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  1. Wow, I remember this. I think it's been that long since team shibby has gone on a cache hunt. haha. Congrats on the 10k mark. That is truly amazing.
  2. I have lived in Passaic and clifton. There aren't many places to hide good caches in those areas. In passaic you have 3rd ward park. That is the most likely place for a cache. In clifton there are a few others. As stated before muggles are an issue in urban areas. And some areas can be dangerous( such as the cache along the passaic river in garfield). Also as stated, there are plenty of caches in northern NJ. They may not be in passaic, but there are alot in the surrounding towns.
  3. Hey Guys, Long time no see. Team Shibby has been on hiatus for quite some time now, but Krs & Kar are back in action. I was going through some old stuff and I found a pirate gecaching pin and decided to put it in a cache for another cacher to find and enjoy. Well the first cache was a mystery cache and too small for a pin, so we had to find another. Turned out BrianSnat put a cache in one of our old cache areas so we decided to do the morris canal cache. We did both caches without a GPS and found them no problem. Kind of gave us the geocaching bug again. So Krs & Kar are back and hope to run into some new and old cachers on the trails (or parks) We started back in 2002. So much has changed since then on this site and there are SOOOO many new cachers. Glad to see people are still enjoying the hunt. We will probably plant a cache or two soon. See you on the trails!! Krs of TS!
  4. Congrats to you and SkiGirl, definately one cool caching couple!! Kar of TS!
  5. I'll be there for sure. I always enjoy myself at the Jamboree!! Kar of TS!!
  6. Congrats, Mark! Glad I was there to celebrate the milestone with you at a most excellent event to boot! Kar of TS!!
  7. I did that once...took almost a year before I noticed my mistake Kar of TS!!
  8. Yeah...its crazy. Tuesday gas was 2.47 but wednesday morning it was 2.99, thursday it shot up to 3.19 and today its 3.29 Quite a few stations here in the N.E. are charging 3.45!! I drove passed one station that was charging 2.95 and you would think he was giving the gas away, cars were lined up 20 deep at each pump Kar of TS!!
  9. I'm almost embarrassed at how excited I am. My wife says my inner twelve-year-old boy is showing. hehe...me too! I wasn't sure if I'd camp or not, but after taking inventory of my gear I just have too!! I'll see most of you prickly pears in the morning!! Edit: I will be bringing food as well, just not sure exactly what yet, but I take it since we have the dining hall we will have access to electricity in case I bring a crock pot? Kar of TS!!
  10. This one looks fun! I know exactly where most of that stuff is ;-) Hmmm.....Do I feel up for a little night caching Kar of TS!!
  11. I could walk around in the woods with my camera for two weeks straight and never see anything worth taking a picture of, but god forbid I forget the camera home and all sorts of photo opportunities pop up Good shot, Dave! Thanks for sharing it with us!! I never thought snakes ate each other...that must have been one hungry snake!! Kar of TS!!
  12. Congrats to a super cachin' Badger!!
  13. Congrats, Outdoors Lady!!! Kar of TS!!
  14. This series was a lot of fun. If you have not completed it yet, wait no more!! Get out there and do these before they are gone!!
  15. Congratulations indeed my friend, to you and the whole family. That is totally awesome Kar
  16. Not to interrupt your environmental discussions of french fry powered cars and such, but the OP has a very good point, so in the meantime: 1.) Keep your car properly tuned. 2.) Check your tire pressure regularly. 3.) Drive the speed limit. 4.) Pass gently. 5.) Reduce unnecessary weight. (do you really need that 25lb hydraulic jack and enough tools to rebuild your engine on the side of the road?) Until the day comes when the roads smell like chicken nuggets and french fries, this is about the only way to get the best mileage you can
  17. I wouldn't necessarily say gas prices have effected just caching, they have effected everything travel related. Just a year and a half ago I was paying $14 to fill up my fuel efficient (30+mpg) 4 banger and it now cost $30. Thats more than doubled and the price of fuel is just going to keep going up. I've read that by years end we will be seeing gas prices close to $3 per gallon here in the N. East Public transportation is no cheaper here. When I took the train to work it cost $220 a month and was a major inconvenience. Four hours of my day was dedicated to commuting. What would be a 15 minute car ride turned into a 2 hour commute each way
  18. Way to go John! 800 is quite an achievement. Glad to see the Lyme episode has not held you back! The big 1K is right around the corner!!
  19. Congrats on the remarkable milestone! You go, Kber!!
  20. I should also mention I don't live all that far from there, so if you need any help, let me know Kar of TS!!
  21. Where is everyone making their reservations for? Tent area, lean-tos? I want to make my reservations soon and I don't want to have to camp 2 miles from everyone else!! Is there a list of sites already reserved and by whom? Kar of TS!
  22. I had just finished a maintenance visit on one of our caches and as I'm pulling out of the parking lot, I hear Brett Larson on 1010wins AM radio. He has a small news clip called Tech Bytes and todays topic was Geocaching!! He did a good job explaining it, however I have not been able to find it listed on their website. For those not in the NYC Tri-State area, 1010wins is a very popular AM news station Kar of TS!!
  23. I could not make the last gathering and have yet to do any caching in CP, so I will keep my eyes on this thread for a date and tag along if I can. :-) Kar of TS!!
  24. Congrats on a very impressive milestone! Kar of TS!!
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