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  1. I have an 11 month old eTrex 20 in near perfect condition. I can email you pictures if seriously interested. It has never suffered the freezing issues that some of the later ones seem to have. It has the latest firmware on it. I will also include a 2 gig micro SD card for topo maps or extra storage. Make me an offer. The last price I tried to sell it for I was told was to hi.
  2. I have emailed a couple of CO's for hints. I have to be really stuck though. Has a CO I have given a few hints to cachers that have been really stuck.....
  3. For YOUR issue: CTRL and the scroll wheel on your mouse....
  4. Check your email. There should be a link to download it waiting for you.
  5. I can release one in Central Conn, or Mass.....
  6. Page/power/enter. Got it. PQ loaded.
  7. OK I understand this NOW. I go to send the PQ to the unit and it tells me memory is full. So next question: How do I delete the old stuff off of this unit, so I can replace it with the new PQ ? I have tried selecting all which I can do, but I can not select delete.
  8. One of my caching buddies has the above unit. He wants to install a PQ on his unit. ( Yes premium member), plugs the receiver in to his PC, nothing. Brought it to me. Same thing here. How the heck do you access USB mode on this thing ? I know it is in here SOMEWHERE .......
  9. Every 3 months on the 3rd.... like clock work. Plus the e-mails that are sent, I know the $ is leaving my account.
  10. Yes, if we all went caching together, we could all log with her phone. Thanks I just wanted to make sure. I have no problem giving the frog more money, I just wanted to make sure it was not e-mail specific......
  11. I might be talked out of mine. See the private message I sent you.
  12. OK I just wanted to make sure it was not locked to an e-mail address. We both have G-mail accounts....
  13. OK There is one smart phone in my house, it belongs to my wife and part time caching partner. If the app is bought on her phone, can I sign in on it for the occasion that she is out with my so I can log my finds while still in the field? That is IF there is service. She does NOT have any type of account here on GS. I have a paid membership.
  14. Place it in your inventory. When you log a cache make sure you have that TB "visit" that cache.
  15. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC3DTKW
  16. I also own a 20, can you post a cache(s) in question so I can load it on to my unit ? I might be able to help then.
  17. Chino check your email. I do not know how you sent a pm here on the forums.
  18. Well it seems that you live close to me. I am going to have to hunt down your caches.......
  19. If it is the only challenge you have ever done, I guess it must be the hardest you have ever done My area is not over saturated with that type of cache.
  20. The hardest and ONLY challenge I have ever done. There will be others.
  21. <<<<< First name first 4 of last name not changing it ever...
  22. Technically this TB is owned by JEEP and so therefore cannot be owned by anyone else. Therefore the Seller does not have a right to sell it on EBay. For $20 no less! Report it on Ebay! Reported.
  23. Davequal

    Dakota 20 & usb

    That is normal behavior for a Garmin. Either in USB mode or Garmin my eTrex 20 does that. My old Yellow eTrex did it as well.
  24. Thank you. Now if I could only learn to check that little box that states "the cache description is in html".....
  25. That is the short and sweet of it. There is 1 line I want to hi-light so I can try and get my point across....
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