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  1. My lab cache count is off by one. If I look at my geocache count in my profile, it says I have found 113 lab caches. If I click on the link, it lists all the lab caches. They add up to 112. You can quickly do a parity check. The list of lab caches is sorted by event, and my find total at every event is an even number. Even numbers can't add up to an odd number. Am I dreaming, or is this a known problem?
  2. I left home today with the intention of getting every geocache listed on gc.com. However, I had to return home sadly short of my goal. Now, logging all these dnf's is driving me crazy. If I head towards a cache and give up before I even get close enough to look for it, I wouldn't log a dnf. Of course I didn't find it. I didn't even LOOK for it.
  3. Fires that burn hot burn out very quickly. I've seen quite a few people get into geocaching and become obsessed with it. It's all they want to do. They frequently progress through the various aspects of the game, finding caches, hiding caches, FTFs, and then suddenly they're gone. I assume that it's just part of their personality and that they've moved on to some other hobby and are currently obsessed with that one, too. My only problem with it is when they leave behind unmaintained caches, as the OP observed.
  4. Oxsling has over 2000 earthcaches now. I understand that the wanderr is working on giving him a party for the accomplishment. I also had problems with getting project-gc to sort by found earthcaches, so I'm not sure about whether he has the record, but I'll bet he does.
  5. First of all, make sure you have good batteries in both units. The batteries may be good enough to run the unit, but not good enough to make a wireless connection. Also, the GPS is supposed to save the transferred cache with the GC number as the filename, but that hasn't worked in a long time. It saves it with a filename like 1.gpx. This causes Basecamp to go nuts, and it might be interfering with transferring more files. Get rid of the odd filenames and see if that helps.
  6. I use the Eneloops, the ones with the black labels and 2500 mAh capacity. I get about 6 or 8 hours out of a set, and I don't turn down the screen brightness. I have a Maha MH-C9000 charger that does a great job of keeping the batteries in good condition. The fast chargers that plug into an outlet destroy rechargeables. I don't use more than two sets a day, so it's not a problem. I just keep an extra set in my backpack, which I always take with me. If you don't like rechargeables, use lithium. They last a couple of days in my 450.
  7. As far as I know, you are correct that there is no way to claim the name. Groundspeak has no way of knowing whether the owner will ever become active again. Also, that one cache they found, while a very low number, is part of geocaching history.
  8. PokerLuck

    Oregon 450

    I have an Oregon 450 and I love it. I bought the NT maps instead of the 450T becauae I don't find the topo maps that useful. I recently bought another 450 and got it for about $250 on Amazon.
  9. It looks like it's fixed in Version 6.00 of the Oregon x50 software. I just logged a cache, and it shows up in my Field Notes properly now.
  10. I had the same problem yesterday. When I look in the geocache_visits.txt file, the problem is that first column no longer lists the GC code, but it now has the cache name. I just recently upgraded my Garmin Oregon 450 software to Version 5.90, so that's probably the problem.
  11. How often do you plan to bring out new castle geocoins?
  12. I frequently buy coins off ebay and have had good success with that. I just checked, and there are 7 of them for sale now. Make sure that the coin you're buying is unactivated or one that the owner is willing to let you adopt. Otherwise, you're probably buying a coin that's been stolen from a cache.
  13. An unactivated coin is also sure to not be stolen from a cache. Owners place activated geocoins in caches with the intent for geocachers to move them to other caches, but some people keep them. When I buy a geocoin from someone, I don't want to buy one that's been stolen.
  14. Does this affect you or your geocaching in any way, other than to just irritate you because you don't like to geocache that way? One thing I like about geocaching is that it has many different aspects. It has puzzles, long hikes, park 'n grabs, wherigos, challenges, etc. One aspect about geocaching that I don't like is when someone tries to force other geocachers to only geocache their way. As others have said much more eloquently than I can, you don't have to get them all.
  15. I would encourage you to replace the missing container and re-enable the cache. Once gone, these old caches can't be replaced. Some of the months of the Jasmer challenge are very difficult to find now. If this one goes away, it's a very long drive for me to get the next closest one. Eventually, the Jasmer is going to be impossible to do for someone who can't afford to go jetting around the country. As for the idea that replacing the container won't make it the same cache, replacement happens frequently. When a log book fills up, you put out a new one. If the container leaks, you replace it. To me, the cache is more than just the container and log book. It's the location and the enjoyment of getting there. I'd love to travel down to the Yellow River and see the location of this cache. If the cache is gone, there's little reason for me to do so.
  16. There are four caches left in the USA that were placed in May of 2000: GC12 - Oregon GC28 - Illinois GC31 - Kansas GC39 - New York
  17. What is this phone booth of which you speak?
  18. I was having the same problem with my 450, even to the point where it wouldn't boot any more. I did what kwhart suggested, and it fixed my problem. I had to go back and reset a few settings, like turning WAAS back on, but most things were still as they were. It has made a big difference in performance, too.
  19. Oh, we already do. I have four geocaches already discovered but held in reserve just in case I need one on a day that's pouring down rain, or I get busy and can't get out to cache until it's late, or maybe we get a horrible solar storm and GPSs all die.
  20. It seems a pretty large error for this to be the problem, but check that both of you have WAAS turned on. Raw GPS locations can be 100 meters off in certain circumstances. WAAS uses the locations of known installations around the US to send corrections to the GPS signal, which should in most cases bring the accuracy down to 10 or 20 feet. By the way, whenever you perform an upgrace of a Garmin device, it turns WAAS off. I've been caught by that before, once when I put out a series of 25 caches. I didn't realize that it was turned off until I was done placing and measuring the caches. I had to do them all over again, and the corrections were around 20-40 feet.
  21. Yeah, I was aware of the well-known alternate ending, but I didn't want to get the series rejected. This is strictly a family-friendly series.
  22. Yeah, that works too. I just meant not to do it the way the FTF person did, which resulted in it being backwards.
  23. If you're ever in East Tennessee, you might consider picking up this cache series: http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=06f41b9e-cb1d-4d2d-a78f-a06ba49c6f9a If you find them in order and log them in reverse order, you get a nice little poem in your found cache list.
  24. We're lost, but we're making good time.
  25. Here's one dedicated to US Navy warships. There's no starting point, so I'll just list one of them. It produces a little GeoArt. Anchors Aweigh
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