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Explain why did you choose your Users Name/Geocaching name


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Otis is the name I gave the person that I strive to be. I took the name in geocaching because it is a way to get outdoors and participate in good clean fun as opposed to some of the activities I've done in the past. Whenever I am doing something that I truly, genuinely enjoy I like to take the name Otis.

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I got my user name from my old job. You see I was the clown that followed the horses in the parade when the circus came to town. Well, one day the Ring Master transferred me to the elephants and I quit that day and became a coal miner. The numbers are my zip code so I can find my way back home :)



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When I signed up I was excited about the name I was gonna use, but drats, it was already taken (Blunt Force Trauma). I go to a lot of GeoEvents and I always get asked why I chose Do Not Resuscitate. I had to pull the plug on my father after several days of no brain activity. It was quite sad. I do not wish to be put on life support under any circumstances. Just let me go...

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For years I have been in a technical support role in one way or another. There is a running joke in technical support that some people have an I-D-10-T issue - ID10T = Idiot.


I chose the name for a couple of reasons. 1st, I figured that there were not a lot of people willing to call themselves an idiot, so it would be a name that wasnt used. 2nd - when growing up I thought I knew everything, but as I get older I realize how little I know and how much there is too learn in this world. Its also a good conversation starter for events and whatever - I am constantly being asked about it. :blink: I am finding that often this name is very fitting when it comes to some of the geocaches out there. I often have a hard time finding some that turn out to be easy to find. ;)

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What's in the name? lets see...

There are two parts: Mr. Wilson, and Mt. Goat

A couple years ago at school I some how got the nicknames of Mr. Wilson or Wilson mostly due to my last name being that. It stuck and thats where it came from.

Mt. Goat is my dog who likes to come geocaching with me occasionaly. She got the name when we were hiking one day, I realized that she was really good a climbing and jumping over things sort of like a Mt. Goat. I still call her Milo though.

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My comes from another hobby...sort of. I breed snakes, Corn snakes, Western Hognose, and Ball Pythons. A friend of mine, also in the hobby and much younger than I, nicknamed me old_school because I do things the old way.. such as my incubation methods, making deals with just a handshake and ones word ect.

Since old_school was taken here in the caching world, I had to throw on a suffix,... _65,..my birth year!

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In 1979, I bought a used 1970 VW Beetle. A REAL Volkswagen. Two fairly major wrecks later, (within 3 years of buying it), and nearly 30 years of modifications (very slow changes) it is STILL with me. Possessed, I think. I called it a lot of things, Pregnant Skate, etc, but the one that stuck was RoadRoach because it's a bug that's driven on the road. Corny as heck, but I started using that when I dabbled in CB and also on the internet.

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I too brought my name over from WheresGeorge.com. When I first signed up for WG back in 2001, I was a school principal from Oklahoma. My name at that time was Principal Okie. An abrupt career change led me to my current career the past 8 years as a REALTOR. I threw out several alternatives and the prevailing new name was Agent Okie. I have been Agent Okie on several websites/forums ever since. It's my tag and now a part of my life.



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It's very simple. We love Rhinos..in togas. :D


But no..it was a situation a long time ago, actually years ago, trying to set up an email account. At first I wanted it to be "professional" & tried to come up with combinations of words & numbers that I would have half a shot at remembering. Of course all these combos came back to me as "already in use", & there would be suggestions with a myriad of numbers that I would never remember. After about a half an hour of this it gets a bit frustrating. So, I simply thought of something that nobody else would be likely to use, and RhinoInAToga was born. To this day I can't even find a picture of a rhino in a toga (which would be useful for a coin) so, I suppose I did well.


Any time I needed to use technical support, they always got a laugh out of it. A representative at Groundspeak actually got a kick out of it too, when I needed to contact them at one point. Not just the username, but our email address behind it as well-because, of course, I did it again with the new email address. ;) I'm not going to put it out in the open forum, though.

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My husband's in the army, where surname derived nicknames are far more prevalent than any other naming convention, and his nickname is "Bucky". Seafaring buccaneers are an adventuresome lot, so we combined the two, modified a little due to an 'already taken' and came out with what we have :)

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This is my first post here on the geocaching forum, so I thought this topic would be a good choice.

My username, Hollywoodland, references the famous sign in Los Angeles. From 1923 to 1949 the giant sign didn't say Hollywood, but "Hollywoodland".

I'm a classic film buff, so I thought this username would be great!

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Mine is because I used to birdwatch quite a bit, and I live in Utah. I want to change it to Warturtle though, which is my nickname in High School (it's a play on my last name). I want to change it because I don't really birdwatch anymore, and I probably won't live in Utah past high school. Plus, I've always considered myself more of a Nevadan anyway.

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Mine is a tribute to a nickname that has stuck with me since my first deployment to Iraq in 2004. My friends / fellow soldiers, specifically my good friend Phil, came up with this since there was a need to have some humor in the sand box. He came up with Hoffie and it has stuck, especially since that is what Phil encouraged his daughter (at the time 4 year old, now 11) to call me.


I go with Da' Hoffie as a nod to his sense of humor and the fact that now there has been several more Hoffmans in our old unit, but I am the original one. I am the original Hoffie, hence Da' Hoffie as people still call me Hoffie.

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