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Who Are The Lurkers? Introduce Yourself.

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We started geocaching on April 1. We have two kids, ages 5 y and 10 m. Our 5yo is really having a lot of fun so far. We've logged 5 finds and 1 dnf. There are SO MANY caches near our home! I'm shocked at how many there are! Anyway, will be lurking around here for a little while getting a feel for things.

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Hi everyone! I'm a college student who stumbled on geocaching by accident and found that I quite like it. I don't have a GPS unit (yay for college budgets) so I'm using Google Maps & common sense at the moment, but hopefully that will change later. I'm a chronic forum lurker, but I figured I'd try to break the habit and at least say hello. Happy caching, mates!

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Hey I'm aven134 a teenage cacher in Dallas! Geocaching is my all time favorite pass time!! Yeah I'm a lurker and I do agree that the forums are getting a little hostile. Just hid my first cache and have only found like 8 because between schoolwork and my parents being to lazy to take me I have to find enough time to ride my bike to the local caches and would really like to find an organization or group. Summers almost here and I'm gunna be doin some major cachin!! Anyone know any groups or organization please send me a message... Sent from my iPhone!

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Hello everyone, I go by the Alias T-rex Flex. Long story to explain haha. I just started Geocaching yesterday afternoon and have found 16 in the first two days of hunting. I usually go with a few friends who are also members of this site and we are from Leavenworth, Kansas. We usually know no limits when it comes to how far, how high, or how dark it is. We just last night hunted a cache that was .3Mi. into a forest. We plan on doing a lot more night hunting and if anyone is in the area feel free to join us.

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Just started on geocaching this past week, and LOVE it so far! I have always wanted to try it, but never knew anyone who had an interest in it. A friend of mine, her husband does it and when I found out I invited myself. So glad I did! I love being out in nature and seeing new things, with caching I am able to see things in my town I had no idea was even there.As soon as I get more experience I would like to get into the little bit more difficult finds, would like to meet some more people with experience before that happens though. Im sure I will have plenty of questions!

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Often when discussing features of the website, the point is raised that many of the people who might feel one way, or another about a given topic never actually say anything because the forums are so hostile.


Another good point that often comes up is that the forum is where people come to learn about caching, and we should try give the best impression we can.


I'm curious to know how many people are out there quietly taking it all in.


There really is no topic here, so you can't post off topic. And since there is no topic, there needn't be any arguing either. :P


Feel free to use this thread to say "Hi", and introduce yourself.


Hello! just signed up today and my son and i are going out geocaching for the first time. Just picked up Garmin Dakota 20 bundle this morning on sale with topo software for $249 at gander mountain. Wish us luck!

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Behind this nickname you find me and my son. We have been around for 3 years now but never done a proper introduction. I think this part from another thread says the most about us:


I'm geocaching with my seriously autistic son and there is more or less 2 reasons. The short term gain is that he really enjoys going for walks in the woods as well as riding around in the car and we have discovered that these trips tends to keep him pleased and he is sleeping much better after an evening of caching. In other words, it brings a piece of tranquility to the family. The long term gain is that we are all the time trying new things and pushing the boundary futher away from the life in the livingroom. I've noticed a significant change in how he observes things out in the nature, it has become much easier to enter unknown places, out in the nature he may even try food he has never tased before. We have "evolved" from trips no more than 30 minutes from the safty of home to 8 days long trips in the mountains and sleeping in tents.


One of my goals with geocaching is to show my son as much as possible of the world while my body is strong so I plan on 2-4 weeks traveling with him each year to new destinations every time.

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Hello all. My husband and I have talked about geocachung for awhile, but just got started early this month and find it to be great fun. Have the geocaching app on my iPhone and it has worked great so far. Also take my husband's Garmin gps too, just in case we have an area with poor cell coverage, but haven't needed it yet. Found my first travel bug last weekend and will be placing some of our own soon. Happy caching to all! :laughing:



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I've been a Michigan cacher for about 2 years. I was not able to post until today, it would always ask me for my password when I was already logged in. For some reason it is working now. I have been lurking since becoming a cacher - you can learn a lot from the forums. Caching is a great way to get out and about - my cache hound loves caching.

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Hello from Sweden,

Me and my husband have discovered geocaching approx 1 month ago, and we just can't stop! We are out in the nature a lot with our dog (Alex) and to combine these two things are just perfect for us :laughing:

I have got a lot of good information from all of you in here, and that is appriciated!

Yesterday we picked up two TB:s from a cache and will drop them into another cache within a few days. We also have a few TB:s of our own, that hopefully are on their way....somewhere... :unsure:

Want to wish you all a very HAPPY EASTER!!!

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I confess.....I lurk, but I do it to find out information...hopefully useful information.


I tried geocaching about a year and a half ago. I eventually got my own gps. It's a lot of fun for me but I wish my family showed some interest. I'm out whenever I can find the time and sometimes when I should be doing other things. It's another reason to get outside and get moving.

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Hello all, Westclan here, based near Windsor/UK, been geocaching for 10 days or so now, 11 finds and we have 1 hidden :) Its great, gets the family out and about to see the sights. Not a lot of caches in my immediate vicinity so lots of scope for some cunning caches :)

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Hi everyone. I am new to this geocaching and all. I haven't gone out to hunt for any yet, but I plan on going this wekend with the family. It seams like a great thing do with kids over the summer when they are bored. I have two kids the age of 10 and 8 and we love to be outside playing hide and seek in the back yard. This will take it to a whole new level. I hope I can find one with a travel bug, because I plan on going to Oregon in 2 months. It would be great to take it traveling. So I am on a hunt for one. I would love to find a hunter in my town that would give me the low down on what I am looking for. If you know or you are some one in my town of Bakersfield Ca. Please hit me up for a hunt.


Thanks everyone for some new fun for my kids.


Janet Smith <_<

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Hi all, my husband and I joined you guys yesterday and was amazed to find so many treasures hidden in our area :)


We set off on our first find this evening and we were successful.. hooray!!!


Not got much to say but that does not mean I will be a lurker :) just need to find some friendly folk to share stuff with we are from the UK

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Greetings all.

A friend in our camping club introduced us to geocaching back in '06. We cached off & on as the urge would hit in '06 & '07. After a 4 year hiatus, I decided to start caching again to get even more out of my hikes. I'm trying to lose weight and hate to work out so have decided to hike at least once/week (I usually only do 4-6 miles). We're blessed to live near the highest point between the Rockies & the Appalachians so there are plenty of caches in & around Mt. Magazine State Park. Here lately, I've been going for some physical therapy in a nearby town (nothing serious - just a little shoulder thing). I thought I knew the town pretty well but thanks to the caches, I'm seeing parts of it that I never knew existed. I'm constantly amazed by how many caches there are within just 15 miles of my house. So many caches, so little time... :)



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hello everyone, just thought I'd say hello so as not to be accused of lurking, which I thought might happen for real while looking for a cache up a country lane earlier today. I've just started in the past few days and am enjoying geocaching but could probably do with some pointers. From Nuneaton, UK.

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Hi, I'm a lurker. I've been lurking for about 8 mths now.

Been loving geocaching with my family, our 2 children love it( and the stash they swap)

I introduced a friend too it too who we have been out together with. I look through the forums often, but I just take instructions verywell. Once told what to do I just get along with things, so please don't think I'm ignorant I'm just playing a game at my own pace.

Anyway, thanks and I hope to post more in the future.

I do actualy feel better saying hello, thank you

Sparr0wman and family.

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Hi, BillyOC. I had bought a handheld gps over the winter, (I'm in Massachusetts, it was a LONG winter) and while I was cruising through youtube videos on how to use it, I came across geocaching. The more I read, the cooler it sounded, and whenever I brought up the google map of my area I was amazed at how many were very near me. So, I finally got started about 3 weeks ago, and now have logged 16. I love the hikes. Got a couple guys at work interested too. Just discovered the forums, and will be a "lurker" for a while, while I absorb the information already here.

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Hi. I am GDUBBS, a confessed lurker. I'll chime in if I have something good to say, but figure I don't have enough experience to say alot. Layed off geocaching for four years and am getting back into it, and sucking in friends left and right. Back in 2003 none of them had any interest. Go figure. We like to camp alot so I figure we'll start racking them up. I need to persue the forum more, and find a home. Seeya.

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Who are 6NoisyHikers? A not-so-typical suburban family from BC, Canada :blink:


Noisy Hiker #1 (Dad) teaches acting to school kids and plays music (when he can remember the words)

Noisy Hiker #2 (Mom) works as a tech in live theatre and writes novels

Noisy Hiker #3 (Daughter) is a recent graduate who is studying to become a Sign Language Interpreter and is currently percolating NoisyHiker 3.1 (due in Sept 2011)

Noisy Hiker #4 (Son) might graduate this year but ultimately wants to be a Korean pop star (we're not Korean)

Noisy Hiker #5 (Son) is an up-and-coming visual artist and computer animator who, at 6'1", is taller than everyone else in our family

Noisy Hiker #6 (Son) has the distinction of being seven years old. It suits him.


Taking up geocaching was Mom's idea. Everyone else has been more or less sucked in, willingly or no. Turns out, geocaching is good for relationships - who knew? :D So nice in these years when the teenagers are headed off on their own paths that there is something that brings us together, with each other and with our planet :grin:

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I,m Vestlandsfanden.

From the western part of Norway

Have found 39 caches so far. No mysterys or multi,s..

I,ve put out 6 caches so far i think.

Not so many cachers around here, so it might take weeks before anyone find my hides..

I certainly like the page with cacheideas. Think ill adopt some of them :-p

Hope the visits in my caches increases now summer is coming around here..

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We have been caching for a 3 years and have been to one event in Sioux Falls, SD. There are six in the family two ankle biters and two four legged creatures. We love geocaching.


At the event we attended in 2009 we were made unwelcome for whatever reason by several of those with that "drop everything and leave work sick types to get that first to find that was sent straight to their smart phone types." So now we do not attend the events and cache by ourselves and have fun doing it.


It would be nice to find some decent, not so snobbish cache hunters to go out and about with. But like the forums here, our area seems to be clicky.


So I read and don't usually respond.

The Willis Family

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I know I haven't been active on the forums, but I just posted something and it came up as "Posts: 1" ... really? Okay.


So I'll attempt to bump it up to 2.


Fifty-something scientist/husband/father from Central New York. Found my first cache in 2006 by accident... I was looking for a place to plant a letterbox, found a perfect spot with even some debris already in place to hide it under, then said "wait, that looks TOO perfect". Four years later I finally got a GPSr and started LOOKING for caches. Got my hundredth last month.

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i just started caching a week ago and i check the forums daily if not multiple tims a day to make sure i do my best at finding a cache and i have recently created 2 caches. i posted a thread because i was curious as to why they have not been posted 3 days later. i read my reviews some were nice but others bashed me. it made me feel kinda ignorant and i just wanted to say that this is a great way to spend time with family and this is how my fiance my daughters and myself have family time and i want to make sure they have the best time possible being outdoors and not infront of a tv playing a video game. please dont be rude because some of us are just trying to learn how to make this a better experience for our kids and to also teach them about the outdoors. i would like to thank everyone that helps other ex muggles into making this a great family experience!!!! thank you, Toby Foust

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I´m Isa. A 22 year old girl from Norway, getting my first cache three days ago.

Havn´t had time to write on the forum before today, but I have been reading a little bit.


About all the lurkers.

I don´t know if this forum is hostile, but I get the feeling that some people in this geocaching world act like polices and care a bit to much. Maybe they don´t like us newbies ´cos we don´t alway follow their rules.

And if thats true, it´s not good..


Some years ago, I found my first forum, and I felt it was difficult to write there. It seemed to me like the people there new each other very good, and I felt like going over to someone on a shoppingmall that I didn´t know and just start talking with them :P


After some time and some more forums, I understood that that is how it is!

You just have to jump in it and start talking.


And often the first posts are the hardest one.


So, what about making more threads like this, for us newbies. Newbies to geocaching and to forums.

Like: "tell about your first cache" or "here you can ask all your newbie questions".

Often you feel dumb when you ask your questions, so a thread for that would be good. And at the same time, the people here who hate all those newbie questions don´t have to read that thread.

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I don't lurk but I am new so I thought this would be the right place to say greetings. I'm 40 years old and have known about geocaching for some time. Recently I purchased an iPhone and knowing that it had GPS decided to look and see if there were any apps and here I am. I grew up and continue to live in NEw Jersey and am really looking forward to getting out there and becoming active in this great looking hobby.


I found my first cache today it was a really cool feeling.

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hello there my name is Cassidy and my husbands name is Blake we love this game we found thank you for helping make our miracle of a fairytale story even more interesting...we werent looking for treasure but found eachother just as we werent looking for treasure on our walk in our favorite place...life is beautiful! we are winning :laughing:

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I actually found geocaching because the judge at our last dog agility trial told me about it during our judges dinner. I went home, joined the website and started caching with my husband shortly after. So I'm completely new to geocaching but have found 36 caches so far. I have an addictive personality and love caching.. so much that this weekend we went to Target and used the last of our gift cards from our wedding to pick up a GPS unit for me since he uses his phone app.


I've been involved in the geocoin forum for a month or so.. and I didn't even know that the other forums existed.. I found out about trackables and then started collecting Dog themed geocoins and love them!..


I stumbled upon this section of the forum (since I was bored and my husband is out of town for 4 days) I'm not gonna lie, the geocoin section of the forum seems very beginner friendly.. and they reach out to new folks.. In fact in hindsight I introduced myself in their intro thread and I gave way more info... i felt way more comfortable....


Just some thoughts.

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Hello, My name is Lynda. I'm from the Buffalo NY area. I just started geocaching earlier in May. I really enjoy doing it when I can find the time. I've only 5 cache's so far and I'm hooked. I wished I discovered this years ago. I recently purchased a Garmin Oregon 550. I'm hoping I can figure it out so I can get out there more. After I find a few more I would like to hide my own. I've got the items I want to put in it and the general area I would like to hide it. I just need to find the right spot for it.

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Howdy, we are a family of geocachers in Northesast Wisconsin who always make geocaching a part of every family drive. Started last year and use a Pre (still) for my GPS, but looking to upgrade to an Android phone this summer. Always fun and hoping to plant a few caches this summer for the first time.

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