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Did You Leave Something Forgotten After Caching?

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I lost my DOG at my first ever caching find! B) She took off after a deer I guess.


I searched for her for 1/2 hour before finally just returning to the car. I started the car and called out to her and she came out of the galloping out of the woods.


She was wet and her foot was bleeding but she was OK. I was never so relieved to see her in my life! I didn't scold her at all for running off I just rewarded her with the biggest hug she's ever gotten for coming back! ;)

That's a nice story. :D What kind of dog is Zoe? Got a picture to post? I have a poodle who's been caching with me but hasn't run off (and better not - my wife would kill me) B) )



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After 10 minutes of this, I found a cell phone that the last cacher had dropped. The beep-beep was the low battery warning.

That could make for an interesting cache idea - you have to locate by sound. In the right place a high pitched beep echoes like crazy. It can take quite a bit of hunting.

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i have to admit this...i have left my gps "in" the cache....had to go get it the next day...


WOW! Lucky no one else hit the cache after that and thought they'd found the trade of a lifetime... hell, I probably would have traded my GPS for a newer updated model on the spot! LMAO! I'm glad for YOU that it was still there.

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So far we've only lost a cell phone near a urban cache site in a busy area. We ddn't even realize we had lost it until the next day and we had no idea where we lost it. :huh: Fortunately someone found it and called us and we were able to pick it up from the hotel where they were staying. It wasn't until we decided to find another cache nearby the hotel that we noticed that the person who found and logged the cache earlier that day had a geo name that made us realize the person who found our phone was a geocacher. :D

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I found the cache named A View To Nature near Buffalo in New York. I left one of my GeoCache Pins that I make and took a screwdriver, at least I thought I took it.


When I got back to my Tracker I noticed I forgot to grab it out of the cache box. I then made a reference to forgetting it in the on-line log. Later I edited my log, and just to see what would happen, I added that if anyone is coming to Erie, to bring the screwdriver with them. I have a cache right in my front yard so they could get a find too.


Guess what, the new owner of that cache is actually going to bring it this spring. Cool!

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Last summer we went to Portland OR for our anniversery. We took three shots at Time Machine, just across the street from the Amtrak station (which was our mode of travel that trip). Finally found it on our way back to the train for our trip home. Just as the train is pulling out of the station I realize that I had left the GPSr on the railing next to the cache! :unsure: A series of phone calls to Ticketing (on a borrowed cell phone) did result in ticketing agent (Sue, bless her heart) walking out and finding the unit. It was a very tense 15-20 minutes. B) It took a couple of weeks for a friend to stop by, pick it up, and mail it back to me. :)

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I once left my hiking stick (an aluminim EMS 2-piece) at one cache on an early Sunday morning while caching alone.


I proceeded to hit two more caches withour realizing I had left ir behind.


I got to a third cache, a multi which I was sure would be at least a 1.5 mile hike in the snowy wood and realized I had no staff.


I mentally retraced my morning and decided I had left the stick at the first cache of the day.


It was waiting for me when I returned to the cache, which had not been heavily visited since the fall.


More recently, I inadvertently left a TB in a cache. I didn't notice it was missing untill two hours later. I was still in the same park, so I went back and retrieved the TB. I would have just left it in the cache but I wasn't sure if it was beside the cache or in the box!

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Almost lost my GPSr today. <_<


I was moving a cache I had hidden in early December to a better location. After picking up the cache from the old location and moving it to the new location about 500' away and scrounging around for sticks to cover the hiding place and then spotting a better hiding spot, moving the ammo box there, finding new sticks and then tromping around in the snow and slush for even a better spot only to go back to the first spot ... whew! ... I finally grabbed hold of the GPS attached to the lanyard around my neck in order to take a reading only to find that the GPS was not there! Panic time! Evidently the quick release had, well, released.


It took a good half-hour of retracing my steps back and forth before I finally spotted my good ol' GPS on the ground. Out of battery juice. I think that it decided to commit suicide and so jumped off of my lanyard into a grave. Fortunately new GPS food and some tender loving talking brought it back to life. :D


Still, for a while there, I was seriously think about which model I would have to buy as a replacement. Sort of a pleasing idea in a wierd way.

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Ok... so it really wasn't that big of a deal as a cell phone or GPS... but back on October 11, 2003, SunCrush and I were hunting at Anna's Cache, and while on the trail I lost my sunglasses... yeah no biggy, but still... :rolleyes:


So fast forward to February 28th... I was at that cache again, but this time with AbsolutAd. And as we are walking the trail to the cache, I asked her to keep a look out for my sunglasses... Not really thinking that she would find them... when all of a sudden... she bends down... and picks up.... MY SUNGLASSES!!! B)





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I left my Garmin GPS III+ at a cache the other day!


I was doing New Park = New Cache and the top was hard to open. I set my GPSr down on a nearby rock so I could use both hands to pry it open. Signed the log, put the GPSr in my jacket pocket (so I thought!) and drove off to work.


At work I get an email message from Kevin & Susan asking if I left *something* behind at this cache. Reached into my jacket pocket and sure enough my GPSr was NOT there!


Luckily, Kevin did this cache 30 minutes after I did! I met Kevin after work to retrieve my GPSr.


Click for photo of my log entry and Kevin & Susan log entry 30 minutes after me!

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The other day I left my GPSr at a cache. Fortunatly it was a multi, so I noticed about 30 seconds later.


Actually, about a month ago, I was hunting a micro in a suburban park, and decided to give up after about 20 minutes of searching. Upon coming back to my car I realized I had locked my keys inside! :) I called my dad, who had a spare set, and while I was waiting, I went and sat down on a park bench. Just for the heck of it I looked under the bench, and there was the cache!

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Yesterday, TinyMoon lost her Engagement Ring at Funki Fungi! It had originally belonged to my Grandmother, and we were more than just a wee bit stressed. We went back to the cache today armed with our metal detector, said a BIG prayer and set off into the woods. I thought it was a hopeless endeavor as it had been snowing all night, the forest was too big and the Ring was too small. But TinyMoon's faith held true, she found her Ring sitting there on a big ol' tree root next to the cache, patiently waiting for her to come back and claim it! The darn thing didn't have a single snowflake on it :D . Miracles do happen, even little ones!





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I realized soon after giving up search on a Central Park (NYC) micro, that my Maui Jim sunglasses were missing from the safe spot I had last seen them (hanging recklessly from my shirt). I went back to look for them and ended up finding the micro lying misplaced on the open ground, much the same way I wished I'd found my shades. TN, L shades, rescued cache. That cache had a guardian angel I guess, an angel now wearing a nice pair of shades. :D


On a somewhat related topic, I lost my first GPSr (etrex vista) on a hiking trip in the Mohonk Preserve, NY. I wish I could say I was caching at the time, and that I was attempting to cross a tumultuous creek with raging rapids and had to choose between hanging onto my GPS or grabbing a nearby rock to save my life. Unfortunately the incriminating truth is that after the trip, I left it on the roof of my car while I emptied some trash into a nearby parking lot receptacle. In those 15 seconds, my brain chose to remove the thought of my GPS and I got in the car and drove off (too bad I knew where I was going). :D

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I lost my cell phone in July 2003, while looking for "Gorak's Capsule" in "Fairview Regional Park" in Costa Mesa, CA. I never did find the cache and decided to go back another day. Never found my cell phone either. I might have lost it in a few caches that I had to crawl around in bushes that day. Those caches are no longer in the park either I can see. At least I was able to replace the phone for less cost then it would have to buy a new one.

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i had no idea what geocaching was before last weekend when i was out with a scout troop around the oregon dunes and we were just hiking around our campsite in a little island (great little area for camping if you live in oregon) and the kids found a little ammo box full of random things. At first we thought it might be someone's secret stash of food and clothing, after checking the bottom of it for drugs, but then we saw the tablet full of peoples' logs of what they took/left there. i took nothing and left nothing, but i have a feeling that i may be out geocaching again before long! :lol:


oh, and i found a really neat coin that looked like it was Middle-Eastern(terrorists!!!!! joking but honestly who carries around middle eastern coins around with them when they go backpacking across the oregon dunes?) in the sand when we were hiking back from camp, i cant believe that it was right there where i was walking and that the wind blew the sand off of it at just the right moment for me to see it! its really neat......


anyway now i know what geocaching is :lol:

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joking but honestly who carries around middle eastern coins around with them when they go backpacking across the oregon dunes?


Geocachers! We carry all sorts of fun stuff, and yes we forget it sometimes.


I harvested some ramps (wild leek) while out caching. I placed them on the ground somewhat near the cache and forgot them. The only thing that remained was the smell on me! My caching partner had never seen them before. I walked down the hill to the car, where she was waiting and I realized my folly. I just got a "what's that smell?" She thought I had just walked through some wild onions... bummer :lol:

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I lose sunglasses constantly, so I know I have dropped them or left them caching on several occasions. Same thing with mittens or gloves.


I once left the retractible dog leash behind. I was on a trial with not a person in sight, so I let Molly off leash, and kept hiking. I noticed it missing when we returned to the car about 4 miles away, so I just left it. I figure someone found it and got a nice new leash.


Recently I dropped my precious bottle of caffine while scrambling up an embankment. I noticed it missing when I got back to the car. I didn't want to litter and I needed my caffine, so I walked back and found it.

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i know this is probably getting old, but you probably shouldnt carry around straight caffine pills.... my friend had one of those, and the box said that one of those equalled about four cups of coffee.... thats why i dont drink coffee because i would like to live longer than 60.....


anyway.... MaKowng

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Lost my cell phone caching Welcome Having at least two DNF's prior, we decided to try this on our way back to the family's vaction house...after another unsuccessful attempt and our dog we gave up and got in the car only to get home and realize no cell phone...so back in the car and to the cache site...


We looked around but since I had the dog, the phone could have been anywhere...after a few minutes my boyfriend decided to call it and we followed its ring until we found it in the grass...at around midnight....


On another successful lost and found...last weekend we decided to try DPM: The World's Easiest Puzzle Cache


We thought we had this one figured out and hiked up a mountian the hard way (finding the path after we had made it to the top) when my 13 sister yelled..."this has got to be the spot, because I found a GPS."


A little perplexed, we decided to take the GPS...didnt want anyone to find it and would figure out who it belonged to...looked everywhere for the cache with no luck...so we left...came back the next day and after another 2 hours found the cache, nowhere near we were found the gps or had been looking...


After looging the find, I got an e-mail in my box from a geocaher asking if we had found a gps...we e-mailed back and forth and I returned his gps to him a couple days ago...


He told me that he and his wife have been caching for two years...they never lost anything...but that weekend his wife had lost her cell phone and he lost the gps...the cell phone was also returned by a fellow geocacher...


It is good to know that people in this community can be so helpful and honest...hearing other people people's stories of how they lost something and it was returned by geocacher is IMO, a testiment to how great this community can be!!! :lol:

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My worst caching experience ever was at a GeoCaching Breakfast Event. I was in the middle of a foreign forest preserve on a series of 7 caches. When I got back to the car and was 3 miles down to the road on my way to the next set of caches, I realized that I didn't have my wallet. Needless to say, I panicked(sp?) and had to spend the next 1 to 2 hrs searching for a needle in a haystack. My wallet was small and black and who knows where it fell out. Since I was sorta trailblazing on the last half of the seven caches I had to go on vague memory alone. We decided to just start at the halfway point and just revisit all of the caches and attempt to go the same way to each of the next caches. As it turns out it was at the last cache that I had found and relatively close to the cache. I have learned my lesson and will never, ever, ever take my wallet with me out into the forest on a cache hunt.

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I found a cache that was about 25 feet off the trail while offroading last weekend. I brought the container back and signed the log on the hood of my Xterra. I had set my GPS on the winch bumper and returned the cache back to it's hiding spot, got in the truck and proceeded down a hill. Then I heard something hit the ground so I stopped & sure enough, the GPS had fallen off the bumper & I ran it over. Somehow it survived and now has a scar to remind me about it.



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I never thought I'd be posting to this thread. But here I am.


Reminder to self... Drink water... Bring Water... DRINK WATER!!!


If you happen upon a Leki Trekking pole on your search, I'd love to have it back. I've written it off as lost, though. I forgot it at Stage 2 or somewhere while aimless lost in the woods between the bench and stage 1 or stage 1 and 2. Hard to tell.


I need to learn that lesson above... Maybe losing the Leki will teach that lesson. Thanks, Boundertom. Other than my mistakes, it was a great cache!


Second time was a charm on this one; tried earlier in the spring but the ground was way too muddy to complete the first attempt with office clothes & shoes. Had a grand time climbing around on the rustic jungle gym at Stage Two.

Left a special "Go Bucks" version of our Two Buckeyes signature keychain - Took the small Maglite. And concerning the prior log -- Sometimes God works in mysterious ways -- We came across Bjorn74's Leki Walking stick **at Stage Two where he left it** and carried it for the rest of our caching day. Thank goodness we did. It caught & saved us from taking a very nasty fall at our last cache. B74: We'll get it back to you in a few days; we have some travel bugs to drop off at the TimeShare anyway.

Dropping off two TBs & Bjorns Leki Stick which he kindly (but unintentionally ) let me borrow after he abandoned it at the Two Bridges cache .. proving (once again) it's ok to make mistakes  .. as long as you have a friend covering your back


I'd like to nominate TwoBuckeyes for the Good Neighbor Geocacher of the Year. Does that exist?

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We're not entirely sure where we lost this, but after tearing the house apart and retracing steps, we are 99% positive that Pilgrim lost our only ignition key for the car while doing a little night caching last week. He's been back to all the caches he hit that night - no luck.


We have a door key for it, but it's one of those cars that requires a key with a chip in it to actually start the car. A short tow to the dealership and $85 later, we now have 2 replacement keys. Never thought we'd ever pay so much for car keys. :(

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I once left a travel bug at a cache site. I had retrieved it from the cache, then took a picture of it for the log and for the TB owner, then gathered up my things and headed back up a killer hill to my car. I realized I'd left the TB sitting on the log, so had to go back down the hill to get it. :laughing:

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A couple of weeks ago I headed out to do a series of caches popularly known as The Hiker Series, by BrianSnat. On average, one could hike anywhere from 8-10 miles while finding 8 different caches along this loop. Here I am making my way to the second cache in the series and it suddenly dawned on me...I don't have my keys!! I had to hike a mile back out to the car and hike a mile back in to pick up where I left off. The funny part about it is that I not only left them in the car, I left them in the accessory position and the radio was playing. In all, I added another 2 miles to my hike :laughing:



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I've lost 3 GPSrs!

#1: Left on the top of my 4Runner and drove off. Realized it within the hour, drove up and down the road we had been on only not to find it.

#2: Left it at a cache at the top of the Palm Springs Tram ($20 fee to take the tram). Notified the rangers, the Lost & Found etc.... Returned a week later, paid the $20 again, but didn't find my GPSr... and no geocacher had been to the cache since I had been.

#3, and the most legitimate...This time it was clipped to my belt, but as I slid 15-20 feet down a rock cliff and into bushes of a ravine, I became disconnected from both my GPSr and walking stick. This was the fall in which I broke my wrist. The cache owner took pity on me, did the 7 mile round trip twice and found the walking stick, but not the GPSr.


I sure do like that new 60cs, but Im not allowed to have one... or so Im told.

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First item: slipped in the mud and got my hands dirty. Cleaned them off with some snow, my wedding band came off with the mud. That was fun explaining to the Mrs.


Second and third item: While caching in Vancouver, BC, 2344 miles from home (as reckoned from gsak) I lost my company cell phone and sunglasses. That was fun explaining to my boss.


Fortunatly, both were reasonably understanding, but they both have long memories.

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Yep I've been there a few times. Left my treasured deer hunting knife at a cache. I made a not of that in the log and the cache owners went out the next day and retrieved it for me and mailed it.


I lost my buck 110 between two caches. My back pack has a hole in the main compartment so i always kept in in a small zipper area. well after one cache i stuff it in the main comaprtment. Got to the truck and realized i forgot my gps! DOH! so i walk about and get my gps.


Onto the second cache, once i get there i realize my buck100 knife is gone! so i go back to the first cache and retrace all my steps via the tracking on my gps. Never found it, made a log no one has seen it :blink:


I forgot my gps at another cache, but picked it back up 2 minutes after realizing i left it.



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I lost my flash ligh once put it down at a multi and byt the time i relized it it wasnt worth going back. Ya ya ya i know who cares hers where it gets good. soo im checking up on who else found the cache and a year latter someone found it. So i emailed them and they brought it to a event. I't even stil worked. But alas i lost it runing through the woods a couple mounths later ant another event so if anyone finds a flash light let me know.

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Dropped my wallet at Woodstock. I guess I was just a little too eager to get the FTF prize at one of the temporary caches there, and must have dropped it while taking a leap over a boggy spring nearby. I found the cache and moved on to the next before noticing that something was wrong... Spent the next two hours retracing my steps all over the park (not to mention it's ##!@ one-way roads!) before someone pointed out a note left by some fellow geocachers. In the meantime, I had just about given up looking for it, figuring I had dropped it in the river near the shelter. I gave them a call and had it returned. :blink:

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My son and I were geocaching in Washington state with my Mom earlier this month. Well we were staying with my Grandma, Grandpa passed away a year ago, My wife and I were in the basement and found a collection of walking sticks that Grandpa had made before he passed. My wife picked out her favorite one for us to take back to CA. We were planning a night hunt :D for a local cache and my wife had already gone to bed. As we were leaving my son grabbed her brand new walking stick. I said it would be ok as long as he took good care of it. (He was going to use it to fight off evil racoons) :blink: Sure enough after the 1.5 mile round trip hunt the stick was no where to be found. :blink: Luckly my brother is a track star and retieved it from the darkness no sweat. Needless to say my wife was none too impressed with our carelessness. :D


Steel hawk and Brother Bear

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After a 4th of July, hunting virtuals, and enjoying the D.C. fireworks, we went to Fuddruckers, in Chinatown. I visited the bathroom, taking the GPS out of my pocket and placing it on top of the toilet paper roll. It was well after we had finished eating and I was heading home, when, at Metro Center, I patted my pocket, and realized that I had left my GPS. Used my cell to call the restaurant, as I headed back over there. Someone had found it and had turned it over to the employees.


That was neat. Thank you, whoever you are.

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Here's my story from Max's Cache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...4a-ba5b46840210 today:


WOW! This will certainly be one of my most memorable cache attempts for a long time. After nailing the first micro today, had three consecutive no-finds. Wanted to drive the Hollywood Mountain road to pick off a few more, hoping to miss traffic before driving to Orange County for the night (I’m in from Seattle on business), so came back into the park from the north. There’s a gate partway across the road, and signs that say NO THRU TRAFFIC and CLOSES AT SUNSET. Well, it’s just before 5PM, so I figure I should check it out, and can easily get back in time. So, I wind my way up the hill, past some guys doing a photo shoot of a really cool old Porsche 911, and find the road closed at the landfill. I park the car, grab a water bottle and check the GPS. “Point four-two miles to the cache” I think to myself, “should be there in about 15 minutes or so. Piece of cake”. Well after four switchbacks I find myself lurching between .23 and .27 away from the cache, and it appears to be waaayyy up there somewhere. No chance to bushwhack straight up, as I’m wearing six-year old sneakers that have NO tread left (Authentic Penn Fishing Gear with non-marking soles, in case you’re wondering). So on I trudge, getting within .17 straight line distance before ballooning out to .29 again. Finally seem to be approaching a summit and closing in. At this point it is about 5:20, and I feel the need to set a hard turnaround point of 5:45 in order to make the gate before sunset (“hello, 911? Yes, can you send a parks employee with a key?”). The road dips down to the east now, and it looks like I can make it – down to about .13 now. Whoops, now it’s a dirt track. Saw a large buck on the road about this point (not the where’s george kind). The numbers are climbing again, and the hard turnaround is approaching – that’s it, I’m going to bushwhack! Find a game trail leading upwards in the right direction. The slope is about 30 degrees and the surface is loose dirt and pine needles – not very helpful for the old boat shoes. At 371 feet to target, the game trail gives out – AND it’s 5:45. Time for the moment of truth. Usually I am very disciplined about the hard turnaround when hiking or climbing, but I’ve got a travel bug to place and I don’t want to let this one beat me. I briefly consider dropping the bug off any old place, and logging the coordinates to this page (a small offset TB challenge for the next guy?), but discard that notion and start crashing uphill through the scrub. I’m glad I changed out of my slacks earlier, but now my legs are getting ripped by the thorns. Finally come out at the top – back on the dirt track! Probably didn’t gain much time after all by taking the direct line. Only 135 to go now – find the trail to the top and have the cache in hand shortly – SUCCESS!!! It’s 5:55 now, and I figure I can jog down and still make the gate by sundown (which I figure to be about 6:40. Try to get the TB in the box after scribbling something barely legible in the log and putting my sticker on – it won’t fit! There’s another TB in there, so OK I’ll swap and take this one with me (it’s a big fly!). Rehide the cache and start a track on the GPS to see just how far my .42 miles really was. Elevation at the top was 1458. Jog back down the dirt track, back to the road, and make it back to the car in 22:30. Was really glad at this point I brought the water bottle. Tossing stuff back into the car, I notice that I’ve LOST MY GLASSES (they must have fallen out of the sunglasses case clipped to my belt loop)! There’s no way I’ll find them now, they could have dropped out during the bushwhack, or on the jog down, or anywhere! Oh, and the actual distance from cache to car was 1.87 miles (your mileage may vary). Forgot to check the elevation, but seem to remember it as 961 before I started. So a grand adventure that just goes to prove that you must sacrifice to achieve your goals – my official log acronym might have to be: TTBLTBSLLG.


When I get home, I’ll have to wear my old John Lennon glasses (give caching a chance).


Oh, saw a rabbit too.


Thanks for a great cache adventure!



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Was down in San Diego, and a group of us were doing some night caches. We were doing The Proctor Valley Monster Project which can only be done at night. The theme is spooky items so I pulled out my wooden nickel #13 since it was the only thing remotely spook that I had. After stumbling around and finding the cache I reached in to my pocket to pull out the nickel and it wasn't in my pocket any more. There was one more cache in the area so we decided to hit that one also. On the way back the person that was leading the pack took us through some heavy brush, and once we got back one of the group found they didn't have there cell phone. Walking back to the area we came through and calling the number on one of the other cell phones we had, we found it.

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