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Geocaching Anonymous

GEO*Trailblazer 1

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Hi, My name is GEO*Trailblazer 1 an I am a GEO*holic.


I looked and could not find it so I guess we will have a Wensday night meeting for all you Geo*holics.


I think that I am the only one.

But speak up and admit your addiction.

You are powerless over it.

Only through this site,can you ever get over it.


This does not to have to be Wensday only, it can be for anytime you feel you need to reclaim your sanity. Or just sit and talk with others that share your addiction.

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Denial: No, I can stop anytime... I swear! Just one more cache! :mad:


Depression: Waaa!! Why Me!! Why Me!! NOOOO!! :huh:


Isolation: If you won't go cacheing with me I'll cache ALONE!! Just leave me alone!! :mad:


Treatment: Hello! I'm CWL and I'm a cacheohlic... Welcome to CA, CWL!! (Cacheohlics Anonymous) :(

Recovery: I fell so much better after getting that out! :unsure:


Rehabilitated: I've cut back to only the weekends now. ;)

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...this really sin't an addiction. I mean, I can stop whenever I want...In fact, I'll log off the boards right now. I'm gonna click "Log Out." And I'll do it right now. There goes the little pointer....


But, um, before I go, I'd be, uh, willing to stay here and talk to you all about caching. If...if you really want me to. Does anybody want me to stay? Please?........

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2nd, Wensday Meeting Geocaches Annoyn-mouse.


Opening Ceremony.



Approve more cache's for me.

To quit caching here today,

I can not truthfully say.

But I will try to be my best,

For this shall be my #1 quest.

To find as many as I can,

And guide more cacher's through the land.


The money from the suit has to go back to all cachers though.

It is for the Aide of our recovery process,More EVENTS.

more Burgers,Hot-DogsT-shirts,Travel Bugs,Geocoins and the like.


This is a new addiction and it will take years for the Dr.'s to conclude their decisions,in the meantime we will use this$$$ for recovery.


I will be sure and NOT let you know when this study has been concluded.


Until Then



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My name is Brian of Team A.I., and I am NOT a cache-a-holic. In fact, I obsess over nothing. When I don't go out caching, I may hours at a time online gaming, either online Texas Hold 'Em or Delta Force: Black Hawk Down with my gaming squad.


Who says 6 solid hours of gaming is obsessive?


Why would you accuse me of that? Just because I spent 13 hours at a LAN party, taking breaks only to use the restroom or grab more Coke/pizza, that doesn't mean I have a problem.

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Good evening it's Wensday again.


I just had to go a place 2 more caches, I just can not stop,And Quite frankly do not want to.


I am In the Denial Stage tonite........I aint addicted..

Got another event in too since last Meeting.


Oh well....Hope you all had a good Caching week as well.


Happy ...............................................Geotrails

till next week same time and channel Tune in. :)

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It doesn't take most newbies to realize this is addictive. I was hooked on my first find.

Yep...I was hooked solid on thaf first find...Feb 28, 2002. Tie Mill up on Squak Mt. by Issaquah, WA. For my two year anniversary...thinkng of going up there and planting travel bug in celebration of that. We've had this anonymous stuff in other threads...seems like I've seen 2 or 3 in the past.

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I think it maybe time to check in.


On the way home in fairly heavy snowfall I decide to hit a fairly simple cache. Well I hop out of the car (after searching for a place to park for 30 mins) and hike 250 metres through snow in my good work clothes. Only to discover (after 45 mins search) that the snow and dark have rendered this cache much more difficult. I DNFed. :D


Did I mention that my wife was waiting at home with dinner ready.

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Did I mention that my wife was waiting at home with dinner ready.

A man was having a love affair with his secretary. After work they went back to her apartment and made mad passionate love. They fell asleep and when the man woke up in a panic. He knew is wife was going to be suspicious since it was late. He told his secretary to put his shoes out in the snow. His secretary thought he was losing it, but did it anyways. The guy got dressed and put on his shoes and then left to go

home. His wife was pissed when he got home and wanted to know where he had been. He replied that he was at his secretary's apartment making mad passionate love. She said "Don't lie to me. I can tell by your shoes that you've been geocaching!"

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Well I read the Genius Loci (Sp) log it was very heart felt.

I went all week,since last Wensday and thought I had it wooped but woops...ed me,I had to go and do it I got 2 Caches and 2 Benchmarks today,

6 days yea..............Hurray for me


Just thought I would keep the Wensday meeting up and going just in case someone needs a place to be and just get it out in the open...Ha Ha.


I am not much of a spokesperson or nuthin like that but just your friendly neighborhood Geocaching addict.


Till next week......may all your trails be.



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I decided to try easing down to the "low-tar" brands of caches. So I took the girls for a 1/1.

Stopped at Walmart, Menard's and Shopko on the way home to look on their clearance racks for swag.

Then spent an hour making CITO canisters when we got home.

Then the UPS guy shows up with a box full of potential cache containers.


Although we don't cache alot it seems to be on our minds alot.



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Welcome to this days G.A. Meeting


Well good day all.

You all know how it goes,

I am addicted,and can not stop.

I am gonna cahe till I pop.

And when I'm gone you can lay me away,

Right up next to my last cache.

To rest in peace In a clean Land,

Thanks to all who helped with their CITO hand.


(Denial)I even missed the last few meetings here.

(Recovery) I am going out again and again.....


See ya next we.......................time

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