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  1. I will go and check that out thanks!
  2. i was searching in some bushes for a cache the other day, and there was someone parked up a little way a way.... immediately, i started picking up rubbish from around the plants. i wasn't even close to the cache, but hopefully i didn't look so much out of place
  3. as a noob, i just don't understand them, so i'm not focusing on those ones.
  4. nah, i'm new and i think it's a bad idea. better to let the secret leak out through personal connections than just blast it to the masses who aren't interested in anything except ruining our fun.
  5. just tell them you've lost your marbles
  6. interesting stories.... thanks for replying
  7. i have kids aged 6 and 7 so far we have not taken anything from a cache, nor left anything. this is because when we started a week ago, we didnt have any supplies, and i told them we are just looking not taking. since then i've found a couple of nano's which i will take them back to see, so they can know what to look for. and now you've confirmed my decision to keep it more about the hunt, leaving something for the next person and less about 'what we get out of it' let's see how long i can continue that btw "if you dont behave i'm not taking you caching after school" is a GREAT bribe in our house!
  8. are you a premium member? have you ever been? what benefits did you find for yourself?
  9. i didnt' read all the way through, but i'm wondering if it is an spouse who is looking for some time with their partner who is always caching LOL! i can imagine this spouse (with hands on hips) well if your caching friends are such great friends then you will get it back, wont you! and in the meantime you can take me to dinner, i haven't seen you in months!
  10. Hiya, I'm Carina from NZ. i have two school aged children and we LOVE hunting for caches. The call it treasure, and i love being able to motivate them to get out of the house and go for a good walk somewhere. awesome!
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