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  1. I was using a small Eastpak purse I've had for 4 years, but it was way too small to carry everything I need. My new Maxpedition jumbo versipack and new Maxpedition janus extension pocket came in the mail today. Its going to be my EDC as well as geocaching bag.
  2. I'm on google+! Add me I'd like to have geocachers from all over in my gecacher circle
  3. I'm on google+! Add me here. I already added everyone here that posted a link.
  4. Mine's pretty simple: I'm a southerner and I like to run around in the woods alongside the old oak trees. Also, live oaks are my favorite tree.
  5. Hi, SouthernOak here or Oak for short I've heard about geocaching for years, but just recently began researching it. I went out and found my first geocache today! I live in a big city with lots of geocaches so this will keep me interested. I hope to take my daughter soon to find some, she'll love it.
  6. I have a Blackberry Bold 9780 and use Blackstar on it. Its free and it worked for me. Its definitely nothing fancy though.
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