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  1. After posting, I took my Googling a different direction. I'm really tempted by the i-gotU GT-600. Not so good for geocaching, but looks like it will work great for geotagging.
  2. I'm looking for some suggestions on a GPS. I've looked though some of the threads, but I thought I'd post my specific situation. I'm planning a vacation soon, and want to use a gps to track where I've been during the day so I can later geotag my photos. My Droid could do that, but the batteries would be sucked dry in a short time. I need something that can keep up with a vacation day. The 15-18 hours I see for a hand held GPS looks workable. I used to use a Garmin Geko 101. I'd stick it under my hat and go. But it's seen better days and can barely stay on. I was looking at the etrex 10 and 20, but was disturbed by all the negative reviews on Amazon. Is it really that buggy? I have the cable for the original eTrex, so a eTrex H might be workable. But it seems a little taller then I'd like. Suggestions? The main requirement is that it is small, works, and I can count on it.
  3. Ah, so the preferred way is to log a "Not found" and then send the email to log it as destroyed. OK, that makes sense. I have noticed on the PID that I've "destroyed" that it contains only a notation that it has been reported. None of the information I've passed along has been included. As far as I know all the same searches on the NGS page are available, you just have to check the box that you want to see destroyed marks as well.
  4. Hey, I didn't know Google Earth (free) could take GPX files! Thanks.
  5. But, in this particular case, given how much the immediate area has been disturbed, how much would you trust it if you could find it? How do you know that it's hasn't been moved, say 3 inches? Or 6 inches? Personally, I'd think it would have to go though so much verification before it could be trusted that you might as well set another disk and be done with it. Given this situation, I wouldn't hesitate to send it off to Deb as "destroyed" and let her rule on it.
  6. Can someone explain this further? At first blush my reaction is that I'm trying to get their database to match reality. If the landmark is gone, it's gone and should be noted as such. If it has an adverse affect on the datasheets of nearby marks, that's a fault in the system, not something I should really concern myself with. It should be noted that you can still pull up sheets for destroyed marks if desired, so they aren't really gone. Can anyone educate me?
  7. A number of marks in my area ended up in the section of sidewalk rebuilt to put in ADA ramps.
  8. It makes a big difference who couldn't find it. The USPSQD is a volunteer group. While it's dangerous to make a wide generalization, I don't think anyone will disagree with me if I was to say that some of their members probably couldn't find their own rear end. Some of their "not found" will turn out to be "found as described". I've found one on a pillar of a freeway that's like that. Big circle of paint with the letters "BM" and an arrow pointing to it. Not hidden at all.
  9. I donno, maybe I'm just suffering from CRS. All I remember was having a big shock when I came in that it seemed it was radially different. More then just the style. Maybe I was using a non-standard skin? (CRS = Can't remember squat)
  10. Yeah, the first looks familiar, but I swear it was green, at least around the edges. I was away for about a year, so maybe I had old cookies for the old color.
  11. I'd classify it as more then "slightly" more blue. I'd say it's a heck of a lot more blue. In fact blue with no hint of green. The old color was most definitely green. When I first came here I thought I was in a different forum. Then I thought that a forum that I had just joined messed up this one. Maybe it has.
  12. I'll believe that, but I'm just making sure that what I see on my screen is really the new look and not something else. I just surprised that it's new blue instead of green - and apparently the default colors of this software since identical to the forum I was visiting before - hence the confusion.
  13. Well, given this is a "height" mark, rather then a horizontal one, I suppose as long as the surface is perfectly leven, it doesn't matter where the "mark" is as long as you can reliable find the right height. This is an unusual one. As long as it's found as described, I'd log a "found it". I know this OT, but a camera is benchmarking equipment. But what kind of problem? Sony, which makes the CCDs for a number of different brands, is ending fixing a bunch of cameras, even if they are out of warranty, due to a defective CCD. Symptoms are really whacked out colors, or lines, or even just nothing. I know of at least one person who had his out of warranty camera upgraded for free because they didn't have a replacement.
  14. Uh, you sure about that? Two-tone blue? I thought GC's colors were green.
  15. I visited a different forum (www.corsicas.com) with my computer. After I was done, I closed up the browser (IE) and came to Groupdspeak. Now I suddenly find instead of the familiar Groundspeak colors, everything is different - it's taken on the color scheme of the other site. What's worse, all my "new" markers have been reset. Anyway to participate in both forums without messing each other up? I suspect both use the same software, and may be using the same cookies for some reason.
  16. If you read the fine print in the paperwork when you signed up for the service, I think you'll find that you agreed to let them come on the property for that purpose. After all, you do having a working relationship with them. Typical homeowners have no relationship to any surveying company.
  17. Keep in mind that PDAs are not like GPS units - they are not built for the outdoors. CacheMate will do fine with most any model. My recommendation is to keep it cheap - you won't cry as much when something happens to it. That's the major advantage of used, but then that's your choice.
  18. That's fine for when you pop the new set in, but will that problem return? What happens if you pull them back out and let them "recover" for a few days? Or simply leave the unit off until the next weekend? Or put the GPS on a live USB port for awhile (since there seems to be talk of it charging)? Seems like there's a potential for having this problem return even before you get to a new set.
  19. I went over to the Garage sale to see if I could see what you were talking about. Didn't see it. (but didn't look all that long either) Some did seem high for used, but were still under GPSNOW's new price. Anyone who shops used and doesn't know the new price, well, that's their own fault. Not like anyone's twisting their arm to buy at that price. You want to seen nuts, go visit eBay. Some of the bidding wars people get into.
  20. A couple of things might be happening here: 1) The owner honestly doesn't realize the price has fallen that much since they bought the unit at full retail at some store. 2) There might be some added accessories. In particular, if any maps are added that don't normally ship with the unit, that can make a major dent in the price difference.
  21. I can't find it either, but it sure seems like it aught to be a setting.
  22. Is it destroyed or merely replaced by another marker? I ask because I've seen many logs where the original mark was replaced by a disk. So if one mark can replace another, then how is this "destroyed"?
  23. Probably the biggest issue is that a regular GPS is designed to be an "outdoor" appliance and is designed with a hiker in mind. The PDA versions are more fragile and not waterproof. Unless you confine yourself to park n grabs and not go on any significant hikes that's got to be a consideration. With a separate PDA and GPS, the GPS can stay in your hands through rain and stream crossings while the PDA can stay nice and safe in it's waterproof bag until you arrive at the cache site.
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