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  1. We've been caching for 7 years now and have gone through 4 GPS's. I bought a Geomate.jr last week out of curiousity and brought it with us on vacation. What can I say other than GREAT LITTLE DEVICE! It gives you the ability to make unplanned stops along your route and STILL FIND CACHES! Sure it has limits, like no cookie trails, it doesn't give you cache clues, only raw data like size and terrain, but in my opinion that just adds to the adventure! And the accuracy is outstanding, the Geomate.jr had better readings than our Garmin or my parent's Magellan. http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/5564fa...985eed896e7.jpg Before I moved the cache for this photo, Geomate.jr reading was only 4 feet!
  2. Count me in as one of the several thousand "200"! The google earth KML made planning and hunting for caches an enjoyable experience. Without it things are rather cumbersome and clunky.
  3. I would've guessed a fire wombat or a prehistoric sabre-toothed weezle !
  4. I have a carry-concealed pistol permit. I usually empty the clip into the cache, then open it. Sure it's a waste of expensive ammo and it usually damages a few of the Mc-toys, but I don't have to worry about a booby-trapped cache !
  5. We have a few caches reachable only by canoe or kayak. This one http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...bc-3f8f0c185e04 hasn't been found (or Did-Not-Found) in two years. Same for this one, also almost two years...http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=d875dd14-caa4-4461-a8f3-dbfc313b72b2. This is our "Deep in the Forest" type cache, no finds or Did-Not-Finds in over a year, http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...2a-c648d95e9f2b.
  6. If it's really so secret how come I can zoom in on it using Google Earth?
  7. Good technique. I hear that's how the professionals do it. There's an old WW2 Bugs Bunny cartoon, he's on an assembly line hitting bombs on the nose with a sledge hammer and behind him is a sign that says "Quality Control" !
  8. We grabbed 5 ammo boxes at a garage sale last summer for free . The guy gave 'em to us because nobody had wanted them and he was packing up for the day .
  9. He had a moustache and big sideburns, I think they called 'em "muttonchops" back in the Civil War days.
  10. Emergency logbook. Many caches you come across have logbooks that are filled, or logbooks that are soggy. And that's where your Emergency ziplock baggy comes into play !
  11. mmm...maybe you should try browsing thru' the forums a little more?
  12. TinyMoon...cashier at Wally World, so we get discounts on all our caching gear Pumpkin King...commercial auto parts salesman
  13. Even if they were "posting a note" to provide clues for another cache, there is no direct way to view archived caches, so how would any cacher looking for a puzzle cache ever find the note??? They do not directly appear on any online maps. You have to know that it ever existed in the first place, then view the owner's profile (or the profile of someone who succesfully found it) to view the logs. hmmmm
  14. Chuck Norris has never logged a DNF because no cache is stupid enough to try hiding from him !
  15. Heard about it from my Mom ! I like to collect local folklore about different haunted areas in our county, and my Mom (Molly of "Finn McCool & Molly) told me about this "new scavenger hunt game" that used a GPS and the Internet. My initial thoughts were "Yeah, whatever..." until she told me there was one hidden in the old haunted rock quarry near her house...I've been hooked ever since! ...and I didn't even find the cache on the first try, or the second!
  16. We have found and logged many archived caches. Several were owned by a local cacher who for whatever reason became very disgruntled with Geocaching and archived them all in just a matter of days. He was one of our area's very first cachers, and he had some of the best caching "real estate" around. Over the course of a few years we've found them, logged them, and retrieved the actual caches from their sites. A find is a find. Log it!
  17. It seems like a neat idea, esp. since many of us carry flashlights while caching, so it's a "caching related" cache container . I've got 2 mini-mag lights that have finally died after years of use and miss-use (the copper tabs on the swithces finally gave way) and instead of throwing them out I kept them for this exact same purpose...to turn them into a micro. After all, they are 1) water resistant and 2) metal, so they are sturdy.
  18. We love caching in the snow. Most cachers go into hibernation in the winter, and so do muggles. So there won't be many muggles out anyway to see your tracks meandering to the cache. One of the things we love most about Snow Caching is all the little animal pawprints in the snow. You may be hiking through a stand of woods that is dead-quiet and seems deserted, yet at your feet in the snow is the evidence of hundreds of squirrels, field mice, deer, porcupines, etc. One of the greatest pleasures of geocaching !
  19. Neither of us have diabetes, however...TinyMoon has emphysema. We have to take special care when hiking up extended steep inclines (i.e. hills and mnts) in search of a cache. Frequent "coffee breaks" are a must, and I must pay special attention to her breathing, because she will try to ignore it and just keep on hiking . There's no way I could carry her back because both my knees were destroyed in a motorcycle accident! Ah the joys of middle aged cachers !
  20. I carry a semi-automatic Leatherman .22 on a semi-regular basis. When we go hiking in Bear Territory, I carry the Swiss Army .357.
  21. Yeah Yeah Yeah! Good thing about cold and snow...it cuts down on bumping into muggles !
  22. We had already been hiking, X-country skiing, bird-watching and canoeing before we ever heard of caching. Oh yeah and then there's endless summer riding on the motorcycle. Geocaching was like the missing piece of a puzzle that you didn't know was missing until you stumbled upon it! Caching weaves itself into all the other hobbies !
  23. "Coast to Coast" is a great show, but the only weird things I've ever seen while caching is other cachers !
  24. I get to drive around in the company delivery truck all day and I swear that I would never, ever, EVER, bring my GPS to work with me !
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