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Explain why did you choose your Users Name/Geocaching name


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Well, I live in Lawford and I'm female... hubby lives in Lawford and is male therefore LawfordLass and LawfordLad!


This was after I got told off by a friend who is already a cacher (though I've only just discovered that) 'cos I signed up with my full name. Apparently it wasn't "cloak and dagger" enough :P

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Everybody asks me this question.. I have been using this name for almost 20 years starting back in the good ol' days of AOL. It was the title and a name of a character in a poem out of a very old children's book... seemed very fitting of myself back then. Somewhere along the way the book had gotten misplaced and I could never find the poem anywhere again.

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Mine is a play on the phrase, "Two's company, three's a crowd."


As a beginner, I normally geocache with one other person.


...And I find trees to be a nuisance sometimes - especially those that contain micro caches.


Hence, "Trees A Crowd." Not grammatically correct, but that is okay. :blink:

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I saw a movie and the guy's name was Cleatus. I thought it was a funny sounding name. I was a flight engineer at a freight airline in the 80's. I'd call friends that when they messed up. Such as a harder than usual landing, "Dang , Cleatus, you knocked my back teeth out with that one". Many years later, about the time I got into geocaching, one of those guys got hold of me and called me Cleatus. I tried to use the name on GC.com but it said it was taken. I tried several other spellings until I found one that took.

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Jane and George bought their first Chevy Astro van back in 1990 or so. They thought it would be fun to make a play on the Jetsons and picked up the Washington vanity plate WRASTRO. Then they got a stuffed Astro doll and put it in the van. Then geocaching came along and the name WRASTRO was clearly the right one. We still have the WRASTRO license plate as well as the GEOWAGN plate. For some reason we have a challenge travelling incognito at times. :D

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One day I needed to get a return tag for an item and was using an online version of a form to do so. I had to register in order to do it, and my usual username was already taken, AND I was p'd off because the item was a gift I had gotten for my kids for Christmas (three tries, warranty ran out, and the DRUM KIT for our BAND HERO game STILL doesn't work :D ) so I became madmomma with my birth year attached.


I'm not really an angry person, but I do expect brand-new items right out of the box to work as promised. I'm still not happy about that whole thing.


madmomma72 has since become my alternate screen name when the usual version is already taken. I like it because it affords a convenient alternative for signing micro and nano logs....



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I used this handle on another site (instructables.com) before I got into geocaching, so I just carried it over here. Sometimes it leads people to believe I am an iPod expert and ask for advice but really I was just listening to my iPod while signing up and publishing my first invention.

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When I joined, I didnt realize that i would be chosing a name to write down on caches.. (they should tell you to choose your name wisely) I just chose username that i had recently started using on other sites.


Breaking down FFEMT1721:

FF: firefighter (i am a volunteer firefighter)

EMT: emergency medical technician (i work as an emt)

1721: my unit number on the fire dept.


One of these days when I think of a name that suites me better, I will change it, but for now I am sticking with it!! (-:

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I'm also new here, I signed up under Kelly (me) & Scott (my boyfriend) because I assumed that he would be accompanying me on my geocaching trips, but it seems that now I am the enthusiastic one and he is the one who "humors" my obsession. Oh well! He humors me well, and always stops the car when I tell him I need to get out to hunt a cache. Story of my life! <_<

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Newbie here, but already hooked, without even being able to say I've found one yet. :laughing: Chose my name because I'm an original Sunshine girl, got the nickname way back and it stuck. I now have Sunshine's of every size, shape, color imaginable all over my house, car, body etc. And added my birthday. Happy Caching all.


Yeah, I'm new here too, and also haven't found anything...lol.


My name is from an old pen and paper RPG, "Legend of the Five Rings". I've used it for years, and it's rarely taken anywhere.

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Mine is a nickname I've used in emails, online gaming and other general Tom foolery since 95. Its my initials plus ed. Which came out as AMPed. Just getting into geocaching (I tried one other time in 2003, can't believe my account wasn't deleted in 7 years) with my son, its great time spent together.

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I live near a local public reserve. When I was first exploring geocaching I looked for a cache near my home. There was one in the reserve and when I looked at a spoiler photo I recognised the tree. (It was a distinctive tree on a track intersection). So I nabbed my first geocache before my GPSr arrived in the mail!


The name of the reserve is Huntleigh Park.

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