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Who Are The Lurkers? Introduce Yourself.

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Hello, my name is Scarlet. I'm a born and raised Alaskan, currently living in Anchorage.

I've heard about geocaching for the past few years from a friend, and finally decided to join in on all the fun.

Sometime last week was when I first started geocaching.

I'm interested in meeting more cachers to learn from and go hunting with me!


If you ever see a rainbow on the trails, come say "Hi!"

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:D Hi, we're new. Lucy(bean) and Sam are our dogs, and they love nothing better than getting out in the woods to look around. I've been lurking for a few months, just because I don't have anything to add to the conversation doesn't mean I don't want to listen. We've found our 69th cache today, I guess it was actually yesterday! I love it! I have gotten my sister involved a little and have taken my nephews out. I'm probably more into than SO but he goes with me and that's what its all about. We live in small town near St. Louis, MO.
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Hi, been caching since Sept 2010 when I had my first find. Geocaching has caused a great deal of family get togethers. My mom and dad (both in their 60's) have been recently introduced and are now planning their first cache. We found 3 caches today in the Bakewell, Derbyshire, UK area and had great fun. Please don't think I am lurking as I try to use the forum to get better at caching without having anything useful, personally to contribute.

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Hi, Dave here, from Brisbane AUS. I started cacheing about a week ago. I've found 16 already and I'm totally hooked. I have my smartphone with me everywhere and always check for nearby's. I am an avid cyclist as well so most finds are on my bike. Found a couple yesterday while out on a MTB training ride. so much fun. I'm currently scoping out some spots to hide my own caches, i just need to get some FTF rewards.


Cheers for now



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Hello everyone! My name is Charles "Yorkcoparamedic". I live in York, Pennsylvania, USA. I'm 34, married, have two boys 5 and 3, and a rottie. I signed up on here in 2008 with a interest but never did any caching until this year. Now I am totally addicited! I mostly cache solo, but the wife has been starting to get interested and the kids love to go Treasure Hunting "Toy Trading" with dad.


Anyone in the York Area reading this, give me a shout. I am always looking for people to cache with and learn from.

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Been caching since Oct. 2010, really enjoy the hunt. I live in Maryville, Tn and would love to meet some other cachers. I don't get to go often, but after the first two or three finds I was hooked.

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Hi. I'm new to the forums (and to geocaching), so that is why I don't have any posts. :)


I was wondering: What if I found a location that REALLY needs a cache while I was on vacation, and I want to suggest it to someone who lives in the area? How do I go about suggesting a location for a cache?

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I'm so new! I don't want to be a lurker, that's for...well...lurkers. Northern VA newby, just south of DC.

At present, and probably for a long time, I'm using my iPhone. So far the phone's inaccuracy seems to make it very challenging, especially in heavy vegetation areas. Fine with me, I'd be walking around in the woods on weekends anyway.

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Hi, Lamel here. Really new to caching but love it. I have 9 finds to date. My kids loved doing caching with me

We did the first 5 together and I did the other 4. I'm hooked and so are they. Would love to meet others in the

Green Bay Wisconsin area. Think it would be a good idea for say, if I fell into the creek again I would have

some help out <_<

Oh, I have read a few posts and found them helpful. All I have to say is thank god for sandwich bages and thanks

for the post in the forum about using them for your phone.

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Hi All, Been a lurker for a short while as we have just started getting into GC. I've not found anything too hostile yet on the forums (you should try the musician ones, some of those guys really are arrogant and full of self importance). The info from the site on starting has been excellent. The spirit of caching is great and all the family are enjoying it. Thanks for your help and advice so far, I think we'll need more. Forgot to add, we're from Lancashire in NW England.

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Hi all, Names Jeff from Rochdale UK, Home of the Co-op. New to geocahe but have done lots of DFing(direction finding) Radio ham wise and lots of treasure hunts to. Retired due to ill health so can't do the treking to much, but plenty of dash and cache out there for me. Been out this morning and got another five to bring me up to my 21st find. Wish I had found this earlier when I was fit and well.


Forgot to mention am using a Garmin Oregon 400t great for paperless caching.

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Hi all.....Stealth Bobber here. Caching from North West Florida panhandle. Been a member a couple years, but not too many finds yet. I have placed 1 cache and have a couple more on the drawing board. I love the game and have gotten a couple friends interested in it also.


Have been reading the CCC forum....there are some really awsome caches/containers out there. Haven't seen any on my hunts as of yet, but hoping someday I will find some.


"If you hide it, I will find it!"


Stealth Bobber

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Elloooo! Shai from Georgia (West Metro) here. I recently joined after wanting to cache for a few years now. I went back in high school (00-01ish) with a group of my JROTC classmates, but they always handled picking the cache, using the GPS, etc. It was my job to find the cache once we got there. :rolleyes: Getting to do it all from start to finish is MUCH more fun, and I'm sharing that fun with my 6yo Dd, my boyfriend, and my 3m old son that I wear in a wrap. Even the 3 month old loves caching - nothing changes his cranky days to good ones like getting out into nature. :) We started off letterboxing, but I (finally) got a smart phone, and we found our first two caches yesterday!

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While I don't consider myself a lurker per se, my post to lurking ratio is pretty low. I'm new, so I can't really speak with authority about some of the topics. Some topics that are universal, and that I'm very passionate about, I'll post on. The environment (CITO) is one of those topics. Fair play is another. Leaving no trace is left over from my scouting days.


On a more introductory note, my wife and I work together on the caches, which aggravates me because I wanna go every day, and her schedule doesn't permit it. Mine does since I am a private chef in the real world, and make my own schedule for the most part. Grrr.. I'm gimpy old fart after multiple knee surgeries, but being an ex marine, no difficulty level can scare me off...even if it's not a bright idea my age and bad knees considered. lol. My old gunny used to tell me "boy you are too stupid to quit, and too tough to die" every time I got injured. ;-)


I look forward to caching with you all in the future!

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Evening everyone ... from the state of Maine ... am very new to geocaching and found my first cache today ... going camping up north this weekend so i intend to do some fishing and geocaching ... have a great weekend everyone ... smiles ... LL

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Yes, I lurk. I enjoy meeting other cachers. And that is why I am here. I will be in Boston for my first time in late July. I will be in downtown in a hotel while my wife is at a computer conference. I would like to meet some of the local cachers or atleast get some ideas as to caches to look for without going into areas that may not be safe. I will be walking the whole time. I will also be doing the "Freedom Trail." Thanks for any advice. Respectfully!!

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I cache a bit with my kids and don't come on here very often. More of a time issue then anything.


I do have a general question about bison tubes. I have a perfectly good bison tube with the exception that the o-ring is shot. They are cheap to replace I know but i would just like to replace the o-ring. I have several that are going to need these replaced so any body have suggestions where to get replacement o-rings? I was going to by a kit from a place like Canadian Tire but I want to see if anyone else on here has been successful with replacing o-rings first.




Niknodders :)


Often when discussing features of the website, the point is raised that many of the people who might feel one way, or another about a given topic never actually say anything because the forums are so hostile.


Another good point that often comes up is that the forum is where people come to learn about caching, and we should try give the best impression we can.


I'm curious to know how many people are out there quietly taking it all in.


There really is no topic here, so you can't post off topic. And since there is no topic, there needn't be any arguing either. :P


Feel free to use this thread to say "Hi", and introduce yourself.

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I'm new to caching and love it so far. In the big picture I need to figure out how to spot poison ivy and poison oak as I just had a cache that warned of this. I got it anyway and missed the poison ivy but have no idea how I managed. Got lucky? I need to take an outdoors course or something.


Anyway, I'd like to save my first post to the forums for something better than a "who's lurking thread" so I won't say anything now and save my great wit for a real zinger later.



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Hi, my name is Ryan and I have been geocaching since 2010. I have found only 32 but hidden 6. I know that may sound a bit off because most people find hundreds before hiding a single one... I just don't get out too often to geocache, and I enjoy hiding them more than finding them. Anyways, I live in the oakville, Ontario area in Canada. I really don't have much more to say... So, bye! EDIT: The reason I am a PM with so few finds is because I LOVE PQs. I can't imagine caching without them....

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Ginirover signing in :)

We're (= me and my wife) from Belgium, have started Geocaching about a half year ago and do it the calm way, say roughly 4-8 caches a week. We have really hunderds (probably way over a thousand) caches to be found in a 50 mile radius from home so plenty to discover...


We do like traveling so will try to make some time available on our next trips to find a couple of local caches - next trip will be to Chile but it doesn't look to be a great Geocache country. Well we'll find out when we're there :P


In the meantime I've also taken up placing caches myself and like that part too - finding the right location (not always easy as there are already so many in our region) and figureing out an enigma to complicate life of the catchers a bit is great !

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Hello all. I became a member recently. I'm in the Downtown Los Angeles area. If anyone is interested in doing some Geocaching together, let me know. I'm the only one in my circle of friends that truely enjoys this. I'll drag some of my friends around, but I think that it would be fun to see how it'd be Geocaching with others that are as obsessed as I have become!

Well, I'm done trolling this forum and I'm begining to post. I'll see all of you out there!

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I, Greedi, have been Geocaching for about a year now off and on. I introduced Zog to the exciting treasure hunting Geocaching yesterday. We went out on our first journey and Zog found APK #16 in Apopka, FL. We were right after Charles764. We apparently have been following him around Apopka. We have decided after tonight we were going to only look for medium size items. We are not skilled enough just yet for the micro's or nano's. Just wanted introduce us... we are roommates just out for new and exciting things in life. We both had hard break ups and are just looking for a normal life and meet new NORMAL people. He spends his time playing WOW and I spend most of my time in school. We would like to have some new friends on here... we live in Orlando area.

Talk to you guys soon!

GreediGeoZog! :laughing:

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Hey, I'm tyson, im almsot 25 I'm a limo driver and body guard and i live in spokane washington. I've been caching for about two years i think but just recently bought the app and have been doing it constantly now. finally decided i needed to be a part of the forums to so here i am! lol :)

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Hi, SouthernOak here or Oak for short ;) I've heard about geocaching for years, but just recently began researching it. I went out and found my first geocache today! I live in a big city with lots of geocaches so this will keep me interested. I hope to take my daughter soon to find some, she'll love it.

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I'm AeroMechAZ, from Prescott, AZ. My first time here on the forums (at least I think it is; can't remember). Just read the thread, "Little Bugger moved my cache". We seem to be having the same or a similar problem here; someone's apparently been 'complaining' to Groundspeak about various caches in the area, claiming they're either on 'private property', or 'national trust land' or some sort of thing like that; several caches were archived before the CO's had an opportunity to explain themselves and their placements. One, in particular had been at the same spot (Public Property) for several years before this person started complaining, wrongly.


I/we don't know who this person is, but we'd like to know who they are and why they're complaining and try to get them to stop doing it.


Just venting here. Probably not the correct thread to put this, so if it isn't, moderator please feel free to move it where it should be.


Mike B.


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I'm Wendelina...I'm a lurker... I'll admit it. I've been a premium member (until it expired last month) for the past year and have not posted. I've read other posts to learn some skills and have witnessed some "politics" in the forums that made me stop visiting for a while.. but it's summer and I'm back.


Up to 30 finds as of today, and am about to scout out my first placements sites tonight with the help of my handy Android app induced smartphone.


Nice to me ya'll B)



I use multi-million dollar satellites to find tupperware in the woods...what's your hobby?

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Hi guys. I'm Jon from North Carolina. I signed up a few years ago when I first heard about geocaching, but didn't have the means to really get started. Just remembered about it recently and now I'm up to 23 finds so far. Already planning a couple of hides too!

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I'm In the USAF, stationed in Great Falls, MT and I was introduced to caching around 2004. My first GPS was a Magellan sportrak map. I was going to take my GPS on my next deployment with a list of the caches in the area, but I forgot both and with how busy we were over there, forgot all about caching until I read about it on an RV forum I frequent: www.popupportal.com. I told my kids about it and they were like, "yeah, let's go!" Now they ask me every day if we're going and get real disappointed if we don't. All 4 have their own caching bag with trade items and "Found It" log book; They're also saving up their money to get their own GPS.

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