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  1. A buddy of mine at work was tlaking about poison ivy. he said something that will clear it up is gasoline. (i have never tried it) he said he put it on there and it tried it up fast, aj edited for content
  2. That would be methylprednisone. Edit - had to fix the spelling. thats what i was going to say! I had poison ivy a few years back and was prescribed this worked great. I got poison ivy 2 weeks ago and used ointments and all this junk for a week, looked like it was doing better till it started to spread. went to the doctor and had some more methylprednisone prescribed and the visible rash was gone in about 3 days, and stopped itching after about a day. I couldnt find my presription card, but it was only $10 for a week supply at the pharmacy. aj
  3. there probibly a simple soultion to this that i am not aware of, but when i search for caches the distance comes up as KM, when in the option box it says caches in a 100 mile radious. Is there any way to turn results into miles? aj
  4. I had a new multi approved the day frances was rolling through here (WV) 2 different teams looked the first day it rained, didnt find it. One of the teams went back today and found all the 3 steps to it. And there is atleast 7 creek crossings going one way! Hats off to them! I saw the creek today, didnt look to deep, but very swift. aj
  5. with so much referance to this other thread, how about some one post a link to it? aj
  6. I took my 60c in the woods again today, in the rain from whats left of hurrican frances. Today it did MUCH better. I lost reception twice, but i got it back quickly. I had my sportrak in my pocket and it never lost reception (well i didnt hear it beep). I dont under stand why it would work better the more you use it, but i hope it does. to people who use the powered antenna in the woods, How excatly do you have it mounted? it would seem like 10' of cable would easily get tangled up. or how easiy is it to cut the cord and solder it (or how ever) to make it shorter? aj
  7. man she dont look to healthy, if i shot her during hunting season i think id dispose of her... aj
  8. i see know, yes i changed the date from the 31 to the 6th. I thought once a cache was aprroved no matter when the date said it was hidden it showed up as new. the reaosn it showed the 31st of Aug was becuase thats when i first walked the trail and i made a cache page with was not active yet mainly to store the coords incase i lost them. In reality i didnt place the caches till yesterday when i had it reviewed. thanks for the info! aj
  9. I just got a new cache approved and i noticed that is doesnt have the 'NEW' logo beside it. Is there glitch in the system or what? aj
  10. yehai think i got my timeline mixed up in the posts left me reclarify. first time i got the unit i turned the gps off seconds after it got past the welcome screen and played with it becuase i was on the road. I noticed it thought its current position was in tiawan. After i played around for a bit I turned the gps on (while on the road still) and it got sat lock in just over a minute (wow i thought becuase it took my sportrak 15 minutes). PLayed with the routing options. and had the gps trcing for about 10 minutes. Got to the location and turned the gps on and off radnomly through out the day and it would get sat locks inside the house. last sunday was the first time I took it into the woods, it took a while but got a lock, then lost it and never regained. and my first post starts yesterday when i expericaned the problems again when i had the 60c and sportrak side by side. Hopefully the problem is sorted out, i got the gps on now seting by the window trcking satalites. Ill let it trck for about half an hour or so then go back into the woods to see if it fixes the problem. but unfortunantly there is no way to fix the basemap's inaccuracy. the map says I am in the middle of the kanawha river when in fact im atleast 500 feet from the shore of it! and the map shows the kanawha river 3x wider then it is, when you try to use a exit on the interstate it normally doesnt show up till you are at the portion of the exit where cars are getting on the interstate. but it does give you the exit name so its not that bad. looking at some lakes on the base map i can tell they are extremely innacurate. i dont see how garmin could let such crappy work get into their fine gps units... thanks! aj
  11. yeah i understand. I dont think i ever got into any options that would make it act up but you never know. it was really wierd cause today it acted completely oppisite of yesterday. I hope it stays acting like this. I found some very heavy tree cover and compared the sat locks on my two gps' the 60c has about 5 medium locks, where my sportrak had 3 good locks. which is good they both performaed equally through out he day. 60c said i was 22 feet away from the place i marked my cache, the sportrak said 23 feet. pretty good. maybe it was just a glitch, i hope. thanks for all the help aj
  12. well i took it out today, turn it and the sportrak on in the parking lot, they got sat locks in about the same time frame (fast) the 60C had more sats then the sportrak. got udner tree cover and was ready to be dissapointed when it kept the signal. I never lost reception today infact t normaly had more sats then the sportrak. man this gps is playing with my head! BTW, i didnt turn the WAAS off, i kept it one. and just for my referance, what is the almanac in the GPS? I havent read all of the manual (a gps is farily easy to use once you explore its options) aj aj
  13. im going back out in the woods in a few minutes and once again ill have the 60C and my sportrak in hand. Ill try it with WAAS off, i dont know of any more options that might make it recieve better. if it does bad i guess ill have to contact garmin. BTW woogs, how do you use the external antenna?i mean use you plus it in, but it has that long cord where do you hold/mount the antena when your walking through the wilderness? aj
  14. okay heres what my gps says on the following screens (havent changed since i was outdoors) main menu setup system GPS - normal WAAS - enabled im going to go outside now (nothing over head) and see what kinda of differeance there is with waas on/off went outside, stood under a tree, but it wasnt completely blocking the sky. got a solid lock fast. with waas on or off. i just dont understand this, actully i did take this gps to a cache last sunday and it ddi the same thing, had a hard time locking onto a sats, once it did it quickly lost signal and dint regain as where my spotrak had and kept a signal I dont think its a funky unit, i got it from ebay NIB, with full garmin warrenty. like i said i dont think its funky cause i have gotten solids locks before like the first time i it got a lock that i mentioned above. its just wierd how once i get under some tree cover it loses it. im going back to the multi tommaorw, ill try it again and see what happens. aj
  15. yes i am using WAAS, ill try again without it. I have forgoten how my spotrak WAAS system works, i think it doesnt use it till you try to get a mark (stop moving and try and get a good fix) then it kicks in? I dont see why having WAAS enabled would make it that much harder for a lock though... never know. aj
  16. I was trying out my 60C today in the outdoors while hiding a multiple. When i first fired it up i hit menu on the sat screen and turned it off and played with it. I saw the location the gps thought it was at was in tiawan. I turned it on was suprised to find i had gotten a satalite lock in wv usa while on the road for the first time in just barley over a minute. ( i wasnt driving, lol) loved all the features and every thing, i love the gps, but here is where i am starting to hate it. today i went to lay out my new multiple with my sportrak map and 60C in hand. im in a area that has a little tree cover but not a lot. my sportrak got sat lock in under a minute, I stood there for about 5 minutes waiting on the 60C AND NEVER GOT A LOCK! So i left it on and started down the trail and it finally locked on, only to hear the 'lost reception' beep less then a minute later while my sportrak still has 3 strong sat locks and a crappy 4th. so i find the spot for my first cache which its under s location where its not possible for a sat lock. So i get a couple feet from it, right now neither gps has a satalite lock. so im holding both gps' in hand under some tree cover, and my spotrak nearly immideatly gets a lock, once again i set there, this time nearly 10 minites, averaging the coords on my sportrak and once again my 60C NEVER gets a satalite lock. for a $400 GPS this is really sorry. I love all the features (even if the base map is rediulously inaccurate, where the smaller basemap on my Spotrak is FAR MORE accurate. I dont know, this just seems really dissapointing to have a $400 GPS and it wont get me any where once i get off the road. ANy one else have this problem or comments? Maybe i have a setup function wrong. aj
  17. half of mine have stash notes. I have a new multi i just palced, i was goign to put stash notes i nthem but my printer died and i have no way of printing a stash note aj
  18. as for the distance rule, I am placing a multi right now and i placed the first one like 230 feet away from a existing cache. I didnt think of it at the time, once i did remember it i thought i was further away. but i decided to see if a exception could be made cause a big reason for the distance rule is to limit crowiding, but in my area there isnt a crowding problem. it was shot down. i can easily find another spot, the rules are there for a reason. although i think in a area that doesnt have a lot of caches the distance rule could be flexed a bit but in my opinion all the other rules are good. see you shouldnt have a problem listing a cache as long as its not buried, is a ammo box with wierd wires coming out of it on the white house lawn, or on private property. my $.02 aj
  19. as a permiem member i could careless about the OT forum, and i think its dumb to have a 'pay to talk' type policy. After all my member ship is for geocaching, not hidden forum on a BB which has nothing to do with geocaching. but thats my opinion only. aj
  20. okay this panoramic photo isnt in my gc.com gallery, but the pictures are. i just photoshopped them together to make it a panaramic. i took this picture at brush mountain overlook in VA aj
  21. cnograts instep guy, you got lots a good hides, but i havent atempted most of them yet! aj
  22. OT - Ahh yes DAB from killfrog.com! its years years since i seen that! too bad kev doesnt update it with new toons and most of them no longer work aj
  23. you mean like this? sorry to be OT, had to show of making FF cultures is a pain... aj
  24. in my area, there are very few micros. I hid a bison tube with camo cloth tape on it, maybe those are a plentiful cache in your area, but there are none like this that i know of withen 50 miles, or better. I talked to a few who have found it, it was a little bit of a challange, but they enjoyed find it, and i have a 'reputation now' of being a 'camo expert' (I wouldnt say that though). it made em grumble but they liked it. even spawning new ideas in other peoples heads. like it was said before if you dont like it dont look for it. I even made mine a mile walk from the entrance just to see who would go out of there way to find it. I had a local cacher tell me how evil i am (named me and my sometimes caching partener 'the Dunbar Demons' cause of some of our hides) and said the next thing you know i would be hiding a piece of bark with a log sheet on it, lol! my response? 'not a bad idea, maybe i should silicon it too" aj
  25. Yes I Did! but nothing i searched came back. I searched '60c float' in this forum. nothing. tryed a few more, nothing. i tried '60c' in ALL forums and nothing. maybe the search was acting up for a while? thanks! aj
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