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  1. There are a bunch of caches in Intervales. Check the map. Also, there is a lodge in Intervales that you can stay at as well. I haven't done the APE cache, but I did some research for a future trip.
  2. I'd say climbing gear or a kayak. That's my favorite gear for caching. Also, a great investment I made was buying a good backpack with lots of pockets and room for stuff. Rubber crampons to slip on your shoes might be a good one too. I got waders from walmart.com for $40 and they can definitely take some abuse. Very well worth it. In NJ, we have park passes where you buy the pass and get access to parks without having to pay at the entrance. That's a good thing to have. You could lift your cache mobile for off roading. Buy stock in Energizer and Duracell. Pallet of ammo cans that you can sell to local cachers. Anything blaze orange. Or, you could go on a trip somewhere. I flew to Seattle recently and with the flight, car and hotel it was $370 on orbitz.
  3. I like this thread! I usually work off my closest 1000 PQ, so this is what I look at everytime I want to go caching (on Google Earth): That hole in the center is filled with lots of smilies: And recently, the rim of my closest 1000 to find has extended to include parts of this massive state park. Looks promising
  4. Thanks, JohnCNA. I'll check GeoSetter out.
  5. Yes, I forgot to stop after August. For day 100, I flew from NJ to Seattle to visit HQ. That really was just a coincidence, but it's a cool achievement. I'm also trying to fill in missing calendar dates. November and December are my worst months, so I'm hoping to not stop until January. 1 good snowstorm and the streak is over. It's fun to do, but some days it can be a pain. Still, it's fun so long live the streak!
  6. Wow, that sounds like a fun idea for a cache! Good luck with it!
  7. Hello cachers! I've been playing around with how to add a geotag to a photo. I have an iPhone which automatically geotags photos I take, but they're not accurate enough for us. I had an idea for a fun little puzzle cache where I would host a geotagged photo online and the coordinates would be the exact location of the cache. I'd like to either add a geotag to a photo that isn't geotagged or edit the existing geotag on a photo. Does anybody know how I can do this so I can make a puzzle cache? Thanks! -ipodguy-
  8. I need help either creating the badge image or understanding how to create a badge myself and I need help create the HTML for others to use to display the image on their profiles or understanding how to do this. I can help you with this. You need to create some kind of image on your computer using some sort of photo editing software such as Paint or Photoshop. Once you have created an image you are happy with, you need to save it somewhere on an internet server. You can use personal webspace, flickr, shutterfly, or even upload it as an image to one of your caches (like the final) - lots of options there. Once it's stored somewhere on the internet, it will have its own web address. Save that web address somewhere. You can invite people to display the badge you created on their profile by offering them some html to insert into their profiles (or wherever they want to share their achievement). Use this code, but replace the web address in it with the correct address for your badge: <img src=http://thewebaddressofthepicgoeshere> There are a couple other things you can do also. If you want the badge centered, you can do this: <center><img src=http://thewebaddressofthepicgoeshere></center> Or if you want the image to also be a link (like to the geocache page) you can do this: <a href=http://theaddressofthegeocachepage><img src=http://thewebaddressofthepicgoeshere border=0></a> Good luck!
  9. Archive and then resubmit the final as a traditional.
  10. I pack in different things at different times, but the things I usually keep in my pack are: pens/pencils batteries a little bit of swag TB's or coins to move small pad of paper ziplock bags a small log roller (barely use it, but it's small) gloves water/granola bars a small roll of duct tape small LED flashlight teeny-weeny magnets I took from a CD drive mini first aid kit mini big spray I also carry a multitool on my belt (knife, pliers, screwdriver, etc..) Everything is small so it's pretty light. Depending on what my plans are, I'll also add: collapsible dog bowl and water (if my dog comes) headlamp, big flashlight, batteries (night caching) Collapsible mini shovel (snow caching) an ammo can or two tools and pump (mountain biking) dry box (kayaking) UV flashlight kneepads whatever other special tools a cache needs to be found And I keep some separate backpacks that I just grab and carry with: hip waders climbing stuff I would like to eventually add cheap rubber crampons for icy spots in the winter and to get a collapsible ladder to keep in the truck.
  11. Welcome to geocaching! Creating trackable sig items is a bit tough. Each trackable item for geocaching.com has its own unique code that is purchased from Groundspeak. If you plan to leave the trackable sig item in each cache, it will wind up costing you lots of money. If you really wanted to do it, you could attach your sig item to a Travel Bug or you could have geocoins created, but it would get expensive. I suggest buying some Travel Bugs to make your trackable sig item and only leaving them in caches you really, really like. Good luck!
  12. I'm continuing it. I'd like to get my longest streak to match my longest slump (100 days). Nice thinking! I've been trying to do the same (90 days). Good luck!
  13. HTML in the cache description. I forget the specific tag, though. If you look at the source code for the webpage, you can copy whatever it is and edit it to suit your needs. Or you could show it to me and I could figure it out.
  14. I couldn't care less about burning extra gas for caching. To me, it seems like everything is supposed to make me feel bad for existing. The meat I eat kills an animal, the electricity and water I need adds to pollution, heck even the 47 solar panels on my roof were made in a factory..... Nope, I don't feel bad one tiny bit for existing and taking what I need to do so.
  15. Fill up the decoys with hot glue so nobody can put a logsheet in.
  16. I'm glad you got out of there without getting into trouble with that crazy guy. I had some tough guy actually follow me home a couple of days ago. Of course, he drove off when I got out of my truck with a baseball bat.
  17. My suggestion - Have you ever heard of the expanding foam called Great Stuff? It comes in a can from the hardware store and is made for filling cracks around the house. Wrap your ammo can and spray the foam all over the ammo can. Give it 24 hours to dry then you can pull your ammo can out of its new cover. Then, rough up the foam cover, cut chunks out to make it look like a rock and spraypaint to match the rocks in your area. I did this with a metal can to cover a LnL, but I painted mine to resemble a gigantic booger.
  18. I don't believe you can do this. However, you can go on their profile and get a list of all a specific owner's hides. Create a bookmark list of their hides and generate a PQ from that.
  19. I recently received a log where the finder said I should be shot. I just left it. Let everybody else see what kind of person they are.
  20. I had a fun time also earning all the souvenirs. Now that I'm in the "groove" of finding caches everyday I think I'll try to push the streak a little bit longer.
  21. I do it mostly for fun and to challenge myself. So, as far as priorities are concerned, I want to continue working on challenges, continue filling up my D/T grid and find 5 star caches that require tools and/or physical abuse.
  22. You can still find caches without having to hide them. That way, you can just get frustrated at other people's caches going missing.
  23. I have an unpublished cache listing where I keep personal pics. I just upload them to the gallery for the cache page.
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