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You Know You're Addicted To Geocaching When...

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You know you're addicted to Geocaching when....


*You see a commercial for the new "Folgers AromaSeal Canister" and think "Wow, that would make a great cache container!"


*You are considering buying a new car and before you worry about airbags you think....is this a good caching vehicle for a terrian 5?


*A dollar store is exciting.


*You plan your vacation with cache density in mind.


Add to it! How your geocaching addiction enters your daily life in odd way.

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You skip breakfast to run out at 0-dark-thirty to get a new cache before work.


You come home late because you had to stop off for that new cache after work.


You come back to work dirty and smelly, because you went after that new cach instead of eating lunch.


While driving to work, or church, or the store, you are looking for the next spot to place a cache.

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You get the Geocaching icon tattooed on your body


Your friends call you giving the coordinates of the new caches they hid even before they are posted on the web site.


You do groceries based on the type of containers the items come in.


Your house has no small items left in it. All trinkets are hidden in caches somewhere.


You pray your boss doesn't find out how much time your spending geocaching or reading the forums instead of working.


You pass out your calling card many more times that your business card.

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You spend more time at night preparing for the next days cache than you do preparing for the next days work.


Your 4 year old is more concerned about going out in this weather than you are, and you find yourself telling him its fine, let go.


That book shelf you where going to build for the wife sits unfinished, but you have 37 new sig item ideas in progress on the workbench.


You are conducting a statistical analysis of trade itemvalue based on demographic location and container size, and your spouse is not only interested, but helping.


You are able to post reasons for being addicted, and you did not have to make them up.

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Hey Leprechauns, why bother posting? Is it somehow beneath you to have fun? Lighten up! This is supposed to be fun, remember? Not everyone has 1600+ posts and has been reading the forums for years.

Uhhhh, I posted because my answer fit the topic. My first post was meant to be lighthearted and in the spirit of the thread. The fact that I remembered several prior discussions of this topic (as well as my post count, as you noted) clearly shows my addiction to geocaching! A nasty post would have been to say "This has been discussed before... go look at this old topic or run a search." I did not write that post.


OK, back to the fun! Today I recognized my addiction to geocaching when I used my new Christmas present for the first time. Out caching after dark, I found myself looking for a cache in a dense thicket of thorns in a pouring rainstorm. Time for the debut of the LepreSun . A quick shot of 2,000,000 candlepower light and I found the cache in less than 2 minutes. I bought this specifically for night caching and am now squarely in the camp of BFL worshippers!

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A quick shot of 2,000,000 candlepower light and I found the cache in less than 2 minutes.

Hmmmm..... 2 million candle power........

Did you fry the vegetation or get a nice tan? :huh:


Another sign of addiction:

You buy a NV device to place that night cache and continue searching after dark without giving yourself away with a BFL. (I did this one.)

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Happened Last Night:


Was at a friends house until 2am. Got home, checked my mail, checked in my favorite forums, for some unknown reason I checked GC and what do you know, a new cache 2.5 miles away. I do a quick printout, fire up the eMap, punch in the coords, and race off. Its 2:30am, its 40 degrees, the wind chill is probably dropping it to 35 (unusual as this is southern California) so my hands are freezing, my ears are stinging, I am prodding around some horse trail with a flashlight.


Sure enough I located the cache and record my first FTF.

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You know you're addicted to Geocaching when....


*You see a commercial for the new "Folgers AromaSeal Canister" and think "Wow, that would make a great cache container!"


I guess I'm not the only one who thought that! I MUST be addicted!


You know you are addicted when while out on a "date" away from the kids with your wife, as you drive by a local electronics store, you say, " Let's go look at DVDs. I want to buy you a DVD." Just so you have an excuse to go in and "casually" stroll by the GPS and palm computer displays. :(

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You know you're a geogeek when...

...You consider driving instead of flying to Florida for the sole purpose of finding caches on the way down. Wife won that argument and we flew down.

...You couldn't care less about the spectacular Illuminations light show at Epcot because you're looking for the micro there.

...You're on vacation but do you relax? No! You wake up at 6:00AM and go geocaching.

...You started this thread.

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...You postpone a doctor's appointment because a new cache popped up this morning.


...Everywhere you travel you look at possible hiding places for a cache.


...Every container you see you try to figure out how to make a cache out of it.


...You have dreams of geocaching!


Darkmoon :tongue:

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If you automatically attempt decrypting e-mail before you realize it's spam!


>From: Miguel Mcnabb [mailto:leanoradrowne@v-sexi.com]

>Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2003 4:51 PM



>krxbnl:cayrq oewslextn fewh iwxfpdmm?x


>4200304 Live the life you only dreamed about.



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...when you peek out the window of a Boeing 737 at 30,000 feet and think, "Man, I'm probably actually looking at a hundred geocaches up here!"


...and you know you fly too much when you can point at a certain piece of terrain and say "see where the brown field ends and the green one starts? See those trees just below where they meet? There's a cache there. I was third to find it... would have been first, but I made a wrong turn on that road over there."


...and you know you may have said too much when the person next to you says, "Um, sir, exactly who are you talking to?"

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when i bought something just to empty it immediatly to keep in for a future and not yet ready cache container  <_<

Yeah, me to. I bought several of those Altoid Fresh Breath Strips tins for a future micro. My fingers are too clumsy to pick the 'strips' out of the container and after a couple of brewskis, forget about it.

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