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  1. It's good to hear that your day ended positively. My kids range from 5-17 and they've gotten into it - even without the toys. Every time my fiancee has gone with me, however, we've not found the cache and/or have gotten eaten alive by mosquitoes, or some other minor tragedy. I've found about 50 caches over the summer, but the handful of DNF's have always occurred when he's been along. I'm hoping we can have a successful trip out soon and they he'll catch the "bug" as well...although maybe I'll be creating a bigger addict than even I am
  2. Thanks for all the feedback - I appreciate it! The official c:geo app (which I also paid for) lets you save the cache offline - eliminating the need for PQ's. I did find today that I liked the statistics page which only comes with a premium membership. I probably will renew it just because I feel strange not being a "Premium Member"... like being busted from President down to assistant Silly, I know. Thank you again for your viewpoints!
  3. I'm Wendelina...I'm a lurker... I'll admit it. I've been a premium member (until it expired last month) for the past year and have not posted. I've read other posts to learn some skills and have witnessed some "politics" in the forums that made me stop visiting for a while.. but it's summer and I'm back. Up to 30 finds as of today, and am about to scout out my first placements sites tonight with the help of my handy Android app induced smartphone. Nice to me ya'll ************************************************************************** I use multi-million dollar satellites to find tupperware in the woods...what's your hobby?
  4. Soooo.... I've been a premium member for the past year, and it was great to have the extra information when I was super new to this and strictly using my Nuvi for coordinates. Now I'm using my android app, and I'm wondering if it's worth having the premium membership anymore. Am I missing some piece without the premium membership? Could I get some feedback from others who use android systems?
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