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Look up your name too...


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While trying to find out if anyone famous (besides Walt Disney) shares the same birthday as me, I found this site.


I did a search for fractal and came up with interesting results...

Then looked up LaurenCat and then pdxmarathonman with no results...

Dasein had some cool results...


But get this...

Go to that site and do a search for oregone... It's pretty much right on icon_wink.gif


So... I'm hoping to start a weird little thread here in the forums... Search for your username on that site, and if results come up, post a few interesting ones.


Here's the favorites for mine:

fractal is any pattern that reveals greater complexity as it is enlarged icon_wink.gif

fractal is enlarged icon_biggrin.gif

fractal is derived from "kissing fish" which was derived from "all in a row"

fractal is a pretty interesting one

fractal is cut off icon_frown.gif

fractal is not free icon_razz.gif

fractal is a very unusual object


Surprised I didn't see:

fractal has too much time on his hands!





N 45? 30.ish

W 122? 58.ish

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Well, hcook1 resulted in nothing. It said that Google knows nothing about hcook1 yet. However, the really interesting result came when I entered my real name - Harold.


It resulted in several pages of "Harold is" statements - not all of which are flattering. However, the one that caught my eye was the second one from the end of the list:


>>> harold is able to dispose of the bomb


Guess I better get to work on the Broken Arrow puzzle. Watch out Dr. Isotope! icon_biggrin.gif


--- hcook1


People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said,

... but they will always remember how you made them feel.

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Wild! Here's what I got for Moun10Bike:


moun10bike is returning the favor

moun10bike is attempting to set another record in most caches plundered

moun10bike is that guy with one green hand


(That last one seems to be a reference to one of the caches at Cache Bash 2 held in Post Falls, ID last August!)



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Quite a few for my name!

Here are the fun ones for me:

boojum is wet again

boojum is about facilitating life's journey

boojum is listed at number 25 out of over 300

boojum is the force that removes them

boojum is a unique specimen

boojum is for you

boojum is looking real

boojum is a memory resident

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The quantum mechanic is first of all a problem solver.

The quantum mechanic is necessary to describe the chemical bonds.

The quantum mechanic is still one of the best monsters in any game. icon_cool.gif

The quantum mechanic is breaking up. icon_rolleyes.gif


-Quantum Mechanics: The dreams stuff is made of.-


[This message was edited by The Quantum Mechanic on April 08, 2003 at 07:29 PM.]

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Uh oh... Be careful if you do a search for "my sister"!


"Soup" is pretty cool though!


When I search my real name, I found these to be a few of my favorites:

Gary is the bestest

Gary is "unbelievable"

Gary is just genuinely a great guy

Gary is unaware of the box's existence

Gary is a quality artist and although sometimes it seems his work is not apriciated he is still one of the best

Gary is bitter



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Couldn't resist:


laserman is a mech


laserman is the deadliest player


laserman is an application for controlling laser disc players from the next computer


laserman is maliciously on target


laserman is a whimsical and eccentric multi


laserman is doing well


laserman is now known as gbeasley


laserman is hardly distant from genre literature


laserman is an awesome nickname though


laserman is here

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What the heck...


bazzle is somewhere in maryland on 18 sep 1760

bazzle is the 48

bazzle is that you? yes

bazzle is believed to have born about 1740 in or near frederick (knew I was old but dadgum...)

bazzle is located in section a07

bazzle is on the sick list (look...somebody knows me icon_razz.gif)


My mind not only wanders...

Sometimes it leaves completely...



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syn is a single layered susbstrate whose micro

syn is susceptible to tearing in the machine direction and scoring pressure will potentially tear the fiber during this process

syn is in

syn is riding again jack 0' the lantern and will 0' the wisp

syn is thought to be a pathetic little game

syn is a character portrayed in a series of books by russell thorndike

syn is kronos' best fighting game so far

syn is one of the movies made by band before he formed full moon pictures

syn is the kernel of the example

syn is one of the best fighting games ever

syn is sent from c

syn is riding again

syn is the pastor

syn is found in its unique protein matrix

syn is the founder of the sychultation theorem

syn is acked

syn is one of the most interesting and unusual figures of the 18th century

syn is finally back and will be kicking *** on fallout tactics once again the site has been fully updated to include all information regarding syn

syn is officially allied with michelle sattler and douglas wisdom

syn is monocrystalline diamond with blocky 3

syn is bent on re

syn is a

syn is also a technology development company

syn is mentioned briefly in no

syn is said to have been created that night

syn is above v

syn is dimensionally stable and can withstand temperatures between

syn is designed for use in applications such as maps

syn is best veiwed in 800x600 screen size

syn is all about experimentation

syn is received

syn is the maximum

syn is also responsible for the development and planning for campus backbone and building networks

syn is not discarded

syn is undefeated in ladder

syn is in charge of developing and maintaining relationships with commercial and investment banks and institutional investors

syn is held bi

syn is impacted by mutations of its gene or by environmental elements

syn is b2 syn

syn is owned 82

syn is primarily for use in automatic multiple player presentations of dvd video material

syn is used in the declaration for slash is not allowed

syn is another patch

syn is nitrated in

syn is going to spend all of that 200msec in the queue

syn is going to spend all of that 200msec in the

syn is a type of tcp packet sent to initiate a connection with a listening tcp port

syn is sent to the ipv4 module

syn is c9 syn

syn is an acronym for syndicated

syn is a retired pirate the world believes to have been hanged

syn is undertaking initiatives at all levels for the formulation of alternative proposals and to mobilise society

syn is

syn is turned off when the syn is acknowledged

syn is formulated to be non

syn is inhibited there are no cycles=> protein syn is required & indeed cyclin is syn & deg

syn is not combined with any data

syn is an open source text and programming editor with syntaxhighlight for many languages

syn is one of the best heroes i have ever created

syn is a weapons based 3d beat

syn is received on a listening tcp socket

syn is a exhiled flapcat for useing the magic of m'han

syn is usually unrelated to the receiving application’s total buffer capacity

syn is bigger than number of smtp fin because some of destination mtas did not respond

syn is present

syn is the premier fluid

syn is one of

syn is similar to the operator or

syn is now available for download on our site

syn is a warrior

syn is stripped of its data

syn is a real

syn is one of the authors

syn is a caring

syn is a web site which is heavily reliant on visual aids to present it's argument

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wayne is a true hoe

wayne is seventh on hitler's list

wayne is my future baby daddy

wayne is metropolitan detroit's oldest and largest

wayne is mclintock

wayne is the shiznit

wayne is critical to packers'

wayne is named robert a

wayne is principal for

wayne is in the house

wayne is set

wayne is currently constructing a new $4

wayne is questioned

wayne is a real estate agent in

wayne is looking good

wayne is my muse

wayne is my muse john wayne's

wayne is some what becomin' af*ckin' man

wayne is metropolitan detroit's oldest and largest non

wayne is just having a good time here

wayne is really from

wayne is critical to packers' defense may 10

wayne is unequaled as a provider of retail site

wayne is principal for a day at barnard

wayne is the shizzy

wayne is dead

wayne is site for ameritas dental claims facility

wayne is a city with an affinity for the arts

wayne is currently constructing a community activity center located directly west of the wayne elementary and high school

wayne is within a 250

wayne is a stirring speaker with a powerful

wayne is very good at his lyrics

wayne is a great midwestern city located in northeastern indiana

wayne is hot

wayne is a real estate agent that is known in the community of thompson for his dedicated client service

wayne is tax assessor for easttown

wayne is underrated

wayne is my hero and had a very special influence upon my life

wayne is proud of his cherokee and powhatan indian heritage

wayne is a real estate agent that is known in the community of thompson for their dedicated client service

wayne is on the road so often he's been called the "travelin" man

wayne is a general news photographer

wayne is the chairman & ceo of america's only publicly traded sports handicapping company

wayne is writing from his home in florida

wayne is proposing that the human mind is incapable of reliably reporting the process of forming beliefs

wayne is conveniently located within a few hundred miles of other mid

wayne is a realtor in wilmington

wayne is confident in his eagle ultramax 1400

wayne is a largely industrial city

wayne is clear and simple

wayne is patiently waiting

wayne is the chief pilot of wisconsin aviation academy

wayne is cast as wedge donovan a civilian contractor for the navy

wayne is looking good lansing getting started steve purchase is a good alpha male

wayne is very careful to understand the history and meaning of the pieces that he carves

wayne is among the nation's top 10 best places to earn and save money in year 2000

wayne is a 25

wayne is totally friendly

wayne is a frequent lecturer for the law society of manitoba on advocacy

wayne is not nostalgia

wayne is home again

wayne is recommended by fellow agents for honesty and integrity as an experienced manitoba real estate agent professional

wayne is pretty close to montclair posted by lisa on december 20

wayne is pretty close to montclair posted by nicole on december 31

wayne is ready for bookings in all clubs and party venues

wayne is a community centered health care organization whose purpose is to enhance the

wayne is located in wayne county

wayne is a graduate of the maine maritime academy in castine

wayne is the first african

wayne is one of the top sales performers for healthco supply

wayne is very excited about modeling and would like to "push it as far as it goes

wayne is one of my favorites

wayne is farming his 50 acres with two mules and a tractor

wayne is the chairman of the board of gwin inc

wayne is located in the central part of wayne county

wayne is an active member of his family's farm just east of balzac

wayne is now 1st chairman of the uso celebrity circle

wayne is slick and exciting at his game and does not show off

wayne is an eye and ear magnet"; john barron from hour magazine says "wayne is a brilliant soloist who makes great

wayne is showing cassandra some vinyl lp's he got at a garage sale

wayne is a healthy 32

wayne is known as "the school assembly hypnotist

wayne is the first to defend the capabilities of atlantic canada

wayne is tax

wayne is approximately 478

wayne is possibly the most enigmatic of all the remaining

wayne is to hardcore honky

wayne is 47

wayne is big

wayne is a good leader because of his creativity

wayne is no longer the pinnacle of human achievement

wayne is located in allen county and it is the county seat

wayne is happy

wayne is much more than a master lithographer

wayne is back inside after a one

wayne is now almost a ghost town

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My list is short so I'll post them all.


misguided one is speared by edge

misguided one is “this will only be a casual” romance

misguided one is the service's

misguided one is quite blind when it comes to her beloved thurfel

misguided one is seeking to incite them

misguided one is not an idea restricted to the plays

misguided one is ready for the education i promised




Cum catapultae proscriptae erat,

tum soli proscript catapultas habeunt.



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And, how about this...I always wonder what to say when my friends ask me what the heck geocaching is:


geocaching is not a crime

geocaching is illegal in nps areas

geocaching is "natural "

geocaching is a game where you use your gps to locate a hidden "treasure"

geocaching is a new 21st century recreation that came about as a result of the improving accuracy of electronic global positioning system

geocaching is een avontuurlijk spel voor gps gebruikers

geocaching is a high

geocaching is a new and entertaining outdoor recreational sport for gpsr users

geocaching is currently not allowed on nps land

geocaching is treasure hunting for the 21st century

geocaching is the treasure hunt of the 21st century

geocaching is samengesteld uit geo wat staat voor geografie en caching wat staat voor het verstoppen van een schat

geocaching is a new 21st century recreation that came about as a result of the

geocaching is a sport in which individuals or organizations cache materials at particular locations

geocaching is now more fun

geocaching is a treasure hunt where you use a gps receiver to find caches hidden around the world

geocaching is a brand new sport that has recently become popular

geocaching is a rapidly growing global sport where outdoor enthusiasts seek out treasures planted all over the world

geocaching is a fast growing and entertaining sport that involves many outdoor types every year

geocaching is de nieuwste trend voor avontuurlijke wandelaars

geocaching is a fast

geocaching is high

geocaching is a great family friendly activity and a fun way to explore parks

geocaching is a great activity for all ages

geocaching is an exciting new hobby developed with the advent of gps

geocaching is a new outdoor activity which involves the search for hidden caches by inputting a set of given coordinates into your gps

geocaching is an adventure game where everyone with a gps unit can participate

geocaching is also referred to as gps stash hunt

geocaching is for you

geocaching is then you can read on for some of our experiences

geocaching is a new interest that uses global positioning receivers and the us government's global positioning system

geocaching is a new outdoor activity that brings treasure hunting into the 21 st century

geocaching is an entertain

geocaching is also one of our sponsors

geocaching is a ton of fun

geocaching is an adventure hobby that involves using a gps device to locate a cache

geocaching is a relatively new phenomenon

geocaching is fun

geocaching is a fancy name for a fun

geocaching is quickly gaining popularity

geocaching is a relatively simple game that blends the internet

geocaching is a fun way to get out while learning and using navigation skills

geocaching is an opportunity to get off your bum and see the world

geocaching is an opportunity to get off your duff and see the world

geocaching is

geocaching is an activity in which participants hide a cache and take a position at the location using a gps receiver

geocaching is an entertaining adventure game for gps users

geocaching is a great way to justify the purchase

geocaching is for the seeker to find a cache hidden by someone else

geocaching is a gps based sport

geocaching is orienteering

geocaching is a pastime in which caches of items are hidden in non

geocaching is a game that was made possible when the accuracy of handheld gps receivers became good enough to locate objects within a few feet

geocaching is een nieuwe sport die ontstaan is in de verenigde staten

geocaching is all about

geocaching is the sport of searching for and finding caches that have been hidden around the world

geocaching is an adventure game based on a 'treasure hunt' theme where participants in one party use a handheld gps device to search for sealed caches left by

geocaching is an "entertaining adventure game for gps users

geocaching is kind of like a high

geocaching is "natural "

geocaching is a relatively new outdoor sport

geocaching is the coolest

geocaching is done knowing nothing more than the latitude and longitude of the cache's location

geocaching is een buitenactiviteit

geocaching is an activity that has taken off at an even faster pace than letterboxing

geocaching is civilized and family

geocaching is for everyone…young and old…whether you are a techno

geocaching is deceptively simple

geocaching is a relatively new sport/outdoor activity that is sweeping the nation

geocaching is a puzzle

geocaching is a relatively new hobby in which people use a global positioning unit to find hidden containers along trails in parks and other natural areas

geocaching is a new sport that's part treasure hunt and part hide

geocaching is simply a treasure hunt using a gps

geocaching is an entertaining adventure game for gps

geocaching is and requests an exchange of contents

geocaching is a giant



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Nothing for jeeplife, but for jeep I just took the highlights...


jeep is left to explain the misadventure to his insurance

jeep is equipped with an all new rubicon tested is43 suspension system

jeep is bringing the jeep into the new millennium kicking and screaming

jeep is 3000 pounds

jeep is a regular feature at the airshows

jeep is blowing oil onto the air filter

jeep is built to do all trails

jeep is too muddy to use the car wash

jeep is very easy to maneuver on or off

jeep is a lifestyle

jeep is tinkering with it


happy trails...

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The good:

bodoni is free

bodoni is one

bodoni is rather steel

bodoni is the nicest

bodoni is so *italian*

bodoni is the ideal place for a quiet and pleasant stay

bodoni is one of the foremost desires of our civilization

bodoni is king of the world and agaramond is a

bodoni is another star that refuses to wane


The bad:

bodoni is a small

bodoni is fat


The font:

bodoni is such a classic face

bodoni is considered the "father of modern type"

bodoni is the greatest monument ever constructed to the art of printing from metal types

bodoni is a typeface which moved far beyond the transitional families

bodoni is not a standard macintosh font

bodoni is the exception; its thin serifs are unbracketed


The ambiguous:

bodoni is remarkable more for quantity than quality

bodoni is the only one i know

bodoni is one of them


The 'nuff said:

bodoni is


Joe, on the other hand . . .

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Nothing for Team JOYSON


joyson is currently in room 355 of jameson hospital


Too many to list for Joy & Jason, but...


jason is that which is jason is that which is those who are not he




joy is a transcript brought to you by bob


"And then Trogdor smote the Kerrek, and all was laid to burnination."

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maille is lightweight compared to similar garments made of butted rings of the same size

maille is an extremely labor intensive item

maille is about

maille is a lost art

maille is basically just european 4 in 1 using two rings where there normally would be only one

maille is one of the oldest forms of armour

maille is the french market leader in mustards

maille is absent from normal jewelry stores because most people don't think of steel as something from which to make jewelry

maille is not just a job to me

maille is in the proper orientation

maille is the only reason for my good day in the list is nonsense

maille is made

maille is known as "king's maille"

maille is the 6 in 1 version of kings maille

maille is 5/16

maille is the brand leader of mustard

maille is to us the oven between 150

maille is made in several basic patterns

maille is believed

maille is a life changing event

maille is european 4 in 1 with all of the rings doubled

maille is never easy

maille is just exceptionally cool

maille is typically seen in the movies on knights and warriors

maille is the process of flattening the ring

maille is a relatively small investment all the way around

maille is smoother than the welded maille

maille is available in only one size and material

maille is in possession of the secrets for the distillation of vinegars and the making of mustards

maille is the french word for knitting

maille is from me

maille is a 4

maille is happy to offer repair or alterations to chain maille

maille is maille made with tiny rings

maille is far superior to butted maille

maille is not even

maille is a physically taxing task

maille is done

maille is personal preference

maille is the only one suited to be created anywhere

maille is very good armor

maille is not limited to being used as armor

maille is taken as

maille is made from stainless steel

maille is not the "usual" riveted maille commonly available from many vendors

maille is distributed in london

maille is the editor of the international program news

maille is editor of the international program news

maille is completely battle

maille is not at all period to begin with

maille is home

maille is to slug away at it until you get it but i'll try to share what little insight i have

maille is a rarity of excellent

maille is on the scene in over 80 countries where it generates over 463 million francs in turnover and adopts specific

maille is pursuing rapid expansion in france and stepping up its international development as well

maille is brite alum

maille is an experienced trial attorney with more than 15 years experience in family law

maille is another of my best investments

maille is being added as time goes on

maille is of much higher quality than some of the truly awful stuff we've seen imported from

maille is made by hand

maille is covered with suds like a shave cream; rinse thoroughly with running water and finish with a dunk

maille is the largest selling french mustard in the united states

maille is most often found to use the round rivets

maille is constructed using the standard 4

maille is euro 6

maille is the largest selling french mustard in the us first developed by antoine maille in 1747 in dijon

maille is quite literally "to scale"

maille is an old copper coin

maille is one place to look if you are interested in finding armor for sale

maille is the densest weave i'm working with

maille is a european 6

maille is

maille is the town's deputy mayor

maille is going to the war

maille is a veterinarian

maille is too much

maille is the 50

maille is the volunteer coordinator in wooster

maille is an entire boutique filled with every imaginable kind of mustard

maille is also good

maille is splendid as the passionate free spirit gertrudis

maille is addictive

maille is very labor/time intensive

maille is chainfire

maille is sheer bliss

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martin is well aware of the drumbeat of dissatisfaction -true!

martin is miss golf -odd!

martin is a wildcat -yeah, that's what SHE said!

martin is a quiet contender -ominous!

martin is unlucky at love -no comment!

martin is shy and charming -niether!

martin is the antichrist-this is from a website that is actually about me.

martin is the lowest form of human life we have ever witnessed-same with this one.

martin is joy electric take that, team Joyson!

martin is da l's dirtiest playayo!

martin is a maker-lover to goats-whoa!

martin is caught naked -what else is new?

martin is soooooo gorgeous-from the forums at badgirlswirl.com


all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed

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Strange site, here's a few good one's from our name:


-white rabbit is a clear example of a nutcase

-white rabbit is the white rabbit (??)

-white rabbit is in the black cover and the black rabbit is in the cover with the white hat

-white rabbit is a song latent with drug references

-white rabbit is that the rabbit does not realize it is taking part in a magic trick

-white rabbit is going to turn purple

-white rabbit is put into a larger empty cage which is immediately covered and spun around

-white rabbit is a loyal and true friend of alice


~~and the all too obvious~~

-white rabbit is from lewis carroll’s story alice in wonderland


buneatg.gifI am the Rabbit King, I can do anything

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soup is all over the map

soup is mmmm

soup is as elusive as it is enticing


And my other 'nickname' provides...


stealth is pretty darn sneaky

stealth is ready before you are

stealth is a dramatically innovative mowing machine


As T.J. said.. Brilliant!


What's the difference between roast beef and pea soup? Anyone can roast beef.

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Some of the best:


- gloom is just excuses (please excuse me...)

- gloom is spreading

- gloom is here

- gloom is over

- gloom is not bad

- gloom is a powerful shadow dragon from the same prime material world that elenia hails from

- gloom is slightly tired

- gloom is a trademark of team reaction (oh yeah?)

- gloom is liable to predispose some people to be unhappy about the weather (true!)

- gloom is the issue of who is to blame

- gloom is obvious

- gloom is an unparalleled sonic experience

- gloom is ook bij het center

- gloom is a messenger of light illuminates the ground thru the dark and stormy night he doesn't ask for money

- gloom is misguided :-)

- gloom is the unapproachable light in which god is said to dwell (um... yeah)

- gloom is everywhere

- gloom is another of my favorite characters

- gloom is the possibility of fixing it with molecular nanotechnology


And my favorite:

- gloom is never gloomy



Duct tape is like the Force. It has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together.

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evergreenhiker! didn't show up in the search, but I tried my real name, John Maher and got:


john maher is receiving this year?s michael harrington lifetime socialist award

john maher is receiving this year's michael harrington lifetime socialist ellen frank returns for one of her popular q&a sessions

john maher is the type of person who will give pennsylvanians confidence

john maher is the type of person who will give the people of pennsylvania confidence

john maher is

john maher is long gone

john maher is emeritus professor in economics and finance at southern connecticut state college and a co

john maher is a licensed real estate agent and co

john maher is owned and operated by john maher

john maher is pleased to offer lunch to the general public

john maher is a senior it consultant with a wide business and technical experience

john maher is the real name of johnny marr

john maher is professor of linguistics at international christian university in tokyo

john maher is the full

john maher is owner and senior consultant for 2020 vision international

john maher is the senior manager and robert mahoney is the senior lab supervisor of animal care at emisphere technologies

john maher is on vacation

john maher is an excellent listing of mostly uk sides

john maher is no longer with the band

john maher is looking for ideas for ?hands

john maher is looking for ideas for 'hands

john maher is preferred in the front row to jimmy screene and owen cobbe is named in the centre for eamon molloy

john maher is administrative judge of the rockingham county probate court

john maher is in the hospital

john maher is one our local bead artist

john maher is the main responsible for the premature end of the greatest group ever

john maher is one the fastest i've ever

john maher is at

john maher is president and coo


Nothing refers to me, but the last one possibly applies to my father who works in Yakima. Funny side note, a john maher contacted me through my website and he had his own site and it listed the famous John Mahers in the world. Interesting! Oh, that one lives in England.

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Here's a few I got:


slinger is a character who sees the world in a unique way.


slinger is a small weapons specialist(I hope they don't mean THAT weapon!)


slinger is for tennis balls and there is a small hole in the ball pouch to prevent discharging inappropriate missile materials.(ok!)


slinger is made from stainless steel so it will last and last


slinger is the culinary equivalent of a hail mary pass.


slinger is not finished yet; it needs a fresh bright orange paint job and a few other safety features.


slinger is designed for quick and efficient transfer of dry bulk commodities.


slinger is an infantry unit used to defend against early archer and watch tower attacks.


slinger is currently heavily exploited in mozambique and there has been a severe reduction in average size harvested in that country.


slinger is the hovercraft version of the slasher.


slinger is in its 13 th printing and has sold 100.


slinger is 4 meter long.(I wish!)


slinger is designed to with stand winds up to 70 mph and is constructed of tough abs plastic.


slinger is an honors graduate of the chelsea college of fine arts and one of europe's leading erotic artists(I'll bet you didn't know that one!)


slinger is famous among race fans as the site of the slinger nationals.


Strange stuff. Some of it does sound like the weekends I've had in PDX though!

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Googlism for: leatherman


leatherman is back sep 23 '01 author's product rating ease of use

leatherman is back'

leatherman is the creator of "america's best beaches

leatherman is our hero

leatherman is the most copied man in our industry

leatherman is more than a tool

leatherman is unlike any pocket knife or multi

leatherman is the "wave

leatherman is known

leatherman is associate professor of international relations and co

leatherman is frequently featured in media ranging from the travel channel to national geographic explorer to the london sunday times for his exhaustive

leatherman is backordered on shipping

leatherman is a member of

leatherman is for heavy

leatherman is

leatherman is perfect for a key chain or purse

leatherman is a superb example of industrial design

leatherman is that the handles are actually comfortable to use

leatherman is evenals zijn grote broers een must

leatherman is the registered trademark of leatherman tool group inc

leatherman is by excellence the knife of survival

leatherman is still rock solid

leatherman is still making his endless journey today

leatherman is working on

leatherman is a full

leatherman is a member of the sc budget and control board and the salary

leatherman is the only ones i used

leatherman is incredibly well

leatherman is a very handy tool for those who don't need the larger super leatherman

leatherman is a registered trademark of leatherman tools inc

leatherman is introducing the "juice" tool which is a more medium size tool without a sheath or pocket clip

leatherman is co

leatherman is actually an animated character powered by the microsoft agent technology

leatherman is the ultimate pocket tool

leatherman is by definition a deadly weapon

leatherman is engraved with "kiyu" on the handle

leatherman is great tool

leatherman is making useful products that you want and they are backing their

leatherman is a for sure deal

leatherman is a twelve tool stainless steel device fitted into the smallest package that an engineer can devise

leatherman is waarschijnlijk het bekendste merk als het gaat om multi

leatherman is still shrouded in mystery and controversy

leatherman is buried in sparta cemetary in ossining

leatherman is an example of how a few media

leatherman is conducting tests on a 100

leatherman is also handy for field work and after

leatherman is a geographer and he studies coastal geology and shore transport processes

leatherman is participating in a multi

leatherman is in the twin cities

leatherman is a nice tool for quick fixes or minor problems

leatherman is a holder of many patents

leatherman is called to be obedient to the traditions

leatherman is the type of player every coach needs on his team



I am the result of genetic manipulation of superior Geocacher DNA. Faster, stronger with superior reasoning and logic.


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Well, here are some of the funner ones:


darkside is watching

darkside is all

darkside is still under construction

darkside is one of those games most people have never known and probably never will simply because the game isn’t offering very good gameplay or anything else

darkside is a collection of stories and animations which takes the universe created by space

darkside is a registered trademark ®

darkside is the best horror zine being published today

darkside is due for an upset

darkside is just better than these eminence newbs

darkside is suffering from server problems

darkside is evolving

darkside is also required

darkside is always there waiting for us to enter; waiting to enter us

darkside is as mysterious as his character

darkside is one guy you don't mess with

darkside is put to the sword and fire


"Build a man a fire and he'll be warm for a day, set a man on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life."

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Well I just had to check it out. My whole name is Sluggo Marinelli so I checked them both and got nothing then I checked them seperately. here's the results:


sluggo is in the tree house

sluggo is attractive to slugs and snails

sluggo is the defending world champion

sluggo is still my hero

sluggo is probably the best one

sluggo is a registered trademark of western farm service

sluggo is not licensed to do business in ohio and does not maintain an office or employees in ohio

Listening to Sluggo is like having a 34-day-long brain freeze.

Sluggo is like sex with a Ram

Sluggo is not synthetic like Spam

Sluggo is fun like odd-shaped spaghetti

Sluggo is funnier than Flo & Eddie

Sluggo does not come with a coke and fries

And Sluggo won't give you Chinese eyes

Sluggo is worth every cent that you spend

sluggo is bad for snails and slugs but is not harmful to kids

sluggo is good for the soil

sluggo is a natural product

sluggo is dressed up as a saltshaker for halloween

sluggo is an android

sluggo is here to help you

sluggo is a descendant of the cellug family (Trafalmadorians no doubt)

sluggo is waiting for bathers

sluggo is actually a chunk of mold I discovered floating in the bottom of a snapple bottle

sluggo is almost kewt

sluggo is eyeing your job

sluggo is currently pondering his reply

sluggo is one of the safer products around animals


marinelli is a big talent

marinelli is originally from brazil

marinelli is creating a fiction because he is bitter over not obtaining a promotion within the ranks

marinelli is so reasonable

marinelli is our man of the hour here

marinelli is the only one who has been targeted

marinelli is the only one left who can do this

marinelli is eager

marinelli is a name to know

marinelli is a professional you can trust by viewing the member profile below

marinelli is one the few in the world with a large collection of bells dating from the year one thousand to the present day

marinelli is living in italy

marinelli is an exchange student from brazil

marinelli is president of chicago

marinelli is lost in the distant background

marinelli is preparing to attend the annual meeting of the american academy of pain management

marinelli is as common in italy as smith is in the us

marinelli is now retired from the bench

marinelli is a freelance writer living in cambridge

marinelli is staying put

marinelli is likely to come in on the left

marinelli is expected to undergo a medical on friday

marinelli is a professional you can trust

marinelli is known throughout asia as the “oyster king”

marinelli is on the button


And for my spouse "Sugar":


sugar is toxic

sugar is hard to resist

sugar is sweet by any name

sugar is a cause of fatigue

sugar is better

sugar is high

sugar is sweet

sugar is not sweet

sugar is gone

sugar is bad

sugar is not just sugar

sugar is sugar

sugar is dead

sugar is more dangerous than cigarettes

sugar is hard to resist and maybe even harder to avoid

sugar is different

sugar is natural

sugar is toxic to the body

sugar is without scientific merit

sugar is rejected

sugar is evil

sugar is under control



This 'flying saucer' situation is not at all imaginary or seeing too much in some natural phenomena. Something is really flying around. The phenomenon is something real and not visionary or fictitious. - Gen. Nathan Twining Chief of Staff, US Air Force, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

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Too funny!


uplink is designed to immerse the player into the world as it stands in the year 2010

uplink is past the beginning tutorial

uplink is to command the spacecraft

uplink is a bit of an anomaly

uplink is to showcase the innovative things people are doing with their palm

uplink is ready

uplink is also moving into the handheld gps market for golfers who prefer to walk

uplink is one of the most exciting features of flux

uplink is available in two configurations

uplink is fun and lets you live out your cyberpunk dreams without the feds coming for your sorry butt

uplink is available 24 hours a day

uplink is relatively unconstrained

uplink is switched to "on"

uplink is built

uplink is rock solid

uplink is one year old today

uplink is? click here to find out

uplink is a simulated hacking tool

uplink is trivial to do and works

uplink is really a very interesting concept

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Nothing on me but I like these lines on 2 other Central Oregon geocachers:


logscaler is a must for accurate log

logscaler is able to find caches without getting out of his truck


mad jack is so large that he plugs in the crater like a cork

mad jack is a professional member of the alliance of professional tattooists

mad jack is really ****ing weird

mad jack is in a ****ing hole


icon_confused.gif Hey! Where did those frilling asterisks come from?

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Wow, this is interesting. THere's wasn't any dirt on NomadRaven, so I looked up Raven and got all sorts of crazy things.


From utterly disgusting:


raven is also a proud member of quality erotica

raven is now 6 years old


To complementary:


raven is very active

raven is beautiful

raven is perhaps the best example


Desribing my many talents:


raven is the fastest rising young hypnotist in the country

raven is an agile fighter

raven is associated with the runes of illusion and mobility

raven is a messenger of the void

raven is a thief or a hero


To very confusing:


raven is rather curiously formed


And then there's this one:


raven is dead


And here I thought I was just really tired. icon_smile.gif

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my sister is a schoolgirl and i like to sniff her knickers

my sister is doing this

my sister is getting hi

my sister is a sex freak bursting with life

my sister is a slut freestyle unlimited

my sister is their leader

my sister is a turkey


and those were the clean ones!


being good (within reason, of course)

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Okay here's a few from me:


willapa is hot right now

willapa is 21' high

willapa is well worth visiting we do have quite a few old time photos on display

willapa is open and it may slow fishing for the sport guys

willapa is ruled by tides and at low ebb is half its normal size

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No luck finding any matches for Zzzoey but we did get one humorous result when typing in illDRIVE. Oddly, this just happened to be an excerpt from the only Fractal cache we've had the privilege of finding...


illdrive is the only one who spent enough of his wasted childhood grilling in the dark corners of killer skanky arcade joints like this to qualify



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There was nothing when I tried Seattle Seekers. So I tried my first name and this is what I got.


dawn is right for me?

dawn is effective and

dawn is coming the charm of

dawn is breaking

dawn is back because 'the price is right'

dawn is £7

dawn is always

dawn is upon us

dawn is a friend of the muses

dawn is canceled and why

dawn is bright'ning

dawn is my favorite nw book

dawn is not shy

dawn is nigh

dawn is helping small child

dawn is so sweet"

dawn is a feeling

dawn is waking

dawn is an acronym for "discipling a whole nation"

dawn is a journal devoted to publishing ideas and information that are dangerous

dawn is one of the few women's organisations that has followed the ffd

dawn is slowly breaking

dawn is a non

dawn is filled with dreams so many dreams

dawn is a feeling" dawn is a feeling a beautiful ceiling the smell of grass just makes you pass into a dream you're here today no

dawn is always posting

dawn is a time of hope and gratitiude for another day

dawn is a massive undertaking

dawn is a biblical and mission

dawn is nigh' size

dawn is helping small child while another one is coming for a hug

dawn is a supremely geeky outcast

dawn is waking melody

dawn is always happy to autograph books

dawn is at hand

dawn is a little piece of gold that offers wealth and talent to be heard

dawn is working every day for healthy communities



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Holy crap! I only got a few results, but still kind of cool...


geonap is a software package for the geodetic


evaluation of static and kinematic gnss


geonap is a powerful multi


geonap is based on the analysis of undifferenced gps observables


Check out that last one!!! it even says GPS... how cool is that?!? And then a few before... a 'powerful multi' cache perhaps... heh heh I like this one...

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This IS kind of fun.


capt. jack is currently being considered for entry in the igfa certified captains program

capt. jack is holding 2

capt. jack is easy going

capt. jack is the one that i have met personally and talked with and he would be my first choice

capt. jack is our head chief

capt. jack is a full time guide and may be reached at bay street outfitters 843

capt. jack is personable and patient

capt. jack is a brainless fool

capt. jack is the most valuable memeber of our crew

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I just have to join in on this one!


og is... clean and the drinks never seem watered down.


og is.... the answer!


og is...... nothing short of legendary.


og is...... a bit of a babe yes. WOOHOO!


og is...... gonna remember to watch idol tonite at 9.


Thanks for helping me find myself!




Prophetically Challenged

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Well according to Googlism:


TotemLake is nobody doing nothing anywhere anytime.


Yup... that would be me right now.


Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about totemlake yet.


However, when I break it apart:

totem lake is in a pretty unique spot in that it is on the freeway and has a fair amount of density

totem lake is scheduled to open early in this year's third quarter

totem lake is located on the left

totem lake is very important to the city

totem lake is more like a pond than a lake

totem lake is added to the list of urban centers following countywide planning policy

totem lake is the drive of kirkand's economy with a concentration of high

totem lake is the totem

totem lake is the drive of kirkland's economy with a concentration of high

totem lake is a big part to consider; the rebuilding of 124 th is important

totem lake is a big need

totem lake is called the economic engine of city

totem lake is the center of kirkand's economy with a concentration of high

totem lake is located in kirkland

totem lake is offering two new workshops for adolescents

totem lake is one of the best japanese restaraunts in seattle as far as i am concerned

totem lake is scheduled to open early in this year´s third quarter

totem lake is the only area without an association

totem lake is estimated to be 13 miles and is forecast to be 16 miles in 2020

totem lake is




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