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  1. Count me in. Let me know when the next meeting will be held and I will try my hardest to make it where eve it will be held. Cache On! Indy Diver
  2. Thank to All Thanks to all of you for the congrats. That was nice of all of you. Cache On! Indy Diver
  3. Way to go Mark But then you know how I feel about this. Your Friend Cache On! Indy Diver
  4. Thank you Pye I am sorry I missed you at the Bsh and the Museum. Thanks to all that have posted congrats!!
  5. I would like to get 2 of these coins if at all possible. Regards Indy Diver
  6. Torry are you going to the Fall Picnic? Regards ID
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  8. I will see what I can do to get them to work with us on a program of somekind. I will contact the people that I worked with on the DNR. Cache On! ID
  9. Indy Diver


    I just want o say Congradulations on you 100 cache find. Way to go! Cache On! Indy DIver
  10. Indy Diver


    OK Once they are ready to order I wil provibly order 20 of each if the price is right. I just wish I oculld find a BBF coin I hear that they are nice but I just wish I could find one.
  11. Indy Diver


    Actually isn't Stinky-Dog name calling.
  12. Indy Diver


    Pam and Jim you are always in my prayers as you know. The reason I don't get in the forums much is because I get misunderstood a lot. My strange sense of humor may make some people mad but I have never meant to say anything bad about anyone. So for now on I will keep my typing fingers to myself. It's my intentions to only promote Geocaching and good intentions not to ruffle feathers or fur. I plan on going to the event in Morgan Monroe. The last time I was in the area with this gang we did a 14 mile day in 7 inches of snow. And yes Mark I did see a wolf while hiking to Sarah Patton. Have a good day and Happy Holidays to all. Cache On! Indy Diver
  13. Indy Diver


    I usually don't post on the forums but sense it involves me I just can't sit back and watch. We do not or have not tried to restrict this group. It is open to anyone that wishes to come to an event or meeting. I plan on having another one in Indy after the holidays. Until then I hate to see the bickering and there is know reason for it. We are all cachers and live in Indiana. Soooo Can't we all just get along, except Six Dog Team and Earthdog Patrick. (I think that they are a split personality and should try to not make comments like You know you're a sociopath.) HeHe Have a good evening. Cache On! Indy Diver (Pleaqse remember that I didn't mean to say anything to be negitive and I don't want to stur the pot any more.) Don't pay attention to the guy behinsd the curton.
  14. You could end up like me and have the coin you release back in your collection. My Canadian coin bounced around Arizona, then to Illinois where it disappeared. It reappeared months later in an ebay auction and sold to someone in Denver. From there the coin traveled to Utah where it was picked up. Those people said that they were going to release it in Montana. I forwarded the message to my team mate who just happend to move up to Montana. He made arrangements to get the coin back, as he explained that he was with me when we originally released it in AZ. He had it shipped down to me and it is my most prized coin in my collection. Its seen some wear and tear, but it has a story of just how small this world actually is. Btw, I was pretty ticked off when I saw my coin was in an auction. And this auction was one way before this current craze started. You can see the log for this coins journey at http://www.geocoins.ca/track.php and enter coin number 0329. When I had the coins made there was no way to have it trackable. Moun10Bike had the only trackable coins because he wrote the TB routine for Groundspeak. That is the word I got at the time. It has taken 3 years to get this going but it is finally a good thing so you can make your coins trackable. I regret that this coin is getting a bad reputation in the forums.Because of one guy putting it on eBay. I still cant say much except that is is an original ID coin #95.
  15. I have to agree with this. I paid $5 each to have them made. I realize that they become the finders property, It just burns me when the are put on eBay. I was going to have a new one made but the more I think about it I am hesitant to do it.
  16. It's is good to see the new groups starting up. We are finally getting some orginazation going in Indiana,. I wish I copuld be involved in each group but work is just getting to demanding. Here are the indiGo things going on as stated in Jims note. Ready.. Set.. IndiGO -Seymour Ready.. Set.. IndiGO -Evansville Ready.. Set.. IndiGO -Indianapolis Ready.. Set.. IndiGO -Bloomington Cche On! Indy Diver
  17. Now that we are kicking off the new group for southern Indiana I thought I should jump in and post a note. Here are the first three kick off meetings to be held next month. Ready.. Set.. IndiGO -Seymour Ready.. Set.. IndiGO -Evansville Ready.. Set.. IndiGO -Indianapolis Ready.. Set.. IndiGO -Bloomington Cache On! Indy Diver
  18. Sorry I didn't get back to your email. When I did mine we were kind of new at the game. I go to use Mount10bikes back for my coin and it saved me $75 in die cost. the front was my own design. The coins have come a long way since then . Now you can almost get a portrait pot on the coin. (M10B's new coin is a good example) Mout10Bikes Coin Put me down for 20 when you get the cost let me know. Thanks for your time and effort Cache On! Indy Diver
  19. Pye No matter how this plays out I will be behind you 100% Cache On! Indy Diver
  20. Don't encourage him... he starts going into all the gory details ... lists his drugs. body functions ... not a pretty sight. I won't go into all that here. I just do it when I talk to you. Come on over and I will show you the shot I have to take. And I still love the east side. I am going to do Triple Quest tomorrow at 3:30PM. With over 30hours looking for it I think I will have to find it tomorrow. The OldTimers are going to join me for the hunt. We have looked for it several times before. Come on and join us. Cache On! Indy Diver
  21. Indy Diver

    Pip's Party

    I really hate not being able to come and meet all the people. Maybe Torry can say hello to all for me or maybe Pip can. Have a good time and I will be thinking of your group while at the fall Picnic or while driving home at least Happy Birthday PIP
  22. Bret This milestone slipped by me with out realizing it. Congrat and hope to see you again soon. Cache On! Indy Diver
  23. I live on the east side of Indy but have always done my caching in the Southern part of the state. I have been all over the state. I love caching but have been slowed down the last 6 months by health problems but am working on getting it under control. Cache On! Indy Diver
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