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  1. We had an encounter once, but it turned out the cop was looking out for our best interests... The cache, Elmo's Lookout in SW Colorado, was removed and archived soon after our visit. So I guess sometimes it can be a good thing when the cops show up... There's always a first for everything.
  2. Ahhh.. that nice whiff of cat pee in the morning. Of course, some folks think Juniper smells like cat urine. I don't. I do know that clothing or bedding that our cats have peed on.. can RESMELL at the worst times. Usually when you are sweating and it's hot outside. All our cats live outside now, for obvious reasons. Male cats can be pretty evil.
  3. When we first started caching and I was jumping headlong into the world of HTML, I figured out how to do an image background, but didn't realize that you shouldn't just link to a cool .jpg on someone else's website. The owner of said website turned the graphic into a flashing skull and crossbones after a few weeks, and I hadn't looked at the cache page so I had no idea my entire background was this awful flashing thing. I did eventually get a note put on the cache page by a passing-cache-page-surfer that simply said "the background on this page is quite disturbing". LOL! Be careful what ya lank to!
  4. I have CPR training every year at my work. I wish all employers would pay for this class for their workers. It is a pain in the arse but it really is a valuable skill to have if called upon to use. I have seen the whole process of what is taught and what things are called, numbered and a definite improvement in old "rescuscitation" Annie through the years, but in my honest opinion, the class has evolved in a good way, and I retain more of the information NOW because it is simplified. I hope I never have to use any of it, but I sure hope if I ever need rescuscitated or given first aid in any way, that the people around me have taken the class and are familiar with the procedure to sustain my life until more qualified first responders arrive.
  5. This is not caching-related but is one of my scariest memories: When I was growing up I always had a horse, and one of my best friends who lived over the hill would ride her horse over and we would spend countless summer days racing, swimming, grooming our "babies". My friend was a few years older and my parents trusted me with her completely. One Friday night after school we begged my folks to let us go horse camping by ourselves. Behind their place was a large piece of public property with lots of logging roads and solitude. We packed our gear on our horses and set out on our adventure. After riding for what seemed like forever, we found a nice spot in a grove of trees with no noticeable poison oak and a creek and grass for the horses. We were so excited to start a small campfire and watch the stars come out. We unsaddled our horses, put their lead ropes on and tied them to trees with enough rope they could munch on grass. We started unpacking, and had just got everything out of our packs and ready to set up when a truck with a booming stereo came roaring down the logging road, not 200 yards from our encampment. We were freaked. It was nearly dark, the headlights of the truck quickly illuminated our camp. The truck stopped with it's headlights on us and hesitated there. The doors opened, the loud stereo boomed and out stepped about 5 drunken teen/early 20's males. One of them started yelling and clanging several beer bottles together. The others were loud and laughing like hyenas. We were petrified. All alone, teenagers, female and in the middle of nowhere. We must have had a shot of adrenaline because within 15 seconds we had both grabbed what we could and were on our horses, no saddles (those were leaning against the trees), no bridles (hanging on a branch) just their halters and a rope each.... and we left in a hurry. The guys in the truck seemed a bit shocked that we weren't more inspired to go talk to them, and they jumped back into the truck and pursued us. On those rutted logging roads I think we were better equipped with horses than a vehicle and we galloped headlong into the dark. I have never been more scared in my life. It literally felt like they were right behind us the entire way home. We galloped up to my parents house and ran inside, and of course my dad came out with a gun ready to confront whoever the predators were but they didnt drive out for another two hours or so and by then we had all calmed down. We figured they had found our saddles and other gear and plundered them, but the next day when we rode out (with my dad) to find them, they were there, untouched. We did find a couple beer bottles tossed out here and there that hadn't been there before. Ahhh.. the death of innocence.
  6. What about if you find a cache, but the cache is missing, and in its place is a page torn from the log book with some expletive deletives on it (obviously the cache was plundered)... We considered signing the back of the paper, but it was completely wet. No we didn't find the cache, it was missing. But I almost logged it as a find, because we drove way out of our way to find it and found the note from the geotrashers. illDRIVE talked me out of it.
  7. Haven't ran across anything like this while caching, but a few years back while staying at the coast I was walking down to the beach with a friend after dark, and a paved little pullout with a set of stairs down to the sand was the closest access to the beach. Seeing a van parked there, I walked slowly around it to reach the stairs, and noticed a movement in the back. Being curious and perhaps a bit "naive", I laughingly shouted "Whoa there is something moving in there!" and practically pressed my face against the tinted back window to get a better look. Suddenly I realized my face was about 3 inches from the face of a young man, who was looking up from his "activity" and scowling at me for interrupting. Let's just say they weren't kissing..erm...at least face to face. Now I don't look too closely into back windows of vehicles. We've found some abandoned "raincoats" too, and although it is gross.. I am glad people are using them! Much rather find those than used hypodermic needles, and yes we've found those near caches too.
  8. Just read this article about some British cave divers who have been attempting to map part of the Great Barrier Reef and have become stranded due to a rising water table. http://news.independent.co.uk/world/americ...sp?story=504398 This caught my eye: "They also knew that a previous expedition had stashed another five days' worth of supplies in parts of the cave system that never flood" I sure hope these guys are able to make it out. -Zzzoey
  9. We set the 49 mile record, I admit it. Logscaler has helped us out with more of our caches than I am prepared to admit With time we've realized that the more complicated a cache is, the more that can go wrong for the hider AND the finder. We've come to a point where we hate seeing frowny faces on our hides, so we try to keep it simple. I think the most important thing that has been said is that gentle words, particularly when communicating electronically, always help. There are those cachers who can be overly critical sounding when they're just trying to help out. It's easy to hurt someone's feelers when you're only talking to a monitor Sometimes it's just way too easy to click that send button Thanks for your willingness to help others out with your beta testing skills Neal, it's much appreciated. But I still doubt that I'll ever find RidgeRunner illDRIVE
  10. We were in Yellowstone a few months before geocaching began, but I just have to chime in concerning the drive. From Sheridan through the BigHorn Mtns. to Cody was possibly the prettiest drive we've ever taken. Absolute bliss. I'd strongly encourage taking the 14a alternative route. You'll be going over 10,000 feet, seeing some mountain animals, and experiencing extreme grade. But the views are just amazing. I did a quick search for caches along the way but had zero luck. One neat feature I remember was called Fallen City. I'm sure there are caches up there, but like I said it's a detour. We also hit Devil's Tower that day, but I'm sure you've done that already. Either way, have fun in the park. We are planning a swing through the NP's of Utah in June so we share in your anticipation
  11. Boy it would take some real turkeys to screw up a cache that bad, huh Logscaler??
  12. PedalFast is from Newberg, along with DocWMB and OurWebStop, I think... We go through there on our way to the ancestral homelands every once in awhile and we have a few caches out toward Sheridan. When we started caching we used a loaner receiver, and then we talked Zzzoey's employer into buying one that we could basically call our own... There's always a way to cache, you just have to be resourceful. And as for geocaching fizzling out... Very, very doubtful
  13. I must agree with Peanuthead that the word seminar comes painfully close to sounding work related. Seminars, to me, are usually just a chance to skip sessions and go find a cache or two...
  14. was wondering about Oregone myself. Having been in and out of caching the past 6 months or so, I try to check back and see what's going. I hate the frogs BTW. If Oregone is indeedy gone, I nominate illDRIVEuNav for having the longest, most soliloquy-ish logs.
  15. Here's our log with photos from the Powerhouse Cache: our log It's the old camera, but it's still a pretty sweet spot. There was a replacement for awhile, but it didn't pan out I don't think. illDRIVE
  16. Actually COGEO is now pretty much defunct and replaced by www.oregongeocaching.com which is open to one and all from around the state. The Eugene folks will be happy to hear from/meet up with you. They're always looking for an excuse to have an event cache Your best bet to get hooked into your local community would be to e-mail Family 'o' Foxes or FreshMeat. They are in the know in many many ways. Have fun getting started!! illDRIVE
  17. Zzzoey's dad has a cache near his front yard that has been very popular called Gopher... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=8e2a5fa4-6024-4367-94ff-ffee43981b7c People have really enjoyed that one because it's in a rural area, although many still comment that they feel eyes on them. There's another one in Bend, a big multi that ends in a yard. We've specifically avoided going for it because the logs we've read made it sound a bit undesirable. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=4f7111f3-54d0-4e01-ac89-0c384e73d28a I think it really comes down to common sense. Are people going to take some enjoyment from this place or is it just another cache? You make the call... illDRIVE WARNING: I cannot be responsible for the above, as apparently my cats have learned how to type.
  18. Burnout is not an option.... But sometimes it happens... Be careful and continue to enjoy. If you get bored, I've contemplated the ultimate caching day for you... Excuse me if it's a little biased... This is the closest thing to a Zzzoey & illDRIVE cache machine.... Gray Butte Cemetary Water in the Desert Annum Grasslands Redemption Grasslands Perspective Seen the Spacemen and the Damge Done Oh Prison where Art Thou? Barney's BookNook Circular Vista RimDriver RimDriver Bonus Ancient Graffitti Princess Bride Series Along with these 15 there are at least 5-10 other classics you could pick up along the way, so I'd have to say Madras is your best chance to beatfeet to your next hundred. But this is coming from an incessant geo-obsessor, so take my words with a grain of salt. illDRIVE WARNING: I cannot be responsible for the above, as apparently my cats have learned how to type.
  19. Here's a markwell to a situation we had that was far more of a conflict.... But much the same.... http://ubbx.Groundspeak.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=5726007311&f=4016058331&m=31160905&r=40360905#40360905 In the end we are at the mercy of the admins.... Because they're willing to do the work... I'd take the job but I'm not sure I meet the requirements... For the record... Oregon allows state park caches if they're not in a sensitive area, and I'll bet you could place a cache on the trail to the top of the falls if you wanted... Just my two cents... illDRIVE WARNING: I cannot be responsible for the above, as apparently my cats have learned how to type.
  20. I wish I could adopt his cache, but I live about 200 miles away from the spot. I hope someone will step up and accept ownership of it. We plan on heading up that way in the near future. We seem to do more coast caching in the winter when the storms are frequent and the rates are cheap. -Zzzoey WARNING: I cannot be responsible for the above, as apparently my cats have learned how to type.
  21. quote: Michael J LongFull Name Michael J Long Last Name (Surname) Long E-Mail Michael.J.Long@usda.gov X.400 Address G=Michael;I=J;S=Long;OU1=R9;O=FS;P=GOV+USDA;A=attmail;C=US Preferred Internet Address mjlong@fs.fed.us He may be in Ohio instead of Oregon (They both begin with "O". Gotta go! - - Sluggo WARNING: I cannot be responsible for the above, as apparently my cats have learned how to type.
  22. I thought things were getting under control but it seems the B&B complex has exploded today. It looks like it is snowing outside, and all the poor kitties look as though they have dandruff. (maybe they do) I have the AC on because it is so hot, and it doesn't seem to filter out any of the smoke. Summers make this seem not such a great place to live (Central Oregon), after all. *sigh* Zzzoey latest fire map WARNING: I cannot be responsible for the above, as apparently my cats have learned how to type.
  23. We have been around a while and thus can pretend to say "we've seen it all", and we both have gotten to the point where TN/LN is often the only option. I paint river rocks into little critters which have become rather our signature item, but even those don't appeal to everyone. I guess my biggest irk nowadays, after having planted many many caches.. is that there are some people who just insist on taking every single cool thing out of a cache when they visit. Some of these people we even know. Choosing the contents of a new cache is fun and challenging. I try not to have repeat items, try to have a wide range of things. Then to have someone find it first off and completely replace the contents with crocheted bookmarks, religious tracts, dollar store items that come 30 to a package, etc. It just blows my mind. So, to not let it discourage... FORGETABOUTIT. The quantity or quality of the items in a cache do not in ANY WAY reflect the original contents of the cache, unless of course you happen to be the first finder. Just remember, just one geocacher can completely obliterate a quality cache. Another thing. Why do people insist on skipping pages in the log books? I know it may be offensive to some to have to write over the dimples of another person's log, but wasting paper in a log book is not only rude but it creates a hassle for the cache owner. Try to write small.. try to conserve space. Be courteous. Just a few rants. Carry on. Zzzoey for Team Zzzoey & illDRIVEuNav WARNING: I cannot be responsible for the above, as apparently my cats have learned how to type.
  24. Holy Schmokes~! That Booth fire is huge. No wonder the highway has been closed. And no wonder we have been living in an ash tray. Very sad to see the areas around Suttle Lake, Blue Lake, Round Lake and Square Lake burn up, but I tend to agree with the great Chief Paulina... it seems Mother Nature will have her way no matter what precautions we take. I can't help but think though, that getting the smaller fuel out of there has to help keep the fire from burning so hot. Those tall pines can withstand some fire, but not the inferno of a full-on oven. I am amazed at some of the trees that have survived the Eyerly Fire. As far as the possibility Bush is barking up the wrong tree... is the sky blue?? OK.. so lately it hasn't been with all the smoke.. But somewhere out there it is. WARNING: I cannot be responsible for the above, as apparently my cats have learned how to type.
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