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  1. I'll start: sword fern is a common northwest rainforest plant in my area. Liked the ring to it, thus making me sword fern.
  2. This has not entered by Geo-Bucket List, thank you very much sir! IMO, power trails don't count as a series because they are solely there just to get your find count up. Something that counts as a series would be this: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC23YFX Check the series on the map, its pretty cool.
  3. Also, If your home is part of a certain homeowners association; you will need their permission. Unless the mortgage is payed off for... I dunno.
  4. I doubt that specific person was buying the OP a gift, unless it was his/hers spouse that shares the same credit card info.
  5. Groundspeak is a company. They need some way to make money to keep the business running, so they introduce premium memberships.
  6. My workload became a quite taxing, so I had to take a break from caching. I realized I needed to get out more in life; thus taking me back to caching.
  7. Depends on how much you want people visiting your property. If you put it near your location, you'll get the satisfaction of watching them scramble all over GZ
  8. Just wanted to say hi after a long break; any of them people still there? Knowschad, you still there? Happy caching everybody!
  9. One thing to add: if the tree is off trail, or the sticks are behind the tree in a non visible position, it may work.
  10. I havent been paying attention to the feedback, but yeah, they need to be addressed.
  11. Wow! Jeremy's response is so offensive to people who pay to support the site. It's deliberate, stubborn and arrogant. My same reaction.
  12. I agree. The feedback site had a request to remove them and it received over 1100 votes in under an hour before it was removed by Jeremy. It is fairly obvious that user's are not happy with these changes. Wow! 1100 in less than an hour? I wonder what that number would extrapolate to when you take into account the percentage of members that don't even know the feedback site exists, or know that it exists, but ignore it? Perhaps somebody could create a Challenge that involves voting the challenge up or down to express your like or dislike of the whole Challenge concept. There is this challenge near me, and it requires you to shake hands with the local law enforcement officers. One user- not even in the area- drew a stick figure of her and another stick figure of the law. She labeled it and posted it saying she completed the challenge. I was amazed because she has already completed 23 challenges. I bet she didn't even follow the rules. She wants numbers.
  13. I see my local cachers with big numbers is now accepting challenges. I bet they want to increase their numbers.
  14. Earthcaches and virtuals have nothing to do with geocaching either and also count towards your find count. The find count hasn't been a true find count in a loooong time. (Even though I agree that the future abundance of challenges will have the potential to skew somebody's find count a great deal.) You forgot Events. Unless you have a hard time "finding" the restaurant/pavilion. I purposely left them out because they're events for geocachers and in that sense "geocaching-related". But yeah, they're not caches, going to one ain't caching, and they shouldn't count to your find count. What if there was a guest book?
  15. So that means you only care about the numbers?
  16. Google is your friend. Google early, Google often. Something like this? Perfect.
  17. Nice... I would doubt the cache would be that high up the tree, but fun picture!
  18. And now he seems to have vanished as quickly as he appeared. I'll bet he enjoyed his geocaching all over the globe! Let's just wait till he see's the private jet bill.
  19. All adds to the experience of caching. The say you are not a cacher until you've been caught by the police! There is another thread in The Hunt/The Unusual Forum that will provide you with some laughs.
  20. I did a real enjoyable Power Trail the other day. 15 miles worth of pedaling on a bike trail and 20 caches. You mean the Burke-gilman? Or the Sammamish river? Those hardly qualify. There are a lot but not enough in proximity caches to qualify for a PT. A real PT would be the PCPT series in San Diego, the Route 66 PT near the LA suburbs, and some others. Most of the caches in the BGT and SRT are quality caches put out by different cachers. PTs are something like film cans under a rock within 528 ft of each other.
  21. I am also wondering... All of these caches are in Western Washington/ SW Washington. Are there more Favorited caches in Eastern parts? It looks like a heck of a responsibility to maintain Challenge wise. But I applaud you for taking that responsibility! I have 1 cache from that list and DNF'd two. I noticed GS has finally unleashed the "Tourist Friendly" attribute! Hooray!
  22. The first time I found a tick on one of my dogs, I went on line to see if I could find out what to do. There is a whole bunch of places that will give advice, but the advice I felt was best was from several different Vets in tick country. They all recommended carefully pulling the thing out with a pair of tweesers or tick remover. Plus they all said it shouldn't leave parts of the tick in. But if it did it was still better then the risks with other ways of removing them. Yeah, I used to get them all the time in Virginia. Never seen one out here, but sounds like I have just been lucky. Anyway, I used to pull them out. It can be done, but you have to be very careful to pull straight back, and even tension so the head doesn't break off. Often, we put Vaseline on the body to block the breathing and then pulled it out. Bleck, icky memories of pulling full ticks off my dog Really? I thought vaseline can cause the Tick to regurgitate its contents into its host.
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