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Who Are The Lurkers? Introduce Yourself.

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Hi all,


I'm Travis from Team Pirate Rock.


I have always had and love gadgets, and after working at a store that sold Garmin for many years, decided in April 2010 to take a Colorado 300 (the first paperless caching GPS we sold that was being discontinued) and see what this Geocaching thing was all about. I purchased the unit on the Monday as we were hooked.


Our first finds were of a local cacher called DISK, who has some great caches in our area (so a special shout out to you DISK!). We now find ourselves caching most weekends, holidays and whenever work sends me interstate.


We got our name as we explained geocaching to our daughter as a bit like finding treasure. When we asked what she would call herself, and looking at all the 'pretty' rocks she had in her hand, we had our caching name.


We tend to visit the caches in the 'country' so to speak, and love any that involve a bit of bushwalking, as long as I get to play with a gadget that's fine. We currently use a Colorado 300, a Samsung Galaxy Tab (thanks to work!) and 2 iPhones.


Hope you see you out there one day.

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Hi i'm Chris and I'm the geek of AAMOFIDOTR :)


We're a family of five and four of us, Mum, Dad, My Brother and I go GeoCaching we are based in Christchurch, New Zealand.


We did a few GeoCaches in September 2009 and have only just got serious about it in the last few months.


I'll be the one posting mostly for AAMOFIDOTR but you might see other members of our family posting from time to time :)

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Hello everyone!


I got a Garmin in 2007 for hiking and backpacking and did a little caching, then stopped until this past summer (2010) when I started again. As a cub scout leader I've helped get some of my scouts interested in Geocaching, and having a fiancee who loves to cache is an added bonus.


I enjoy finding spots for new hides as much as I do finding caches. I'm currently working on placing a 5 stage multicache in my area. I want my caches to be creative, clever, and a little devious as opposed to a lock-n-lock with a few sticks on top of it next to a triple-trunked tree.


Happy caching!

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hubby and I decided to give geocaching a try. we like to hike and can't think of a better way to get out of the house and explore. he has a Garmin Etrex and we tried it out on a cache that is only 10 min walk from our house ... woohoo!! we found it!! but do not recommend that your first cache be in the middle of winter, at night, and a nano cache at that ... lol. TFTC

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Hi I'm JosiesKat. I am fairly new to GeoCaching and enjoy a lot of the posts...others not so much. I don't consider myself a lurker really, more of an observer to learn more about the hobby. So far I have enjoyed it immensely. Thanks to those of you who contribute positive feedback and ideas for those like myself to learn from.

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I am fairly new i live close to coordinates...Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.opps thats just my favorite saying. I am hooked allrady 14 finds since jan 11 i have dropped off 4 trackables so even if you have allready been there I am looking forward to an experienced cacher to find them and send them on teir way. i am looking forward to meeting oteres in my neighborhood or area that enjoy geocaching as well. please send me an invite or any info or advice you might have ... Scarlett_Ohara is my name on this web site I am a member. or tlmorningstar@gmail.com... thanks so much I hope to see my trackables on their way. Puple butterfly is my cachekinz and i left a travel bug. all with missions :anibad:

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Hello All,


We are Lazylulu from Los Angeles.

We were introduced to Geocaching from our friend, thefogheads!


He's done over 3,000 caches and it took him offering for us to come with a few times before we took him up on it!

Man oh man! We've had a blast so far and will definitely be doing more.

We bought the iphone app for our phones and will be attempting to always upload a picture with every find.



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Hi! I have just upgraded to the premium membership so I thought I would drop in and introduce myself. I live in the far north of Scotland and have been geocaching for just over a year now and have found 69 so far. My son introduced me to caching and bought me my gps for christmas 2009. I am totally hooked! Yesterday I set my first cache and released a geotag as well and I am intending hiding another 4 caches over the next few weeks. :smile:

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Hi, I'm a lurker who is reintroducing myself. I am the only remaining member of the team Two & the Zoo and haven't been out geocaching in a very long time. I really miss it. My team was my husband, our dog and me. In May 2008, my husband died from a sudden cardiac arrest, and our dog died a week after him. My husband was so looking forward to reaching our 100th find and setting our Travel Bug free. We only got to 89. I'd like to pick up and reach his goal, but I just haven't had the heart to go back out on my own alone.



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Hi, I'm a lurker who is reintroducing myself. I am the only remaining member of the team Two & the Zoo and haven't been out geocaching in a very long time. I really miss it. My team was my husband, our dog and me. In May 2008, my husband died from a sudden cardiac arrest, and our dog died a week after him. My husband was so looking forward to reaching our 100th find and setting our Travel Bug free. We only got to 89. I'd like to pick up and reach his goal, but I just haven't had the heart to go back out on my own alone.




I'm so sorry for your loss. May your husband rest in peace. I hope you can get back out and complete your goal sometime.

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Hi all,


We are pretty new to Geocaching and to date, have found the forum is a great resource for questions that have already been answered, but we will be sure to ask the odd question if we can't find an answer.


In time and with a little more knowledge, we also hope to be able to participate a little more.

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G'day, I've been geocaching since Xmas eve 2010, when my sister dragged me with her to see what this geocaching business was all about. Well we found our first cache after a long and hot search, but the thrill of the hunt and then the satisfaction of making the find and the excitement of seeing what was in the container had us all hooked! So the Lindsay Larrikins and us (jmandea on patrol) are "out there" and on the hunt! I'm working my way up to 100, which I hope to have by the end of this weekend (we have 80 so far, prob a few more but I haven't worked out how to import logs from GC Australia yet!). The geo-beast loves it, as the humans now join her in that endless running around in circles and sniffing around under bushes that dogs enjoy so much!

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Lurker here. Just sit and read and hold back my opinions because yes forum by nature are very hostile and full of internet trolls. I have been a moderator on a few gaming websites over the years and it is a impossible mission to police hostile forum trolls, who just wait for any person to come along and ask a simple and harmless question. So I have made it a mission of mine to really not reply often or ever so as to not get dragged in to forum arguments or be the target of someone's need to make my life a living hell.


LOL watch this reply get trolled.

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I received my Magellan in '03 as a Christmas gift. I used it while hunting and fishing. Then it became my way of recording our 4X4 adventures. Sadly, I was forced to take a second job on the weekends...fun stuff was put on hold for awhile. It appears I will be able to get back to "playing" with my trusty GPS and searching for some of the treasures in my neighborhood. Love reading the forums about everyone else's adventures...thanks all! Anywho, hoping to become an active poster in the future. :-)

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Hi, I'm nobody :)


I've known about geocaching for a few years now when a few friends of mine started talking about it, however, we never had the means to do it. Then last month, while we were on a weekend trip to Tybee Island, I decided to hook up the GPS and see if we could find one. It ended with three Did Not Finds and a few great photos of a hawk at one of the locations. My wife and I decided to try it around the house in an area we were familiar with. After the first find, the rest is history, as it's pretty much become our Saturday activity since coming back from our trip. This past weekend we took my sister-in-law, my nephew, and their friend out, and they love it too, so we now have some cache buddies.


It is very addicting. I feel like I should be going to meetings and the like.


I've been lurking around the forums for about two weeks, and finally decided to start posting stuff.


So hi!

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Often when discussing features of the website, the point is raised that many of the people who might feel one way, or another about a given topic never actually say anything because the forums are so hostile.

Gee, you kind of set the tone for responses by supposing that this is a correct statement.


So let me introduce another question -- How many folks out there who are 'lurkers' would agree with this position:


(1) the forums should NOT have posts that attack others, use profanity, or include material that is clearly offensive


(2) but, the forums could be more fun if there could be a nice balance between topics that are strictly focus on geocaching and topics that deal with other interesting subjects, perhaps with their own place called 'off topic'


What do you lurkers think? I'm really interested, since the person who started this post says many of you have essentially been scared off. Is it the off topic stuff that you do not like, or just the hostile / offensive stuff?


I view this as an important question, because much of the heated discussion you folks might be observing is about getting an off topic section, not the right to be hostile or offensive.



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HI, been "lurking" for a week or so, to find out what it's all about and discovering there are lots of thses caches in our area, my 11 yr old lad told me to register as he wants to play as it sounds fun.....and to be honest anything that gets a child off the computer and away from the TV is all good for me! :)

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Hi Everyone,

I started a couple of months ago and I am already addicted. I enjoy reading & following the many different topics and discussions in these forums. I only started reading these forums a couple of weeks ago - mainly because I geocache alone , I wanted to learn more about other aspects of this great game.

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Hi there


I am 49 and from the North Island of beautiful New Zealand.


I have only seriously got into Geocaching at the beginning of this year. I have been using some free software on my smartphone but next month I hope to buy a Garmin handheld GPS receiver.


So far I have found 71 caches and have put out one of my own as well.


My job involves quite a bit of driving so I have been able to pick up some finds when I have some time up my sleeve, in fact my latest find was earlier today....


I stopped for lunch at a rest area that I have frequented for years. I fired up my GPS and searched for the nearest cache. Would you believe that it was 2 metres away. I could almost reach out and touch it. That was the easiest find I have ever had :-)


I like the way this sport can be done anywhere in the world and at any time by young and old alike. It makes a walk fun. It gets me off the couch too. I know I will be doing this for a long time yet.

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I'm Tash from Wiltshire, England.


I've been lurking here a couple of times a week since I joined a month ago. It's nice to be able to read tips, advice and people's stories. When I've had a bit more experience and hopefully have something constructive to contribute maybe I'll join in with the forums rather than just lurk! :)

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I'm not really a lurker, per se, since I pretty much signed up the day I found this website. ;) I have, OTOH, not posted anything while trying to get the lay of this virtual land.


I am extremely new to the whole geocaching world. My wife recently purchased a Garmin Nuvi 1490LMT and as we were figuring out all the things it could do, we discovered geocaching.com off of the Garmin website. Always on the lookout for something cool to do with our grandchildren (who live with us), we're more than just a little intrigued. I'm finding that while Garmin says that our unit is "perfect" for geocaching, the reality is that it's more a case of the unit does a lot of things - some really well, others not so much. Although we've found our first couple of caches, that's not saying much, since they both were nothing more than way-points to signs on the side of the road. :(


Anyway, I look forward to finding out more about this intriguing hobby.


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Hi there everyone! I've only known about geocaching for a little less than a week but now I've found my first 9 geocaches. Someone had gotten a gps watch for running and I was looking at reviews online, as the nerd in me went "neato!". While doing the google/bing search thing I kept running into mentions of a thing called geocaching and I had no idea what that is so I looked it up. Mind you, as a kid in the in summer camp in the late 70's early 80's I would Hike to the top of mt. san gorgonio and the most interesting thing was that metal box at the top of the mountain where you sign your name to prove you made it to the top of the mountain. Reading about geocaching made me think about how much fun that was and also how much more I should get out of the house.


Well to make a long story short I drove all around my little area of Oahu looking for a gps that very night. I ended up getting a Magellan Explorist GC and the next day I was out looking for caches. :3


Crazy how places I've driven past for years have had treasure hidden and I never knew.


So I'm here, late to the geocaching party, but looking to have fun none the less.

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Hey I'm Caching422 and I'm actually relatively new to geocaching but i find it to be so much fun to do that my school work is now suffering a bit.. opps. anyway i just recently started and i dont yet have a GPS unit i was wondering what units are good for people just starting out like me and also which were on the slightly cheaper end as i am a student so therefore broke... Any suggestions? and I was also wondering what types of terrain people find are the easiest to cache in. Thanx much!



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Often when discussing features of the website, the point is raised that many of the people who might feel one way, or another about a given topic never actually say anything because the forums are so hostile.


Another good point that often comes up is that the forum is where people come to learn about caching, and we should try give the best impression we can.


I'm curious to know how many people are out there quietly taking it all in.


There really is no topic here, so you can't post off topic. And since there is no topic, there needn't be any arguing either. :P


Feel free to use this thread to say "Hi", and introduce yourself.


Well, I think its a great idea to have somewhere where people can just introduce themselves and hopefully not have too many problems.


Hello all, I'm bobo_the_monkey_77 and I'm kind of new to the whole geochaching and just going around and reading post. hope this site is useful to me in the future :D

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Hi all !


We are Team TeenRiderz ! A bunch of young boys from 12 onwards. We are in Mauritius Island and we are into many activities like, quad-biking/mini-moto, offroading (yes ! We have two Landies so far ), rapelling/canyonning, hiking, scuba-diving, snorkeling/swimming, kayaking and we are new to geocaching !


We intend to find all the caches in Mauritius, our first one found today (22nd March 2011). We wont go too fast as we have time ...



Team TeenRiderz !

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Hi, my name is Angel. I'm from Pgh Pa. I learned about this from a friend on facebook and decided to join, learn about and got some questions before my hubby and I start this together. Married for 9 years, no kids. Does dogs count as kids? I love to explore, drive through the country and visit Amish Country every year.


One day I will be living in the country in Ohio. I hope I get to know you and learn.

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N00b here. Checking things out as I think this would be a good activity for my kids to do, ages 8 and 10. I can pass on some skills I've learned throughout my time and we can learn and explore new worlds together before I get too old and feeble. <_<


Anyhow, I tried a couple of caches I found here yesterday and I'm hooked. I don't have any equipment (GPS) yet, since I don't want to invest any money until I know if the kids will enjoy it. I also don't care to use a GPS unless I discover along the way that I need one. I used one a LONG time ago and never really liked them. How long ago? Try 91-92. :blink:


I'm sure I will since building a cache looks like fun and I have quite a few tools to accomplish this. And I assume you'd need one (GPS) to hide a new one.


About me:

Retired US Army, currently in my second career with a large automotive related industry. Married and we have 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 6 koi. I drive 117 miles a day and I figure with that amount of driving I can nab 2-3 caches a day and keep busy for awhile.

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