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Regional Organizations List


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Could a moderator please pin a Regional Organizations list in the Midwest Forum?


It should help new cachers get started a little easier.


Ohio groups include:


Northwest Ohio Geocachers (http://www.nwogeo.org)

Northeast Ohio Geocachers (http://www.neogeocachers.com) (updated)

Central Ohio Geocachers (http://www.cogeocaching.org)

West Central Ohio (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WCOhioGeoCachers/)

OKIC (Tri-State OH, KY, IN) (http://www.okic.org/)

CACHE (Cincinnati, also) (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/C_A_C_H_E/)


EDIT: Updated NEO

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Going along with INKY, NEIgeo and the other local caching groups in Indiana (as compared to the overall Indiana geocaching group which ties everything together), we have formed CINCO to be the local group in the northwest of Indy region; i.e., Kokomo, Lebanon, Lafayette, Monticello, Logansport. We are going to have our first event in early Nov, 2005 with plans for events at least every other month after that. The events will be small meet'n'greets. See www.cincogeo.com for more information.

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Since noone else has done it, I'll add an entry for the Chi-Town Cachers covering NE Illinois to the Wisconsin and Indiana borders.


There is a fairly active Yahoo group at




and a Web page which is undergoing updating and construction at


Chi-Town Cachers

While the Yahoo group still exists and gets occasional traffic, the new organization for the Chicago metro area is Geocachers of Northeastern Illinois. The home page also includes a link to the group's forums, which have been proving to be a far better communication/discussion vehicle than the Yahoo group.

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Now that we are kicking off the new group for southern Indiana I thought I should jump in and post a note.


Here are the first three kick off meetings to be held next month.


Ready.. Set.. IndiGO -Seymour


Ready.. Set.. IndiGO -Evansville


Ready.. Set.. IndiGO -Indianapolis


Ready.. Set.. IndiGO -Bloomington


Cache On!

Indy Diver :cool:

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New! I'm in Naperville, IL and would like to know of any groups out this way, and if there is none, I would like to start one. I don't even have a GPS unit yet, but I did find 2 caches in Minnesota a few years ago, so I have a basic idea of how this works.


Hope to see a response! I joined a Yahoo group but there hadn't been posts in months, so hopefully I'll find other cachers somehow. I'm a return-ee to the chicago area, don't have any friends left so am anxious to meet some new people.


Ta ta!

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