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  1. Hmm. Thanks for that info. I was wondering how deep they went.
  2. I would love to provide a good home to your PDA. I've been wanting to go paperless for a while. I hereby promise not to "ebay" it!
  3. Gore Tex, high top hiking boots. REI Convertible Sahara Pants (Lightweight, quick-drying) These have not yet to be torn by thorns and sticks. Poly-pro long johns* Tee shirt Fleece vest* Fleece jacket* Carhart hip-length coat* Rain jacket Baseball cap Large fanny pack w/the usual. *Winter specific in summer I wear a long-sleeve shirt.
  4. How about a Boy Scout Summer Camp Program for use in merit badge instruction? L The local council that serves the 96001 ZIP code area is: Golden Empire Council 47 251 Commerce Circle Sacramento, CA 95815-4292 Phone: 916-929-1417 Web site: http://www.gec-bsa.org And it's tax deductable
  5. Today it's listed at $249.98! O'Max I wonder if I'll ever see mine. I ordered on 9/07, got a "backordered" call on 9/16. I followed up by phone on 9/23 and wa told "still backordered", delivery expected early October.
  6. Are you converting from degrees & decimal minutes to decimal degrees?
  7. Oops! I missed the meeting, 9th grade geo-son's band concert! Hi. I'm mihiker and I'm a geoholic. I've been too tied up with work to cache for thirty days! (Do I get a coin?) Here I am at work, looking at a new cache listing, wondering if I should leave work to go bag it. That's a clear sign of addiction, right? I've left work three times in the past month or two in order to log a find on new caches. My wife is now used to the sight of me bolting out the door with my caching bag, with no more than a "Bye, new cache-gotta run!" Now, I've got three more days of Boy Scout related activities and I'm wondering if I can ditch any of them to go caching...... Where's my sponsor when I need one?
  8. Hey-Another "budget cacher!" I've got the same one from the same place! I thought I was the only one!
  9. Check out what Michigan wants for State Parks. (I think State Forests are still "open") http://www.mi-geocaching.org/modules.php?n...iewtopic&t=1575
  10. You can find them here: http://shop.Groundspeak.com/productDetail....=4&ProductID=31 (I hope this works!)
  11. Bought my Geko in Nov '03 when I saw it on sale. Wanted it for hiking, remembered that I had come across gc.com a year or so earlier, now I'm hooked. Used it when scouting summer camp for 2004 for distance & travel (walking) time so that we could help the boys determine merit badge schedules.
  12. Hmmm. People look at me funny when I say things like that. (Or maybe they just look at me funny all of the time...)
  13. Finally responding to this thread. I'm a 44 year old man. My wife enjoys caching (on the weekends only) but does not want to log online. When she is with me, she usually spots the cache first, she's really good at that. She does not like long hikes or inclement weather. The 11 year old daughter loves caching with me, but as yet does not log online. (She can't seem to decide on an appropriate id.) The daughter is game for any terrain, any weather. When either is with me when the cache is located, I always note their presence in the cache log and the online log.
  14. I'm the primary cache-r in my family and I'll be 44 in May (I.m also the geekiest in the family) The whole family likes to take part though, when their schedules permit. Wife: 40 Son: 14 Stepson: 14 Stepdaughter: 11 If my mom's health permitted, she said she'd like to try it. She'll be 70 nest month.
  15. I once left my hiking stick (an aluminim EMS 2-piece) at one cache on an early Sunday morning while caching alone. I proceeded to hit two more caches withour realizing I had left ir behind. I got to a third cache, a multi which I was sure would be at least a 1.5 mile hike in the snowy wood and realized I had no staff. I mentally retraced my morning and decided I had left the stick at the first cache of the day. It was waiting for me when I returned to the cache, which had not been heavily visited since the fall. More recently, I inadvertently left a TB in a cache. I didn't notice it was missing untill two hours later. I was still in the same park, so I went back and retrieved the TB. I would have just left it in the cache but I wasn't sure if it was beside the cache or in the box!
  16. State of Michigan observes the holiday, but my company is run by scrooge, so we have to work. We're lucky to get Christmas off...
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