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  1. If using TextEdit, you'll need to set In Preferences to open as Unicode (UTF-16) instead of Automatic.
  2. One of the nice things about the 60CSx is that it can be powered via the usb port. Therefore, only a usb cable to connect the 60CSx to the laptop is needed. Alan
  3. Speaking of GPS's and Onstar: http://www.i-hacked.com/content/view/15/45/
  4. You can use the GUI also. At the very bottom of the page, http://www.alancurry.com/gpsbabel/route3.php, it tells how to save the googleroute.txt using File/Save As instead of using wget. Make sure and check the Routes check box circled in this picture: Alan
  5. KML was more than likely already developed when Google bought out Keyhole.
  6. Outputting KML? Sounds like Google Earth. Try using these instructions: http://www.alancurry.com/gpsbabel/route3.php After reading that, instead of issuing the ARC filter command: gpsbabel -i google -f googleroute.txt -o arc -F googleroute.arc Try using: gpsbabel -r -i google -f googleroute.txt -o gpx -F googleroute.gpx Note the -r in the command string. I haven't tried it but it should be able to build the gpx with route points. Then you need to fiddle with it to get better route point names. Or you could just shoot it to Mapsource and work with it there: gpsbabel -r -i google -f googleroute.txt -o mapsource -F googleroute.mps Anyway, if it works, then the route will be preserved so it doesn't have to be recreated. Alan
  7. This might give you some ideas: http://www.alancurry.com/gpsbabel/route4.php Though it shows GPSBabel running from the command line, you should be able to load a KML file into GSAK.
  8. The "mumbo jumbo" is more than likely correct. I get un-readable "stuff" also. I've added additional information on the page. Here it is: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alternate procedure to (w)get googleroute.txt: If you get a empty googleroute.arc file then it is possible that your version of wget is not working properly and is acting like the &output=js is not being passed onto Google Maps. Try this: After you've clicked the link to show the URL, add &output=js to the end of the URL then press enter. You should now have a webpage with a couple of boxes on it. View the source of the webpage then save the output as googleroute.txt. Continue on to create the ARC filter file. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- So give it a try and let me know. Alan
  9. First, you need to be on the latest GPSBabel (1.2.8 beta) since there some fixes in it. However, it looks like Google Maps has changed the output again because I get zero points in the ARC filter file. I'll ring Robert's door on this but I'm getting a little tired of chasing a moving target and may just pull the webpage. Alan
  10. I've noted on my webpage that the latest beta of GPSBabel is needed. Alan
  11. It's not noted on the webpage but you'll probably need to be on the lastest GPSBabel beta. Alan
  12. I don't worry about case cracks. My ST Pro case has been cracked for over a year. For the battery compartment, call Magellan. They sent me a new one for free. Picture of cracked case:
  13. I only use Plucker Desktop to setup the channel then I run it in batch. SET PLUCKERHOME=C:\Program Files\Plucker SET PH=%PLUCKERHOME% "%PH%\parser\python\vm\python.exe" "%PH%\parser\python\PyPlucker\Spider.py" -s Caches Alan
  14. These days I use: Google Maps Google Earth GPSBabel GPX Spinner/Plucker Cachemate I now rarely use: Mapsend Topo
  15. Vibration is the reason I chose the RAM Mount. I drive a Jeep and the Ram Mount is the only one I found that could handle the vibrations and bounces. I'm using the 4" suction cup. The 3 1/2" wasn't available then. Pictures: Here and Here I don't use the RAM cradle anymore since I broke it. I mated a Magellan swivel cradle/mount onto it instead. Alan
  16. I got tired of attaching/re-attaching the cable with my RAM mount also. That is why I modded my RAM mount and attached the cable to it. Since I drive Jeep, I'm hoping I will be able to do the same thing with the eXplorist. Alan Pics:
  17. I called them about this and they shipped me a new battery holder for free. That fixed my problem. Alan
  18. So true..... I like catching cachers doing this.... click here for a amusing log entry. Alan
  19. The easiest way I have found is to create a batch file as discussed (click) here. After that, in Windows Explorer, associate the GPX file extension to the batch file (open with in WE). FireFox should now be able to run the batch program when saving the GPX. This works on XP, other versions of Windows maybe different. Alan
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