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  1. Well, that's why I wanted to privately share the GC code with someone who was willing to help out with suggestions. It's not published yet, I wasn't going to post it here. BUT I did fix it. Well, not completely, & I still am not sure where I went wrong. But it's fixed enough not to worry too much about it. So, never mind. I'm off to bed. Thanks anyways
  2. I used HTML without the "cheat sheet" this time.. I wrote it all up in notepad and then put it on the cache page submission form.. But something happened. I have no idea how to fix it. I tried going in to "edit cache page" and then deleting the <</P thing that keeps showing up on the cache page.. but it doesn't work. will someone who knows HTML well please message me somehow so I can send them the GC code and they can tell me how to fix it? I would really appreciate it.
  3. Good ideas. I like the suggestion of the soft sleeve card holders, now that I know you can find a good deal. I didn't want to give away hard cases. Not that I remember how much they are, they're just mine & useful. I also have a big cache going out that I need to fill, so I'll be putting a lot of them in a lock & lock & putting them in there as well. Then, when the baseball cards are all taken, the lock & lock will be swag as well. Sounds good. As long as they don't turn into unrecognizable soggy balls of mold! Thank you.
  4. I thought I had more than 379, too. Must have neglected to log a few. I write them all down in our "log book" so I'll remember to log everything when we get home. Finds and DNFs alike. It still feels like more than 43, though.. I don't log ones that we don't really try to find though, for reasons of muggles or it's just too dark and it's in the woods and whatnot, so we decide to pass. Maybe that's why I feel like there's more.
  5. Handle them with respect until disrespect is shown? If they put one of theirs *inside* one of yours, respectfully tell them to get it out before you need to. If they don't, do it yourself. Other than that, I don't see how it's an issue. After a while, if they have people running around private property without permission and otherwise ignoring the law, the game will change for them soon enough. It will have to. I mean, a Geocaching teen just got shot in the leg and he wasn't even doing anything wrong. Imagine what will happen when these guys run around on private property all the time without permission with their game. I still hope nothing like that happens to anyone else, though.
  6. So I have all these baseball cards.. I'm talking a LOT of baseball cards, that I would like to put in some caches as swag items. They're in mint condition, and I'd like them to stay that way until someone trades for them at the cache. I don't want to give away the individual card holders, but I don't want them to get wet, soggy, bent, or moldy. I could put them in a binder, and leave them in one cache only, but most people plan on trading for items that are only a dollar or two, and just bring enough to trade for that. Plus, that kind of takes away some of the fun. How can I preserve the cards within each cache without giving away individual card holders?
  7. If you moved from Canada to the UK *if your home location was originally in Canada* If you had notifications set up for when caches were published around your home location.. it won't change when you change your home location. you have to change each notification preference listed within your account. At least I did, a few months ago. Of course I don't know if you ever lived there. Just letting you know in case it helps.
  8. I have some of these "You can follow the "geotrail" up, but I don't recommend following it back down. It gets pretty slippery. I looked like a lumpy, wounded gazelle trying to keep up with my feet! Lol and I laughed when I found it. What a great way to make sure it doesn't get touched by a Muggle! TNLNSL one of my favorites so far! TFTC!" (that may have been too much info in a log, mentioning the geotrail..but we were newer then. I still consider us new, but we know better now.) "Found it on a road trip back to my hometown. Very clever hide, we loved it! We hunted it at night, & Jeff scared the snot out of me, made me think there was a snake in the grass at my feet. So, the neighbors may have heard a woman scream a little (just a little...)..& then yell, "That's NOT funny, there are Copperheads here!" (Which, all things considered, actually is pretty hilarious)" These next two came from the same cache: "We tried to beat the storm & arrived on Wedn night for this one. We looked for about half an hour before lightning struck nearby & we hightailed it back to the car. All the workers will see on video is a bright light and me trying to keep my pants up (I forgot my belt) as I zip past the camera towards the car! Haha So, DNF. This one is a challenge." "There's only room on the log sheet for ONE more signature now! Bahahaha! Oh yeeeah! The dudes at the gas station across the street had the privilege of witnessing the awkwardness that IS Jeff's victory dance at around 2 am this morning! Woohoo! Much more entertaining than seeing us run to save our butts a couple nights before, I suppose... TFT -evil- C! " and some more.. "It was Michael's turn, so he went to get this one. He's really careful about Muggles, so on his way back to the car, when he saw a car coming down the road, he decided to quickly throw the cache through the window to his father so the Muggle wouldn't see it. ..but he threw it a little too hard..it zipped right by Jeff & beaned me. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at getting pegged with tupperware. T: frog L: ring & disco ball keychain SL Thank you" "We ended up doing this one about midnight..it was raining, and I slipped on a piece of that very trash we're supposed to be hauling out of there & busted my tail. As I sat there in the vines trying my best to appear as though it didn't hurt nearly as bad as it truly did, Jeff made the find. I hobbled my lame butt back up the hill, & let him sign the log & replace the container. Sometimes this game will take you down a peg or two. Thank you." --I'm what can only be described as "goofy"..most of the time while playing this game. It's been very beneficial to my family, we always have great fun.
  9. Thank you, I thought so. These answers also have me thinking I will change my ways as well.. in the woods, anyways.
  10. You trust me because I explained my point of view on it, showed an example of how I do things, and you now know I wouldn't put you in danger, physically or legally .. so the events in your area will be great for you. By talking to people about how they do things in your region, you'll see that the ones you meet are more than likely trustworthy as well. You'll be alright. You won't be a "cache police " like others are afraid you'll become.
  11. Crssedup & I are hosting an 11-11-11 event here in Charleston. There are two major 11-11-11 events nearby. One in Savannah and one in Myrtle Beach. So there won't be a huge turnout, but we get to meet other cachers in the area that aren't traveling to the big events. We have it listed on the event page to let us know if any of the cachers coming are veterans, and crssedup is a veteran, so we're going to do a little something special for them. Not huge, it's just a small meet & greet, we can't do anything huge.. but just a little something to show appreciation for their service. Maybe not the biggest plans.. but we've never hosted a meet & greet before, so we're really looking forward to it.
  12. We only have 43 DNFs?? I was so sure it would be more than that... it feels like more than that.
  13. Now I see. Some were brought up hunting, and it makes sense not to follow behind with a firearm. Others just learned the way they learned to fit their situation. I was also talking with my husband about this, and he brought up the fact that I'm a woman. Women tend to walk closer with each other, and with others. Men tend to like their space. (For example, the extra seat between men in the movie theater, and the tendency to hang onto the back of the JetSki instead of utilizing the man hug )
  14. OK. You may object to GCRM because you believe that replacing of caches causes problems with multiple caches etc. Others have argued that GCRM caches should be archived because cache owners are using it to avoid doing maintenance - which is a requirement of cache ownership. I agree that leaving a throw down replacement just because you couldn't find a cache is not a good idea. It certainly should never be done without the cache owner's consent. GCRM is no more than a way for a cache owner to give consent to have his cache replaced. If you don't want your cache replaced then don't post a GCRM statement on your cache page. If your cache is replaced by a well meaning geocacher anyway, feel free to delete their find log and let them know their help was not appreciated. They will soon learn not to replace caches without first getting consent. There is a reason that caches get rated 1/1 or that cache owners give a spoiler hint. Granted there may be some cachers who will leave a throw down in the case of a more difficult cache - but around here that is very rare. Again cache owners who know their hide is supposed to be a little tricky will not put a GCRM statement on the page. They might even delete finds if they see a replacement was left. And if their cache gets several DNFs in a row, they might check the cache and post a note saying the it is still there. Perhaps your caches are underrated or you need to leave better hints? But in any case, did someone leave a throw down? Probably not. People who are leaving throw downs have a pretty good idea that a cache is missing or if it just hard to find. A series of recent DNFs is just one indication. BTW, as a cache owner, you can always check your cache if it gets a couple of DNFs and post a note saying the cache is there. I disagree strongly. You have not presented any evidence that GCRM will leave this impression. As it turns out, a few cachers already seem to believe that by leaving a replacement they are helping out cache owners and other finders. This attitude preceded GCRM. As power trails and other so-called "for the numbers" hides have proliferated, a number of cache owners have indicated that they have no objection to getting this kind of help. GCRM seems to be intended to limit the use this sort of action to caches where cache owners are OK with it. Instead of people saying "Oh this is a power trail so the owner wants me to leave a replacement if a cache is missing", they will instead look and see if the owner has a GCRM message on the cache page. The ideas here is that if there is no GCRM message, you should not be leaving a replacement cache. If you don't want replacements for you caches, just don't make them GCRM. I'm not sure why you need to say "it will not be tolerated with our caches." You aren't given permission, so a person who subscribes to the GCRM principles will not replace your cache. If someone leaves a replacement anyhow, then they would likely have done so whether or not GCRM existed. You can always delete their find log if you discover they left a replacement and let them know that next time they should be checking if is OK with the cache owner before leaving a replacement. Since GCRM hasn't caught on in my area, I can't really comment on what people may assume. I suppose if 99% of caches have GRCM on them people may stop looking to see if it says GCRM and will replace all caches. I doubt that it will ever come to this, though I suspect the use of GCRM on power trails and other high-density cache placements may swamp an area. My hope is that the system gets used as intended and that cachers learn not to leave a replacement cache unless the cache owner consents. Perhaps GCRM could change their statement and add that cachers should not leave a replacement without first getting the cache owner's consent; just to make it clear that because many cache owners in a area are OK with this, it doesn't mean all of them are. A lot of what you say makes sense. I'm not denying that it does. However, you must also see where I am coming from by now. I'm adopting a "wait-and-see" attitude about this one. I like the idea.. I'm just not sure it's as practical in use as what we all wish it will be. As far as what I can do to make my caches better: Please don't insinuate that I'm not a considerate cache owner. I put a lot of thought, hard work, research, money, and footwork into them. What I will not do is hold somebody's hand while searching for them. There's supposed to be a certain level of a challenge in them, per rating. I will not post spoilers in the hint section or all over my cache page just because they would prefer me to be in the field with them saying "hot" or "cold". I'm not a purist. I'm not strict in any other aspect of this game. I like everyone to have as much fun as possible. But I'm proud of my caches. And I know the cachers are smart enough to find them. They just have to try.
  15. My whole point is that it's not your job to get permission for my caches. It's my job. It's my job to make sure the reviewer knows all the details I can possibly provide him/her with about my cache, including whether or not permission was granted. It's not your job to make sure I'm doing my job. That's the reviewer job. One that I assure you, he will do well. I'm not going to put a cache out there that can get you into trouble. ...guess you just have to trust that. Or do a whole lot of that uneccessary typing you were speaking of. I stand by my point. You are not a reviewer. So, you either have to have faith in some COs.. or not, and not enjoy the game as much as you really could.
  16. Obviously there are some numbers cachers who might jump at the opportunity to help out because it means they can get a smiley for a cache they didn't find. But this is not what we're discussing. This is exactly what we are discussing. I stated my opinion on why I don't like the idea. (that's what the OP was about) You disagreed, and this is exactly what we have been discussing since. I stated very plainly that it is my opinion that what other cache owners decide to do with their own caches is completely up to them. That includes whether or not they wish to maintain them. I stated that the only issue I have with it is when it bleeds over into others' games, and effects the caches that they own and do not wish for others to "help" with their maintenance. If a cache owner has a clever hide then they are not likely to list it as GCRM. Why would they want a throw down by someone who simply doesn't want to spend time looking for their well hidden cache? Most cachers who leave throw downs without getting the consent of the cache owner (something I agree shouldn't be done), are doing this only for hides they believe are nothing unusual. Some people believe that every hide is "nothing unusual". Sometimes, that's the very reason why they're having trouble finding it. From the description or the hint, they will have a pretty good idea the cache is missing. Many will not leave a replacement unless there are several DNFs in a row prior to their looking. I've had several caches that have had several DNFs and their difficulty has been a two. They were right where I left them. And what if a group of number cachers had just come through and couldn't spare that eighth minute? You may worry that the use of GCRM might leave some with the impression that throw downs are widely accepted or that all cache owners would appreciate a replacement if you don't find their cache. I don't worry that it might. It will. But like I said, it will not be tolerated with our caches. I see it at just the opposite. Finders will now avoid helping out except for caches that have a GCRM statement. They will soon learn that if there is no GCRM statement they shouldn't be leaving a replacement and if they do, their log might be deleted. I don't understand how you came to that conclusion. Like I stated previously, that idea is a very good one. The execution of it will not go as swimmingly as you hope. People assume. It's just what they do. If your area is flooded with GCRM caches, people will assume that your cache is one of them. It never fails. It will lead to people's feelings getting hurt. I don't like to hurt people's feelings, but I own those caches. I put my time, money, and effort into them. I have them set up a certain way for a certain reason. I don't need anybody messing with that. I do my own maintenance, and plenty of it.
  17. I ask permission for cache placement when needed. I also indicate that I have done so on the cache page...in a reviewer note. Before the cache is ever submitted for publication. Where is the faith in the CO? I know that not every CO is a good CO. But not every CO is a bad CO, either. I have a cache specifically placed so that the cachers must have faith in the CO (me). I made fake geotrails through the tall grass that doesn't lead you to the cache, but rather to the other side of the field. You have to have faith in me as the CO that the coords are good. You have to have faith that it is where I say it is. You have to have faith that when I said "I wouldn't follow my trail if I were you, I tend to wander" on the cache page, I MEANT it. It's funny. Only three people have found that cache since I put it out, and the coords are excellent and it's placed with permission. Yet there's several DNFs that say it's muggled (only to be found later), that the coords are off (they're not, as indicated in a "found" log by someone else, later), or that they fear that it's on private property. (it is. as I stated, there's permission) There isn't much faith in the CO anymore, is there? That seems to be the REAL issue..
  18. RhinoInAToga


    How do you find out your count for DNFs? I don't mind DNFs.. in fact, I kind of like them.. I would like to know how many we've logged since we've started. Is there a way you can get stats for them? Or do you have to go through your entire history of logs and count the blue faces? I'm sure we have more than we've found. Hubs is sure we have less than we've found. Help me settle this!
  19. I find it a lot of fun to keep looking after I find a replacement cache to see if I can find the "real" cache. My favorite example was one where I found a replacement cache left by the cache owner doing maintenance and then found the original container only about six inches away. I would think that you and your family would have more fun finding multiple containers or even just the replacement container than you would having to DNF the cache because the container is missing. But it's certainly your right to think otherwise. I do think otherwise. Who made "the find"? Where was it originally supposed to be? I would like to find it where the cache owner hid it, because it would probably be hidden better than a replacement throw-down would ever be. The cache owner may have a very clever hide, but the people who couldn't find it might think it should have been hidden in a hollow of a tree like every other cache they've ever found, so they hide a replacement there. Ho-hum. My family tends to be a bit competitive as well, so everyone coming up with a cache would put a damper on our spirits just a bit. But, like I said, I have my reasons for not liking the idea. Others have reasons for liking it. I will never be employing the idea with any caches I hide, others can do as they wish. I just hope that people don't get the wrong idea and start throwing down replacements for our caches because it's "generally accepted". It wouldn't be accepted. In a case like that, somebody's feelings are bound to be hurt, and it won't be mine. edited to add.. As previously mentioned, DNFs matter more to the cachers in it for the numbers, and as you can clearly see, I am not in it for the numbers. DNFs are just as much a part of the game for us as finds, and we log every one. sometimes our DNFs are funnier and better logs than the finds. So, a DNF would actually not be as much of a horrible thing as you seem to assume it would be.
  20. My favorite thing I've ever found in a cache wasn't so much about the thing.. as it was about the timing. It was Father's Day, and we were about to move so we didn't have great funds at the time. My husband was kind of having a really cruddy Father's Day. My daughter was too young to do much besides let me ink up her hand & sign "her card" to her Daddy, and his ex wasn't letting him see his son... so he was really down. I went to do maintenance on one of our caches, and there was a NC Geocoin in it. Unactivated, labeled for trade. (usual disclaimer: NO ACTIVATED GEOCOINS ARE FOR TRADE. DON'T KEEP THEM. Move them along to another cache or leave them there) I traded everything in the Cache Bag that would fit in the cache for it, gave it to my husband as a Father's Day present, and it made his day just a little bit brighter.
  21. I now know why they took the bag out of the "CITO" container, took the container, and left the bag. The "CITO" container was a film canister, wasn't it? They took it to make a cache. That's my bet, anyways.
  22. I got one. I should probably go and complete it. The fact that I got one probably indicates that it was a pretty random selection..
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