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  1. AH! That is whole different can of worms. In that case, if it isn't an environmentally sensitive area, go for it!
  2. …and safer still if you don’t park your car on top of your head. Although neither seems likely. Actually, I think it would be safer for the landowners if you did park your car on your head. Not safer for you, but that's not who we were talking about. I don't want to force safety on others, but if legally I am held responsible for someone else's stupidity just because they use it on my property, then I rather not have them on my roof, climbing my tree, or looking under my boulder.
  3. And it is even safer for landowners if you don't place caches on private property. You don't really want to have strange people walking around in your back yard, do you?
  4. I've accepted that older caches will most likely have junk in them... that's just the way things are. What bothers me is when I read in a log that one of those early finders is double or more dipping... you know 'Took a sig item, had to take one of those great unique-to-this-cache items, and snagged one of the 3 neato objects; left mostly unused tissue, pried the mcToy out of my kid's mouth and tossed that in, and a couple of quarters I had in my pocket. Thanks for the great cache!' Grrrrr!
  5. quote:Originally posted by makaio: I'd be honored if you use my (now pdxMM's) Silicon Forest cache. Si Forest is a great cache... but not for a fast cache machine! I can't remember how many hours that one took me to complete.
  6. I'm really thinking about hitting this one! The timing is just about right. Will there be a list of the caches planned soon?
  7. quote:Originally posted by Team JOYSON:haha... one of the admins killed him. Wow... capital punishment for cache plundering. This game is getting serious!
  8. From the other thread, I really doubt that this loser is going to go purchase a GPSr to steal caches. He stumbled across the one that he (supposedly) plundered.
  9. Un-Original was there Sunday when Hilander and I visited it. I lost my sunglasses somewhere around the circle trails leading up to the log & stump.
  10. Of course you can log your own cache... if it is an event cache!
  11. I also vote for A. If I voted for B, I would hate non-urban caches.
  12. I've been leaning towards the "no big deal" camp on the cache placed at Hell Hole, but now I'm leaning slightly the other way. Actually, the solution is hidden in some of the other posts... we (those reading this thread) know that the Forest Service has, for whatever reason, been keeping the Hell Hole as a loosely kept secret. Grin'n'Bearit knew this when he placed his cache. What he should have done, and should do now, is contact the Forest Service and ask whether a he can place the cache in this location. If he can explain the game and explain his placement and the precautions on the cache's web page, the Forest Service may allow it. If not, it should be removed. I do think that this would be different if there was no knowledge of the 'hidden' nature of the area by the cache placer. Unless the area is posted as a sensitive area, then I think it is open to reasonable cache placement. Those who disagree should be advocating the removal of ALL caches that don't have the specific permission of the land management authority where the caches are placed. (I wonder how small the number of caches will be after that clean up.)
  13. quote:Originally posted by bazzle:A National Historic Landmark. One would think it is not likely to change much Just think what would have happened it there had been a virtual on Mount St. Helens 20 years ago! Think of THAT maintenance nightmare.
  14. quote:Originally posted by Bull Moose:I don't think anyone is ever going to offer Moun10bike or one of the other master cachers a 10 year $250 million contract to watch them geocache. Nor will any of them ever win a gold medal in the Olympic geocaching event. I'd quit my job and start "training" tomorrow if this were the case! I can picture the PBR beer commercials with Oregone holding a cold one, talking about a hard day of caching, and hitting on the waitress.
  15. quote:Originally posted by Criminal:It's a game. So are football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, etc. And look how seriously THOSE games are taken!
  16. I'm sure we can help, but who will post the coordinates for the tainted meat??
  17. This sounded really dorky, until I tried it out. Always After Me Boojum. Mum's Gone to Boojum. Kids Will Do Anything For Boojum. For That Deep Down Body Boojum. Boojum Just Feels Right. Boojum Not Included. Obey Your Boojum. Got a Boojum? You're in Luck. Is It Live, Or Is It Boojum? Heeheehee
  18. quote:Originally posted by martmann:Gee, thanks for the helpful info. Your opinion is so important to me. Hi, welcome to the United States of America, where (for now) everyone is entitled to have their say, even if someone doesn't want to hear it. The point of my previous post was, why the hell do you think you need to carry a CONCEALED weapon when you are out in the boonies. If you are worried about mountain lions, you would be better off with your weapon easily available rather than hidden away. And hey, if you are still wanting to conceal your pistol, why don't you try swallowing it.
  19. Wow what a great idea! You never know when you might run into some wacko survivalist sqatting out in public forest land, and you wouldn't want them to see that you are packing. After all, they will have fully automatic weapons, so you will need to take them by surprise. Of course, the other option is to have your AK-47 in hand as you trudge though looking for those hidden ammo cans.
  20. I thought the spike had been thrown in the ocean or somesuch...
  21. quote:Originally posted by Team JOYSON: The one in the picture looks the same as any other newt/salamander that I've played and tortured since I was a kid. How do you play a salamander? Like a wind instrument? Percussion? Accordion? That would certainly torture them!
  22. I hope you don't mind that some of us may still think you are morbid.
  23. It is up to the cache owner to check the status of the land where she/he is placing the cache. So even if it is accepted by the moderators, it doesn't mean that the cache is cool. I own an out-of-the-way piece of land that I'd be upset to discover had a geocache placed on without being asked. Do your homework. If you can't be bothered to get info on where you are placing, then find someplace else that you know is public.
  24. Take a look at the guidelines: Guide to Creating... If you are placing on private land, get the owner's permission! You don't want your fellow cachers getting shot for trespassing... or at least your fellow cachers don't want to get shot.
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