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  1. Hello? Did we lose everyone at the Spring Picnic?
  2. mintaka

    Bookmark List

    I'm glad to see that others are having the same problem as I am having. I have three public bookmarks and I can't view one of them, Allen County Caches: Volume 1. I can select edit and change the text but can't view it. I'm a little sad to see that this thread is now three weeks old with no response from anyone with a solution or a "Looking into it". I would like to delete caches that have been archived but it won't let me.
  3. I seem to be having a different problem with bookmarks. I get a "You do not have permission to view this list" error when trying to view one of my lists. Three others work just fine.
  4. Would anyone like to try something different for mine? Mintaka is the third star in the belt of Orion. I seem to be limited to images of the constellation. Thanks!
  5. mintaka

    my precious

    His puzzles are actually still active, they just don't lead to a geocache. The Messenger's Demise has never been solved. It was launched January 2005. There is another called Torment that hasn't been solved yet either. If you really want to head down that dark path, email me and I will send you a link. Marty mintaka
  6. It has been a couple of years since I started using the avatar I currently have and I still don't have a creative bone in my body. I would love something that I can use as a pathtag and as my new avatar. I'm loving all the work I'm seeing! Mintaka is the third star in the belt of Orion. Thanks!
  7. For your records, I think I have 53 ISQ's no MSQ or OSQ. I hope to add several more this weekend.
  8. Does that mean Mr. Incredible has to stay home?
  9. MAP Thanks but this is the same map available now. The old map I remember had a box where you could select one of your bookmark lists.
  10. Here's my first find: Earthling Vector IV by Earthling and Heavenbound February 2, 2002 by mintaka (495 found) This was my first find! Good thing I wore my hiking boots for it was quite muddy after the rain but easily found. There are no more leaves covering it. Signed the notepad. Didn't take or leave anything. I had my boys with me. They were one and a half years old and slept in the carseats all afternoon.
  11. I seem to remember an online map you could select from a cache page (like Geocaching.com Google maps) that let you display caches you had in your bookmark list. They showed up as a different color than caches on the map that were not in you bookmark. Has this feature been removed or am I just not remembering where it is? Thanks.
  12. I just noticed... When did Team Tigger International hit their 2000th find? It looks like as of today they are at 2001. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Way to go Star & Wulf!!!
  13. I had a police officer help me find a cache once. The cache was at the end of a dead end road. I parked at the suggested spot and started walking down the road. As I rounded a curve I saw another vehicle and I thought another cacher was there. As I got closer I saw the insignia on the side (it did not have a light bar). A police officer was just doing some paperwork. The GPSr was pointing directly at his car! As I approached he rolled his window down and asked if I needed help. I described what I was doing and mentioned that he was apparently parked on top of the container. He asked me if I was looking for a small tube. It was a mystery cache so I had no idea but I said that chances were it was. He got out of his car and kicked a small log over revealing a waterproof match holder in a hollowed out part of the log. I said "Thank you" and he said "Good luck" and got in his car and drove off. Now I wish I had asked him how he knew it was there.
  14. I'm sure that was the B-2 that did a fly-over at the Dayton Air Show on Saturday the 28th.
  15. My GPS 315 mourns the loss of a comrade.
  16. If the state is so big it requires more than one volunteer, then I agree with Doug that the additonal volunteer should be a Hoosier...not somebody 23,764 miles to the east of us. are those miles calculated using DST? He would be in GEO-Synchronous orbit if he were straight up.
  17. The coins arrived in Fort Wayne sometime this weekend. Fantastic job!!
  18. Still anxiously waiting by the mailbox here in Fort Wayne. I'm hoping today or Saturday. They look great!
  19. I was having trouble getting PQs also. I hadn't received the last several I generated although I was receiving logged caches from my watchlist. I also didn't have the option to download the PQ with my finds anymore. Then today I noticed a note across the top of the PQ page that said I couldn't download any PQs until I agreed to the terms of service (I guess that's what that was). After clicking "I agree" the button for "my finds" came back. Is this something that will periodically pop up? I had to re-verify my email address a little while ago. Could the two be related? Thanks.
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