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  1. Was actually scouting for cache placement and came across this. What a lovely view.
  2. ‘Community’ maintenance. -Throwing down a container because you can’t find one, especially when it’s just hidden. -Stealing stainless steel cache containers by ‘replacing them with a bigger one’
  3. Messaging that the cache is too hard for them to find, instead of logging a DNF - or simply ignoring it
  4. Any experienced earth cache owners willing to proof read or chime in and make sure it flows smoothly? I’m struggling forming questions and second guessing that it’s over simplified my page. thanks
  5. A favorite of mine - GCQ8VR : This cache takes one to a crane that was ejected from a barge. Whilst one usually needs to find means to float to the cache, drought has lead to being able to walk in recent years. (? Great Salt Lake, U.S.A.)
  6. Came across this thread and decided to bump. I saw a few pop up that made me laugh. Wash me Whip Now Wash me Nae Nae Mokaac Me Outside seems FTF is still up for grabs, as it’s super wet out there right now.
  7. I have been caching more. It gets me out of town and into the open air of the desert. I won’t touch a wet long anymore without gloves. Carry a little Lysol for urban hides that get found a lot. Clean your hands often. Caching is the ideal past time, as I usually go alone. Minimal risk.
  8. When I update the coordinates after solving, it shows the cache where it actually is placed on the map. When I log a cache as found, the icon is moved back to the bogus coordinates. Is there a way to fix or bypass this? I’d like to see their actual location to navigate future hiding places.
  9. Listing a micro as a small, because it’s not a nano, is the most common annoyance I find. Another is putting “none needed” or “no hints” in the hint field, instead of just leaving it blank.
  10. Update: i tested it. You are required to entire a field in the box that requests your name, however it let me type my name as a smiley face.
  11. Pop tops and cigarettes seem to be annoyingly common lately. The worst thing I’ve ever seen in a cache was human excrement, though.
  12. it was! That was more my question I guess. If they were slip throughs or something that I’m missing that could still be done, as it would be fun to put something like that out for people. that does sound cool! I like the odd ball caches like that.
  13. It was really cool. I loved it. I was just confused about not being required to sign something .
  14. Okay. This hike today was really cool, I wanted to share here as well. This cache was at the edge of these cliffs.
  15. I “found” a mystery cache that requires the finder to message the owner an answer to a question upon visiting. There’s no container or log to sign. Isn’t this just a virtual? What am I missing here?
  16. Finally, a slot canyon in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. One hiked all the way up to get to the cache. To date one of my favorite hikes, even though I was thinking of 127hrs the entire time.
  17. This is an active Earthcache, so I cannot tell you the date. A cave dwelling on Illinois, used by inhabitants long ago.
  18. Panajachel, Guatemala. This cache was near the docks and I caught it right at sunset.
  19. A Summit View I rather enjoyed. This was a virtual Cache that has since been archived.
  20. Great Salt Lake, Utah Unnamed “Island” at high water. I named it Sundial Island. This was a very long muddy walk. Remnants of a Boat Dock on an Island A Crane that Sank to the Bottom in the 1960/1970 era. Currently accessible by foot due to drought.
  21. Unknown Desert Structures Somewhere in Nevada The desert taking back the old highway On the way to a more modern ghost town
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