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  1. I get these spam/marketing calls every once in a while and when I do I just tell them to hold on a minute. Then I put the phone down and leave it there. The longest time that they've waited is about 20 minutes before they hang up. I've never been called a 2nd time by the same company/spammer number.
  2. I'm In the USAF, stationed in Great Falls, MT and I was introduced to caching around 2004. My first GPS was a Magellan sportrak map. I was going to take my GPS on my next deployment with a list of the caches in the area, but I forgot both and with how busy we were over there, forgot all about caching until I read about it on an RV forum I frequent: www.popupportal.com. I told my kids about it and they were like, "yeah, let's go!" Now they ask me every day if we're going and get real disappointed if we don't. All 4 have their own caching bag with trade items and "Found It" log book; They're also saving up their money to get their own GPS.
  3. While out caching with the fam yesterday early evening, I was signing the log on a P&G micro that was on a fence in the middle of some waist high bushes. with my back to the road, I hear a vehicle pull in behind me and my wife call my name; next thing I hear is "You better be looking for the cache and not takin' a whiz." I turn around and it's an FWP officer. I show him the case, he waves and takes off. With all the stories I've read about how a poor location for a cache turns out bad for the finder, I thought I had some 'splaining to do to keep from getting some new silver bracelets.
  4. For an UW cache designed to be found by divers, a grease pen and piece of thin, but stiff white pvc plastic will work for the log. Then you don't have to worry about the container having water in it or the diver having to surface to sign the log.
  5. Caching is akin to Spies and their trade-craft of using dead-drops. GC.com is where you find the location of the drop and that there's something there. Then you try to locate and unobtrusively "retrieve" what's in the drop, place your "mark" that you've gotten it and leave.
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