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  1. I night cache every chance I get. Roughly 20% of my finds have been in darkness (yes, I keep track). Often times the search ends quicker at night. I attribute this to focusing on the flashlight. Whether I'm using a headlamp (usually) or a hand-held flashlight, I tend to focus my searching where the light shines and perhaps I'm a little more methodical in the searching. There have been several difficult or sneaky micro hides that I've DNF'd in daylight which I found easily at night.
  2. NoLemon


    Let me see if I understand your proposal. In order to make it more convenient for some people to find parking for some caches (and thereby save gas and lower pollution as a result of less driving) you want to REQUIRE that ALL caches have parking coordinates? You want to put an additional requirement (some would say burden) on the hider to make your search easier and less costly. In a great majority of the cases, you could achieve the same benefit by doing a little prep work studying the maps prior to leaving for your caching adventure. No thanks.
  3. Check out the article on paperless caching at Geocacher Univeristy. You may also want to check out Cachemate for the Palm. I use the GSAK / Cachemate combo with my Palm Tx. I think the combination works very well.
  4. Perhaps that is the way temp caches are done in your neck of the woods. That hasn't been my experience at events in the midwest. Actually, the majority of temp event caches I've seen do not meet the listing criteria. I've seen temp caches that are: - within mere feet of active railroad tracks - within 100 feet of existing, active published caches - in the event organizer's coat pocket hanging on the wall at the restaurant where the event was held - in the table centerpiece at the event - on clearly marked private property (but it was only there for a day, so it is ok, right?) - not actually containers, but a piece of paper taped someplace - and occasionally, I've seen temp caches that actually meet the guidelines of being listed And, yes, I've seen both experienced and novice cachers gladly claim finds for these caches by either logging multiple attends on the event or multiple finds on existing physical caches. Personally, I don't log temporary caches. Early on I did, because all the experienced cachers (read: active for a long time and with "big" numbers) did. Once I thought about it, I deleted those find logs.
  5. I use gmail and have not received any watchlist notifications, new cache notifies or owner notifications today (at least two of my caches have been found today). I did, however, receive PQs today.
  6. Thanks for your answer, That is what I have been doing, but a one button click would just be so much eaiser. Oh well. Thanks anyway. What web browser are you using? In Internet Explorer you can click: FILE>SEND>PAGE BY EMAIL (or LINK BY EMAIL) I'm sure the other browsers have a similar option... In Firefox you can click: FILE>SEND LINK... Also, you can also install the Pearl Crescent Page Saver plug in which will capture part of or a complete page as a graphic image. This isn't a one button solution but it works.
  7. I like the new & improved weekly notification. The separation of the events from caches is great. I appreciate the inclusion of events that are farther away and mega-events. One suggestion: Please omit archived caches from the notification email. Newly published caches shouldn't be archived in their first week, but it does happen. There were 19 caches listed in the notification email I received, two of which were archived when the email was sent.
  8. If you think you've been exposed wash with Tecnu. If you do break out in a rash, use a product called Zanfel and follow the directions explicitly. Zanfel is a bit pricey but if you want to get rid of the rash it works and works well. For me, it is worth it! Zanfel Tecnu
  9. Can't find it? That's ok, just replace it with a "temporary cache" and claim a find. I guess that's how you get to 2400+ finds, eh?
  10. Why do you need to track who hit your profile page?
  11. That's a handsome coin! Great design - can't wait to get mine to see it in person.
  12. I'm using Firefox on WinXP and the maps work fine for me.
  13. Hilarious! Well done, Mr. L! I'll take a well hidden bison tube with a dry logsheet over a cracked gladware container with wet or moldy logbook and swag any day! Lately, I've been seeing a whole lot more cheap, disposable, non-watertight gladware containers than ammo cans or lock'n'locks.
  14. Can you provide links to examples of this? I have yet to see this and I look at a lot of cache pages.
  15. I disagree with TAR's suggestion. Remember, geocaching is just a hobby/recreation for most people. Before you suggest that caches which have been disabled for a just several weeks or less be archived, give consideration that the hider may have other, more pressing issues in their lives than fixing a cache. Sometimes families, jobs, etc. get in the way. There have been times where my job has kept me out of town for nearly three months at a time with only brief visits home. On those visits, fixing a cache has to take a lower priority than family and other things. How would you want other cachers to treat you if it were you that had caches temporarily disabled?
  16. I found this one instead of the cache last fall. It was waiting on the back side of the guardrail.
  17. Those are all excellent points. However, this one deserves to be quoted again:
  18. NoLemon

    I Wish

    So, should we infer from this that you aren't interested in Waymarking because it doesn't inflate your found count? Please correct me if I am wrong, but that is the meaning I took from your post.
  19. Event caches: No - one found/attended log per event; one find per waypoint/GC#/cache. Pocket caches: These aren't caches so, no, they shouldn't be logged. I still don't get why people think that because they signed a log on a cache not listed on this site they have to post an on-line "found." If the cache isn't listed on this site, it shouldn't be logged on this site. As far as I am concerned, the recent attempt in Dallas did not succeed in setting a record for all the reasons that have been discussed in other threads: not signing the log; splitting up; etc. A finder can set their own rules for setting their own, personal records. However, if a cacher or group of cachers wishes to set a record that will be accepted by the caching community then those attempting the record needs to abide by the accepting caching practices set forth by said community.
  20. More reasons to use the hint... hmmm, may have to think about that. I think you nailed the big ones. Personally, I don't usually use the hint until I'm ready to give up. Heck, lately, I haven't even been reading the cache pages on traditional caches before searching. But when I do finally break down and decrypt the hint, manually, in the field, I get irritated when it is completely useless. Especially if it is a lengthy, completely useless hint.
  21. NoLemon

    Pq Problem

    It does appear that PQs are delayed this morning. I have one Thurs morning PQ that usually runs at 2am Pacific time and two that run near 5am Pac. time. They haven't run this morning. Just realised I was missing my PQ and came here to see if there was a problem. Like NoLemon, I have a PQ that usually runs around 2AM on Thursday mornings. It shows as last running May 25. I have received 3 of my 4 scheduled PQs for today. The PQ I normally receive at 2am came in around 11:30 and the normally circa 5am PQs arrived at 13:30 (all times Pacific). So, it seems things are working again.
  22. Hundreds. Well more than the 3 or 4 on TC. If GC keeps pissing cacher's off by archiving caches because someone whined about skewed counts......they'll (cache owners) move the caches to TC and then there will be hundreds over there. Just give it time. Perhaps this is a good thing. All the folks that can't understand or abide by the gc.com guidelines can play their own version of the game elsewhere. They might be happier and those that do abide by the guidelines might be happier.
  23. At first I dismissed this thread as it really sounds like you are trolling for an argument. However, in case you are actually serious.... Just who is going to be qualified to pick the one cache every mile or two that qualifes? Just because you think it might be worthy of a star doesn't mean everyone else will. What happens when a better cache is placed within range of an existing star cache? Does the existing cache lose its star? How is that cache owner going to react? You think we have dissention in the community now? This is just a disaster waiting to happen. What may be pollution to you is opportunity and variety to other people. Seriously, check into becoming a premium member and seeing what you can do with Pocket Queries. Combine them with GSAK and you will be able to filter out all that pollution you don't like.
  24. You are completely forgetting about the golden ammo can for 1000 finds. It's worth something like $6!!! If that's not enough reason to care about numbers, then I don't know what is. I mean, it's a $6 ammo can!!! Painted gold!!! Gold like the sun!!! You get a gold ammo can for 1000 finds? WOW! Around here you don't get the gold ammo can until you have 2000 finds, you only get silver for 1000. On Topic: New rules/guidelines aren't going to help. The same people that ignore them now will continue to ignore them. What is so difficult with "the cache must be available to be found at the posted coordinates"? Why is this such a difficult issue for some people to grasp? Why isn't it obvious that a pocket cache doesn't meet that criteria?
  25. NoLemon

    Pq Problem

    It does appear that PQs are delayed this morning. I have one Thurs morning PQ that usually runs at 2am Pacific time and two that run near 5am Pac. time. They haven't run this morning.
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