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  1. Get a good start on the KC Battleship series, place my first cache, and above all - keep having fun. This year started out fun - I made my 200th find today.
  2. Call me crazy but whatever happened to personal responsibility? Be responsible for your kids if they're out caching with you. Be responsible when poking around geocaches. Yes, electrical equipment is incredibly dangerous and deadly. However, so is poking around/under rocks, tree trunks, fallen trees... Anybody ever heard of Jake??? One bite from the wrong Jake where you're too far out in the booneis to get to emergency medical care quickly will kill you just as dead. So are we going to ban caches out in the woods??? You might get snake bit & die. You might get stung by bees/wasps & go into anaphlactic shock and die. As the show says, there 1000 ways to die. Just use common sense people. If you aren't getting a warm fuzzy, then don't grab the smilie. If you aren't comfortable placing these kinds of caches, don't. As for me, I haven't placed my first cache yet and I don't know if I'd place one or not. As far as hunting caches, if I don't feel comfortable poking around somewhere, I don't - be it a rock, stump or light pole. I'm sorry, but I'm sick of having common sense & personal responsibility regulated. It's my life. If I choose to be a bonehead & wind up getting hurt, it's my own dumb fault for doing something I shouldn't have been doing or not doing something safely enough to avoid getting hurt in the first place. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Where in AR are you from?
  4. It's a game for Pete's sake. When I've been caching for several days straight, my crew will start rolling their eyes when I mention that I "just want to grab this one while we're out." I know it's time to take a break. As to the original question - if, God forbid, we were to get divorced, caching would be the least of my worries.
  5. I started out with a different free app & ultimately popped for the official GS app for my Droid & have been very happy. It's steep for an app at $10 but helps support the site. In the grand scheme of things, $10 really isn't that much to spend on a hobby that I enjoy.
  6. The official GS app lets you save caches off line as well. I've got the PM & the official app. My favorite PM feature is the caches along a route. I do use PQ's some & will do more. I'm definitely keeping my PM. It's worth it.
  7. I'm an ex c:geo user. I've got the Droid2 & the official GS app. I also have a Garmin Rhino at my disposal. I've gotten several caches out in a national forest where there's no cell service using my Droid. The trick is to save all of the caches you want to go after in an offline list in the app before you go; then you just pull them up. I've put the Droid & Rhino side by side & can't tell a measurable diference. The only bad side is that it sucks my battery down so I keep a car charger with me.
  8. This may be the hard way but if you're versed in map reading it'll work. If you can get your hands on a UTM map, plot the caches on the map, use the map to get as close as you can to gz then use your gpsr to get to gz. I know this works b/c we ran a scenario on our search & rescue squad involving a lost geocacher; we just weren't allowed to use our gpsrs to get us to the caches & had to rely on our land nav skills.
  9. Am I the only person who doesn't freak out about ticks? Growing up in the country in The South, ticks & chiggers were part of life. I spray my pant legs with a little Off then do a tick check when I get home. If I find one, I pull it off & flush it. No big deal.
  10. I just signed up for the 3 month PM and from what I can tell, it has all the benefits of the year long membership. As to whether or not to upgrade this soon, it's up to you. I was over 100 finds before I upgraded because I wanted to make sure this was something I was going to stick with. Also, at the time, $10 was a little easier on the wallet. I've got the official app plus the $10 PM & am very happy with my $20 investment. When my subscription ends, I'm going to do the $30 because I have discovered that this is indeed a hobby I want to stick with.
  11. Or get the PM plus the official app. PQ's are a breeze!
  12. Rather than putting up flyers, why not start with selected friends? We were introduced to it by one of our camping buddies several years ago. I've introduced friends to it by asking them if we could grab a cache that I knew was right where we were dining downtown. I also will upload pictures of super cool hides or neat things I see while out caching to my FB page, usually with "For all my geocaching buddies.." in the caption. Most of my friends know we're into it & are all to happy to let me grab a cache if we're out & about and there's a cool one right where we're at.
  13. LPC's & hide a keys on bridges not withstanding, I like the creativity that is sometimes put into them. In the area I just moved from, one CO would bore out a small hole on the underside of a decent sized rock that was just big enough to slip the cache into. Another CO used one of the black nanos & put it on a black metal sculpture that could have you searching for an hour or more. I lucked into just the right angle & found it quickly. A couple of other CO's have tucked pill bottles into the hubs of metal wagon wheels. Also, I don't care about swag so swag isn't a big issue.
  14. It happened to me this morning, as a matter of fact. I was going after a 1/1 just to make sure I got a cache today (I'm going to try to at least get a 30 day streak going). At any rate... the cache was located in a nice strip mall, behind what used to be a grocery store. As I pulled up to gz, I saw an unassuming woman in her mid-thirties leaning against her car and looking at an electronic device. I chuckled as I got out of the car & said "I bet you're looking for the same thing I am." She told me she didn't think so & I said "The geocache?" She said no but had always wondered about it & then asked what I was looking for. I told her that I'd show her once I found it. I made the grab, signed the log & showed her the cache. I told her the basics & gave her the web address before replacing the cache & continuing on my way.
  15. Have you checked with your local trophy shop?
  16. I have to admit that when someone whom I presume to be a muggle asks if I'm looking for something/need help, I typically tell them I'm looking for my earring. They don't typically offer to help, which is fine because it allows me to continue with the hunt. I never dreamed I was being rude. This thread has definitely given me something to think about the next time I'm approached.
  17. I'm at 185 finds and am just now thinking about placing my first cache. You'd be amazed at how much you can learn about hiding caches through finding caches. Also, spend some time reading the forums. I can't tell you what all I've learned by reading the forums. For ex. there has been at least one thread each recently on good & bad caches. It definitely gave me some things to think about when placing my first cache.
  18. I've got the X as well & yes, it does cause me to do the bumble bee dance. I've learned that after 2-5 minutes (depending on tree cover, etc...) it usually settles down & is almost as accurate as my Garmin Rhino. I typically just use my phone since it's always with me & it works fine.
  19. I just changed mine. Originally, it was melissafred - a combination of my first & last names. However, we just moved to KS from our home state of AR. I wanted to give a nod to our home state and our beloved Razorbacks, as well as the fact that caching has become a family thing. Hence ARHogFanz.
  20. Thanks for the clarification jholly. It's sad that he wouldn't work with GS. c:geo was a nice little app.
  21. Love my Camelbak day pack. It holds a 2L water bladder. I also keep a small first aid kit, extra pair of socks, large black trashbag & rope in case if something happens & I need to bed down for the night, flashlight, multitool, pad & paper, compass, munchies and photo id on a lanyard with a whistle. Also keep a few swag items in case if the kids go with me & want to trade.
  22. Hunter, don't worry about popokiiti. If you read the tech forums here, you'll see a big brouhaha over c:geo vs. the official GS app. I got back into caching after a 5 year hiatus, partially due to the c:geo app. It allowed me to do paperless caching, which is huge for me. After reading through all the hoopla, I ultimately decided to pop for the official app. $10 is a lot to spend for an app that had gotten mixed reviews. I loved how easy c:geo was to use. Having had the GS app for 2-3 weeks (and uninstalling c:geo), I like the GS app. One thing I did learn through reading the thread is that c:geo basically won't be current, possibly sometime soon because the developer & GS won't play ball with each other. That's a bit of an oversimplification but I'm no tecchie & that's what I took away from the thread. It was partially the reason I went ahead & popped for the official app (that and the fact that while $10 is a lot for an app, it's a small price to pay for something I like to do). Just something to think about. Welcome to the game and above all, have FUN! :-)
  23. When it's gawdawful, fishermen say it's too hot to fish; we say it's too hot to cache. I've got a TB I've had for 2 months; picked it up in AR & since it had been bouncing around there for quite some time, I decided to bring it on to KS. I need to drop it off but it's just too darn hot. I haven't cached since Sun. & need a fix but not in this heat. Yuck.
  24. Question - what if the cache is literally out in the open with no cover at all? I've run across 2 like that. One was lieing about 3' from the base of a tree in a 4' wide barrier space between the sidewalk & the street. The space is covered in 2-4" sized gravel. The cache was a small tube about the size of a blood sample tube. I was afraid it would get picked up as trash so I moved it to the base of the tree, put a couple of rocks on it & left a little of it exposed so that you could see it if you were looking. The other was in a more wooded area; with that one, I left it where it was but put some leaves & pinestraw over it, again leaving enough exposed so that you could see it if you were looking for it. Was I wrong in either case?
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