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  1. Thanks EGH. Data downloaded. We'll try to make it. I'll pass this on to logscaler and Red also.
  2. Once again, I am making a Montana sales/caching trip. This year, I am going through Billings, Lewistown, Havre, Great Falls, Columbia Falls, Libby and all places in between. I like hikes, photos, Lewis and Clark and historic. Do you have any special places that I should not miss? Would appreciate any help.
  3. I am from the Pac NW and will be traveling to Salt Lake area for this weekend and 2 or 3 days early next week. I would like to chase some caches. I like to hike and get good views/photos. Can anyone give me suggestions for caches of that sort in the area? Would be much appreciated.
  4. A couple of times now, I have taken my bicycle (and bike trailer) on tours of the San Juans. The cost was minimal and the interisland fare was free. You get on the ferry first and you leave the ferry first. We camped at a number of campgrounds. Both were fantastic visits. In the future, I would do one of two options. A) Board the ferry with a bicycle and stay at some of the many B & Bs or Get a motel in Anacortes and daily take the ferry with my bike, maybe a new island per day. With that many caches on the islands, I guess I'd better get planning a little more seriously.
  5. I'm not sure I understand yet. I've been thru Missoula and CDA, etc and done maybe 10 caches. Yet I don't see my name in lights. I will be back up in CDA area early next week. Can someone help me at least get my name on the list? If only for 10 minutes of fame?
  6. You have got my attention. It just might be worth it to travel 4 hours and a tank of gas at $2 per for that many caches. I can imagine that the flower display is quite spectacular and I, even tho I lived in the area years ago, I have yet to climb those tables.
  7. They only put the toilets at the trailheads
  8. It seems that the gov't is always coming up with a new way to collect money from me. This is just one more way. They come in, pave the parking lot and put up new $30K toilets. That is what we are paying for. A couple of summers ago, after having backpacked 25 miles, I discovered that the last 5 miles were strewn with windfalls. On the Pacific Crest trail! I have learned to avoid the pay trails. It has taken me to some very interesting and beautiful out of the way places. Apparantly, crowds don't like to get too far from crowded areas. Perhaps, by the time the gov't discovers these little places and paves their parking lots, I'll be dead or too old to hike.
  9. I found it amazingly easy for me to get over the border on I-5 a couple of weeks ago. Easier yet on the return. I told them that I was a business man looking to buy in Canada. They jumped all over that. On the way back, our guys gave me no trouble either. They did, however, warn me to bring a passport next time. That is different than I remember pre 911. Ironically, I was on business, didn't have a lot of time, and failed in my only attempt to find a cache. No foreign cache finds yet. Oh well. Now I have to go back.
  10. All of them look most interesting. I'll have to remember them for later in the year. You may have lost your FTF advantage on this but is appreciated by me.
  11. I still work the same hours. I recently started a business where I need only talk on the phone. While making a sale or talking to the supplier, I may very well be digging up one more cache in the backcountry of Oregon. I need only be in cell range and they don't even mind if I escape for a few hours or so. trust me on this..... This is the world's best job.
  12. We just charge in, take their land away, call them savages and call for their destruction. So goes the wild in wilderness. We did it to the Indians also. I will rant no more.
  13. I couldn't help but comment on this issue. Although my heart goes out to the victims and their families, I must share this interesting note. I first read this in the local newspaper this morning. On one page, it mentioned that 'Only 5 people killed by lions in California in the past century'. On the same page was this note: 'Oregon incurs 75 self-inflicted deaths by youths each year'. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  14. I'm just testing out the wifi now. That will help much on the road. Forgive me for my lack of tech knowledge. I have never heard a solid answer to my question; "Why can't I just hook my laptop to my cell??" Anyone??
  15. I did all of the Boy Scout things. Arrow of Light Eagle Scout God & Country Award Brotherhood Camp counselor Scoutmaster Scouter of the year In the early 80s, I became a Scoutmaster of a near defunct troop in Missoula. With the help of a couple of great parents (I didn't have a son yet), we brought the troop from worst to first. I actually got the troop's first blue ribbon at a camporee. It was, get this, an orienteering contest. I can't begin to relate the significance of scouting to my success in life.
  16. I had to check out Big Eddy's chart on sskamp's cache. Cool. Looks like my mag 330 is among the more accurate. Unfortunately, the only reason left for not finding caches is ......me. I look forward to getting up NNW soon and doing the other one.
  17. I'm a traveling salesman......... I sell specialty moulding, millwork, and flooring around the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies. Although I work from home, I find time to travel to all of my customers on a fairly regular basis. Most of my customers are within driving distance so I take my Exploder. Call me crazy, but I prefer to camp out of the back of this SUV. I can visit one or two customers in the morning, and by the afternoon, I can be camped halfway to my next day's visits. I can find caches along the way. Ahhhhh.. the perfect world, finally. Perhaps I should expand my territory someday soon.
  18. As an Eagle Scout myself, with an intense interest in orienteering, I just had to comment. I may be wrong here, but orienteering is an action done with certain tools. In my days, we used maps and compasses as those tools. Lewis & Clark used a sextant. Nowadays, we use GPSs. They are all tools toward the same end. It looks to me like the 'orienteering' merit badge requirements should include GPS use but continue to include compass, sextent, etc. Volunteer Geocachers could offer a lot of help if the BSA were interested.
  19. If they are on logscaler's favorite list, they go immediately to the top of my to do list. "At this place we had wintered...and lived as well as we had any right to expect" -William Clark-
  20. Congratulations logscaler and Red. I've had many fun experiences relating to you guys. My first was my first cache hide. I screwed up the waypoints and sent logscaler way out into nowhere to find a tag that had coords to where he was standing. He actually went back to redo when I fixed it. Pine Mountain was a bear. The toughest one I've done. I remember him mentioning that he would get even for North Fork and he definately did. Speaking of North Fork Crooked River, that was the best log entry I have ever read. I still chuckle. On my trips to Boise, Missoula, Lewiston, Brownsville,etc., I've come across logscaler & Red logs and hidden caches. Small world. Thanks for the fun. Was it McGraths?? "At this place we had wintered...and lived as well as we had any right to expect" -William Clark-
  21. It's like wrestling with a pig in mud. They usually win ....AND... They enjoy it. "At this place we had wintered...and lived as well as we had any right to expect" -William Clark-
  22. I'd make to trip to Missoula. That would be a kick. Why nothing in central Oregon??? "At this place we had wintered...and lived as well as we had any right to expect" -William Clark-
  23. It's all small stuff...........Adds spice to our lives. We start the fight all over again. And a beer, don't forget the beer. I recently lost my laptop and all software in an accident that also claimed two good friends. A lot of important data involving my new business (5 months) was lost. Needless to say, I was found backing up my desk top the next day. And a beer. "At this place we had wintered...and lived as well as we had any right to expect" -William Clark-
  24. I logged my cache once. I hid 'Badlands P.O.', a traveling cache in the Badlands, east of Bend in the desert. My rules were that anyone could have a find anytime they found it in a place they had never been before. They would then rehide somewhere new. They could log as many finds as they wished. I found my own traveling cache once and did not hesitate to log it. I don't have the courage to multi log, but that's OK. I'll just have to look for another excuse to hike in the Badlands. Still there.... Go check it out. "At this place we had wintered...and lived as well as we had any right to expect" -William Clark-
  25. That's BBBiggg. Ironically, it started in an area that the Gov't has been thinning feverishly the last couple of years, so as to prevent exactly what happened. Gotta wonder if the President is barking up another wrong tree. I know that I'm crazy, but I'm inclined to 'let it burn'.....It worked well for God. "At this place we had wintered...and lived as well as we had any right to expect" -William Clark-
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