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  1. Hey Mtnman, those leg pictures sure look like they were taken of my legs. Please tell the wife I can truly relate to where she is at this time. Fortunately, we both survived and came out a LOT better than what could have happened. Locally there has been two more motorcycle crashes since mine (both where someone ran a red light) , and neighther one survived. I guess I was the lucky one. I wonder about airbags for motorcycles???? PS: Anybody want to buy a slightly used Harley?? Must be talented at jigsaw puzzles though.
  2. Sorry to hear the bad news. This was a bad weekend for me also. Someone ran a red light and took out my new Harley. I made out way better than the bike, but ended up with a steel plate in my arm, both knees swollen and in bad shape, and a bad case of the spins that the doctor will try to get a handle on tomorrow. I know your pain, but we will overcome! Rick
  3. I had the opportunity to party with some of the Houston cachers, and must say Texas has captured the true spirit of geocaching. The comraderee, true sportsmanship, sense of fairness and acceptance to newcomers shows how great these people are. Hats off to Houston cachers. They are the true representation of what it is all about!!!!!
  4. I used my GPSr for a few years to navigate on the waterways and then for backpacking. I had heard rumors about geocaching for about a year. I searched for geocaching on the net, found Groundspeak, and got hooked immediately!
  5. Thank you for the support and advice. I do say I do NOT want a relationship right now, but I figured a singles event would bring together single people who have the same interests. I am now one of the shunned singles that former married friends shy away from because of my new single evilness might spread to their mates. I was thinking a singles event as a way to bring together people to branch out and fun together. Anyway, keep the input coming. Rick
  6. You guys are GREAT!!! I have not laughed like this in a long time. Geocaching, not only is it a way to find new places and natural beauty, but it is a great part of a first date. As always, thanks to all for the input and banter. Keep them coming!!!!
  7. Ok, it was suggested to get a new signature line since the divorce. I did not even think of that. So, any suggestions? Please keep it clean and family oriented. Thanks to all. Rick
  8. First off I want to say I really missed the playful banter from all the past six weeks. I have been dealing with the devastation of divorce and was unable to interact with anybody. I want to say I appreciate all the heckling, playful banter, and genuine sharing of knowledge by all. Special thanks to Snoogans, Sparky Watts, Saxman, and Carleen. Now on topic: I was thinking of organizing a singles geocaching event and was wondering if anyone had done this or what the administration thought of this idea. Please enter any comments on the subject for discussion. Once again, thanks for being a bright spot in my day. Rick
  9. Wow! That's quite a statement, considering the topic began with this: (If you read the other thread now, you'll see that the topic starter added a new line to the beginning to make it appear less-confrontational) I've been on these forums for quite some time and have posted a few times here and there (ok, everywhere, all the time). The most dividing topic I've seen here is virtual cache approval. Someone submits a virtual, it is denied by the approver with comments on how to get it approved, the virtual-owner then comes to the forums and slams the approver for not approving it. 9 times out of 10 that owner has not replied to the cache approver's comments through email. In this particular case, the virtual owner is so dead set on placing a virtual instead of a traditional or multicache that he comes to the forums looking for people to rally to his cause and get the virtual approved. I find nothing wrong with soliciting opinions from others in this forum. You will usually get either a few "yes" replies and a bunch of "no's" or a few "no's" and a bunch of "yes" replies. That's how public opinion works. Not everyone agrees with everything you say. When you begin a thread in a hostile manner and continue in that fashion, don't expect anyone to join your cause. Those people have already left the building. Several attempts were made by other members to show that it would be possible to place a traditional cache near the location of the plaque. Since the plaque is at the top of a mountain at a ski area, it could be used to start a multi where you ski to the bottom to find the container. It would be much easier to maintain a physical cache this way, and much easier for cachers to sign the logbook at the bottom of the mountain than at the top. My question is this, there are guidelines that have developed over the few short years that Geocaching has been in existence. Those guidelines are easily available to read through (there's even a link from the "hide a cache" page). You check a box saying you have read the guidelines before you are allowed to submit a cache. Why then, would you submit a cache that is clearly against the guidelines? Are you hoping the approver won't notice? They have a job to do. You can make it easy by following the guidelines, or make it hard by doing it your own way. When others try and point out what the guidelines are, why would you say that they are being hostile? Why should they be sympathetic of your plight when you weren't following directions in the first place? I know, that's more than one question. Some people like giving lots of answers, asked for or not I even got an email from the guy wanting me to join his cause. Am I mistaken, or is 2004 the year of the geocachers meltdown????
  10. Hey Sparky!! Chill out man. Lately you've been real temperamental and easy to inflame. I always enjoy reading your opinions and playful banter. But lately you've been so easy to anger. Please calm down and relax. I would hate to see you banned. Hope all is okay.
  11. Scope out the spot. Get the cache ready. Submit the cache with a note that the cache has not been placed to the approver. COMMUNICATE with the approver. When the approver OKs the cache place it and get back to him that it is placed and when to release. We have had a couple of instances lately where people went balistic when their cache was not approved. They ranted, raved, and caused a BIG scene because they spent time, money, etc. and were not approved. All could have been avoided if communication was better and tempers were not raised.
  12. I did the check thing recently and I think it took about 9 days from when I sent it.
  13. None today, but 4 finds yesterday and 3 travelbugs. Also had two caches released this weekend.
  14. Congradulations!!!! I am coming up on mine soon.
  15. Hemlock is my approver also. He approved one cache last week in about 45 minutes, and a second one in a couple hours. He also agreed to hold them for release one on Friday and the other on Saturday which was 5 days later for each. I think he does a stand up job and is willing to do anything he can to enhance the geocaching experience. Ever gotten that kind of service from Fryes or DMV????
  16. Sax said this because a cacher recently went balistic because he prepared a cache, preprinted a bunch of stuff, and was not approved. He caused a big stink and commotion all because he did not COMMUNICATE with his approver. Most concerns can be worked out if you reasonably communicate with the approver. Although, sometimes a great idea just won't conform to the guidelines. Just keep in mind a new or even better place will show up!
  17. If I had to pay to use the site for caching, I would find another hobby. Just my point of view. I have mixed emotions on this. I upgraded to premium membership to contribute to the expense of running the site. I get enough enjoyment that $30. a year was trivial. I do not feel you should be REQUIRED to pay, but a contribution to assist in the upkeep of the site is a nice option to keep the sport alive. I do feel having a cache members only for a couple weeks allows those in it for the long haul first dibs before the cache goes to junk. Then release to all. But once again, that is anyones OPTION at this time and should remain one.
  18. Another good thing to do is to go to an event. Texas is big on events and seem to have the best out there. You can meet a lot of great people, learn tricks and techniques, and just have a wonderful time. You might try to email "Snoogans" who could hook you up with someone nearby. You can find his posts here on the forums. He is kind of a Guru of geocaching in Texas, especially when it comes to events. Welcome to the club!!!!!!
  19. I forget where I saw it but someone traded a picture of a babe for a picture of a wet cat.............
  20. I can feel your pain. January 1, 2004: 4:30AM, we lost our dog of ten years Joey. Not a fun way to start the new year.
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