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  1. I would be interested, especially if the event fell on a long weekend. Sounds awesome. What kind of distance are we talking about?
  2. My sentiments exactly. They are only hurting themselves and their fellow cachers. Pretty selfish if you ask me. I wouldn't say it's all that simple. I think people just reach the point where the hassles outweigh the benefits. One shouldn't feel "locked in" to a hobby out of fear of "hurting" others. It's not fair to put that pressure on people. I've had many hobbies over the years. I'm involved for a while in one, then take up another. Sometimes I go back to a hobby after a while and like it more than ever. But in all of that it just doesn't make sense to me to put up with a lot of nonsense for the sake of a hobby that should be a diversion from weightier matters in life. I very nearly quit geocaching last week. The local caching scene here is in some ways quite simply horrendous. Political fights. Groups of cache thieves. Interpersonal grudges. Gossip and trouble making by a small but very loud group of local cachers....It's maddening and embarrassing. Why should I put up with all that when I have so many other great things I can do? Having said that, I still haven't quit. I got a lot of emails from fellow cachers who expressed their dissapointment at my decision to go. Not one ragged on me as though I had "hurt" them. They made me feel welcome and appreciated, so I decided to stick with it. But I don't look down on people who quit. I just wish them well and hope they will return one day.
  3. I've received a lot of emails asking if I'm OK and why I archived my caches. I am OK, but for the last year all I've done is caching in my spare time, and I guess I'm burned out a bit on caching and thinking about caching. That, and frustration with missing caches, local squabbles and politics briefly made me want to give up on this hobby. But a telephone conversation with a local cacher as well as the many emails I've received has convinced me to stick with it and to forget the politics. They are not what caching is all about. I'll probably not cache for a month or so. I'll concentrate on other hobbies for now. I've asked our approver to reactivate my caches. Hopefully they will be available again soon. Sorry folks for the drama here. I hope we can get an event going here this summer. I'd like to put some faces to some names.....
  4. I could dig into this and go around and around over it, but I won't. I've taken pains to try and apologize to all of you, but you don't seem to want to let it go. That the three of you and another cacher are often at odds with one another is common knowledge, and it seems to some (not only me) that the three of you are very willing for everyone to think the worst of him. So I posted and criticised and was wrong to do so in the way that I did. I've also admitted that I may also be wrong in the substance of my post as well as in form, and that I'm willing to listen and be educated as long as it's factual and in good faith. So what more do you want? Do you want me to retract what I said completely? I could do that, but it wouldn't be honest. If I come to see that I'm wrong in everything I said, I will certainly retract everything I said. I'll have no problem with that. Having said that, I think there is nothing else to say.
  5. It is stated clearly that I was apologizing for criticism that was "far too harsh, judgemental and lacking in respect." As in saying you were acting "like children" I never said you "ruined" the event at all. Just that some gossiping and negative comments happened at the event. Remember? A bunch of us held back from the main group at the end of the hike? Most people at the event wouldn't have been aware of it, and yes, a good time was had by all, myself included. I only meant to point out that while some are willing to gossip about people who are not there to defend themselves, there are others who are not, and that I see that as a sign of character. Notice that i did not exclude myself from being one of the gossipers, and in fact stated that " I left the door wide open" for the other cacher in question to gossip about you guys. I'll state plainly that I tried to get the other cacher to gossip, but he refused. And to tell the truth, I was shamed by that, and resolved not to do that anymore. The spirit I intended was that I intend to give all the benefit of the doubt from now on, rather than jumping to conclusions, and that I don't intend to hold grudges or make an enemy of anyone. I intend to treat all the way I would want to be treated. But I still have opinions about the goings on in the area. Perhaps they are uninformed. If anyone wants to educate me I would be willing to listen, provided that the information was factual and presented in good faith.
  6. Hi BeDoggy, Not exactly sure how to handle this as I've never spoken to you, directly or via e-mail, so I'm not sure what I could have said in confidence to you that you brought up. We have met, but I don't think we spoke. That was at the Belcarra Event. I don't recall telling you anything in confidence there either. The criticism of me is based on your opinion (probably from the GC.com and BCGA forums), and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Maybe an apology for bad-mouthing me based on your opinion would be more appropriate. I'm still rather confused as to what exactly you are apologizing for. It seems you are apologizing for the way you done something, not because you did it. Robert I realized after I wrote what I did that You were not there when a bit of gossip started up at the Belcarra event. You were up with the main group with your sister. As for my opinions, they are not my only my own. There IS frustration among some cachers in this area about the forum fights, ect that have happened in the last few months. I am not the first to express frustration about it either. I said in my apology that I still believed "many" of my points were still valid. Not "All" I've admitted I was wrong in the way I approached it, and am glad you took the time to respond. Thanks.
  7. I want to offer an apology to you guys for the way I mishandled the offering of my opinion on Gorak's thread, titled "What would you do?" Although I still believe that many of the general points I made are still valid, the way I handled it was wrong. Having met all three of you I can say that you are a good bunch, and my criticism was far too harsh, judgemental and lacking in respect. As for bringing up things that were said in confidence and in person, I deeply regret doing it and will not do it ever again. I think that those who have met me would say that what I said in those posts is not characteristic of the way I usually do things. And although I know the personal reason why I got so unreasonable I won't use it as an excuse here. There was no excuse, and I offer my apology in good faith, hoping that you will accept it in the spirit in which it was given. Brent.
  8. It depends on my mood for the day. If I feel like looking I try to refrain from using them. But if my patience is short I will at times use them right away
  9. Congratulations and many thanks to everyone of you who took the time, did the work and endured the hassles.
  10. The waypoint of that cache is GCH02E. Really funny.
  11. I had placed a cache in the hollow middle of a huge poplar tree that had been felled by beavers. (the cache is called "the ambitions of organic chainsaws") Bad place, it turned out. There were actual logs from SIX muggles who had found the cache before even the first cacher found it. One was even a tourist from Holland. At another one of my caches, called "A town and her Sappers" someone saw some cachers leaving the cache site and went to investigate. Thier log said something like this.... "found your cache after we saw someone running from the area. We thought they were hiding drugs. We think your game is really neat. We didn't take anything but left a tiny key. Have fun!" Pretty cool if you ask me!
  12. You can just imagine this guy among a group of cachers... Someone asks: "How many finds do you have?" He answers, beaming proudly: "151 finds!" Bwahahaha.....What a phony!
  13. Because this thread isn't about accusations. You're the one that brought up the topic of accusations and named names, yet you expect me to explain your accusations. Sorry, not going there. That thread already has already happened in another forum. This thread is about what you would do if it was your caches that were going missing. You're off topic. ___________ Gorak As for being off topic, I don't care simply because I don't believe this topic is really about what you say it is about. It seems to me to be a device to smear the character of another cacher. I don't think you'll answer because you just don't have a defence based in fact and grounded in the principles of fair play. Complaining about me being off-topic is just stonewalling and a smokescreen to divert attention from your less than honorable intentions. But since you want me to be on topic, here it is: What would I do? I would deal with this by talking to the person involved privately, without trying to be dirty and calling that person's character into question in public. I would try to see the caches as a secondary concern. I would put my pride aside and really listen to the other guy, admit wrong where I honestly could, and come to a fair compromise. Really, I'm not trying to set myself up as an adversary here. But if I'm going to be the honorable man I want to be, I can't just sit there and say nothing. You don't need to agree with me. But if you are honorable you will at least respect MY intentions and not hide behind the rules when it becomes convenient.
  14. We did. You must have missed it. Thanks for your insight. ___________ Gorak And instead of brushing my post aside, why don't you humor me and address the rest of what I said?
  15. We did. You must have missed it. Thanks for your insight. ___________ Gorak Where did you make the accusation by name and provide proof? I didn't see it here in this thread....unless it was removed before I saw it. You guys make accusations but always leave an "out" for yourselves. If you are going to make public accusations, put your money where your mouth is. Name names, don't just assume everyone knows for sure who you are talking about. I mean, I know, but others may not. Provide evidence. Specific and accurate contents of threats. Proof that your accusations are valid. Word by word transcripts of threats made in logs and by email. To refuse to do so makes me suspicious that your real motive is to assasinate the character of another in a public setting. I've seen your attempts at this kind of thing before. Specifically when you guys (Jomarac5 and RobertM as well as yourself) kept making cracks about CanadaZuuk needing or being on "Meds" Even when he requested and then demanded you guys stop it, you didn't. So now there may be many others out there who have had the suggestion planted in thier minds that he has that problem. That is just not right or fair. Now you want everyone to think he's a thief, with no real proof and just a suspicion fed by personal prejudice. I'll make a stand here and say that I don't blame CanadaZuuk for being upset with you guys, and that I don't believe that he's a thief. Could I be wrong? Possibly. But if you guys are going to come out in a public forum and make accusations and expect everyone to believe what you are saying, do it properly. If you aren't prepared to do that, then keep your disagreements private. You may think it's no big deal to make someone look bad in public, but I would disagree. It's not something I would ever take lightly and could never feel good about. Here's something to think about. I've had, at times, email correspondence with CanadaZuuk about various geocaching related subjects. Even when I left the door wide open to badmouth you guys (on at least two occasions) he refused to do it and did nothing but express regret over the situation. On the flip side, when I talked with you guys at the Belcarra event and went kayaking with Jomarac5, both situation degenerated into gossip and badmouthing of CanadaZuuk, Mr Gigabyte, Jeremy Irish, and several of the forum moderators. These have been my experiences with you guys. I've tried to be impartial over the past months and friendly with everyone, but I won't straddle the fence any more over this. If you can't provide proof that CanadaZuuk took your caches, then I believe that you should retract your accusation and apologize for making it. That goes for the "Meds" stuff as well. Brent.
  16. Why don't you just come out and make your accusation without mincing words? Why talk in circles if you are sure who did it? Just level your charges complete with names and proof and get this "war" over with once and for all. If you are sure who's doing this, report them to Groundspeak, provide your proof and have them banned. Or are you not sure but don't mind casting aspersions on someone who is probably not guilty? Really....As a local cacher I'm more than a bit disgusted and bewildered by this ongoing crapfest. You'd think you guys could simply agree to disagree, seeing that you are middle aged adults and not children. But this fight just keeps going and going. I'm not choosing sides here, since I have no idea who's done what and when. Oh, I've read on the forums here, at BCgeocaching and at Woodsters all the arguments and sniping and such since this whole thing began. I've tried to see both sides. But maybe it's time you guys worked out your differences in private. I've talked with several other local cachers who are disgusted too. I've heard other cachers voice the opinion that they aren't going to be planning any events because of the possibility of all you guys showing up and ruining the event. That's crossed my mind too. Or maybe you guys just need to step back from this hobby for a while and gain a healthy perspective again. Getting this worked up over the stalking of tupperware surely can't be a good sign, guys.....
  17. Due to lack of interest I am not going ahead with planning this event. Thanks to the few of you who expressed interest.
  18. I'm beginning to make inquiries about holding this event. Before I proceed I want to make sure that there will be enough people attending to qualify as an "event". If you wish to attend, post here. If there is not enough interest, then I will go no further in my inquiries and just do some clean up next time I do a maintenance visit for my cache there. Thanks.
  19. If it were me, I'd reinforce any opening cut into the ammo box with a steel frame welded around the edge of the opening. The latches on those things exert a fair bit of pressure on the structure of the box. Make the frame with a bolt pattern and a matching frame to sandwich a lexan panel in between.Use rubber weatherstripping between the lexan and inner frame to make it watertight.
  20. It turns out Telus was having network problems and they were fixed today. Plenty of people were having the gateway error in the lower mainland and fraser valley. Look here: DSL REPORTS
  21. wow, when I started typing my reply there were no replies yet. 5 in about 60 seconds. Not bad....
  22. Nope. When the new forums were set up the warn meter was added as a way to warn individual posters if they broke forum guidelines like making personal attacks, bad language, ect. Only you can see your own meter.
  23. BAD kitty-cacher! Don't you know this is a family site!
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