. With a knowledge of UTM, a topo map and a GPS, you can figure out exactly (within the accuracy of the GPS) where you are on the map. A good skill to have.
  10. I did the Presidentials on my way home from Utah last week. I'm glad I got at least those 25 before they were archived. I feel sorry of the guys at NGA. That's a lot of work to only have active for a month.
  11. I do PQs by geographically areas--areas large enough to load the 500 maximum caches. I overlap them a little bit so nothing falls between the cracks. All PQs have their own database in GSAK. I use an explorist 500 that allows separate folders for each database/PQ. I also use Streets & Trips and download each PQ into the map in a different color. That helps me plan my searches.
  12. Has anyone seen or used this new GPS unit?
  13. I also have an eXplorist 500. It's my favorite unit. I use GSAK. Open Pocket Query results with GSAK, then in GSAK do an Export to the 500. I export them as POIs instead of Geocaches because you can do 500 at a time. Exporting as Geocaches has a 200 cache maximum. Be sure to connect the cord to the unit with the cord running down the unit, not toward the top. One very nice thing with the 500 is that you can upload as many PQs as you want into the unit. Please let me know if you need any more help. Craig
  14. Here is the log of my find of GC4C03 Santiago Park Cache on September 18, 2002 by GeoCraig It wasn't a pleasant experience. Thankfully, the cache has been archived. ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Be careful when looking for this cache. Wednesday night after logging the cache I was handcuffed, courtesy of the local Park Ranger. He was going to arrest me for an act of public lewdness until I was able to convince him that looking in the bushes for a cache wasn't an illegal act. Apparently, this park is visited by perverts and it took 30 minutes in handcuffs and finally a visit to the cache with the ranger to talk my way out of jail. Be careful while looking for this cache. I wonder if it should be archived. I would hate to see someone arrested or worse because of geocaching in this park.
  15. The Groundspeak Weekly Newsletter looks great in html, but the links to new nearby caches are linked to the wrong caches. Oops.
  16. GeoCraig

    PQ problem

    I submitted 3 PQs this morning. 1 ran, 2 didn't. After waiting a while, I deselected the 2 that didn't run and submitted them as new PQs. They haven't run either. It's been a couple of hours.
  17. When I was visiting my daughter in Texas, I would bump into giant webs with equal giant spiders. It was a little unnerving to look up and be eye-to-eye with a large spider. It put a little challenge into the caching.
  18. I am quite sensitive to poison oak and, while always careful about it, still manage a breakout several times a year--including right now. I once placed an ammo box in a perfect location--several rocks made a perfectly sized spot for the box. I just blocked the opening with a couple of more rocks and had a good hiding spot. The hide was done on New Year's Day. A few months later, I returned to do some cache maintenance. The find was surrounded with beautiful green vines of poison oak. I carefully removed the box and relocated it. I have found caches in areas with lots of dormant PO vines--probably hidden in the winter when most people can't identify it. I need to stop writing. It's making me itch. Happy Caching!
  19. Is there a way to change my current user name to a new and improved name, bringing along all my find history? Thanks.
  20. I ran 4 this morning. 2 came through, 2 haven't yet--it's been an hour.
  21. Once the need for a bookmark has passed, how do you delete it from your bookmark list?
  22. Thanks for the help. It is there. I wasn't looking that far down the list because I logged it with the wrong date. All better now. Thanks again.
  23. I found a cache, It's All in Downtown Los Angeles by BLAA (GC1CH35), that was on my Ignore list. I've since removed it from the Ignore list, but the cache does not show on my list of found caches. Is there a way to restore it so it will show on my list of found caches?
  24. I would like to convert a path in Google Earth to a .gpx file or perhaps directly to a NG Topo file. Any ideas on how to proceed? Thanks.
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