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  1. My first hasn't been logged since getting grabbed out of the cache I left it in. Next time I am doing sets of four at a time.
  2. I guess so! I have to find out where to get her a trackable dog tag??? Well any ol tb tag will work. If you want her to actuall wear it you could attach the tag to her collar, or have the number from the tag engraved on whatever tag u wanted. I think the website linked above sells them already done up.
  3. Not all Hotels are jails, if cachers are reasonable and cache owners are involved they can work out well!
  4. My take? You are mad about nothing and I hope your guy doesn't read this because it's pretty rude, I hope you now have a better understanding about trackbales and how to play nice with them. Cache Happy, it is a game, it's supposed to be fun.
  5. Awesome story I like that you decided to keep her name. I always come up with nicks for our pets. If I had a a Vivian I would call here Vivi ("Viv-Vee") for short!
  6. Cool! I want to get one for my choc lab. These would great for the camper, so if we let him off leash he's easy to spot if he starts straying from the camp site.
  7. Well actually it kinda does No problem though, no one was offended, just letting you know. Happy caching!
  8. THERE'S NO NEED TO YELL! WE CAN HEAR YOU! Yelling at people for yelling seems kinda hypocritical
  9. Also look for caches that have been found recently. Starting out avoid caches with recent DNFs and those no one has posted anything on in several months. While they may be there, they may not and you will have better chance with the ones found recently.
  10. I updated my home location, but my newsletter, and notification of newly published caches keep arriving with information from my old location...its been more than a month...how can I fix this? I thought about turning them off and back on but don't know how to that either. Thank in advance for your help.
  11. I like to dip a bug for distance, or if its a really cool cache, but repeated dipping of bugs in numerous boring caches all very close together clogs up the logs and makes the maps ugly in my opinion. I don't want to scroll through 12 pages of some random cachers explorations of skirt lifters in a 10 mile radius of their home to see the interesting logs that came before. Just my personal pet peeve, I wish people would use the visit feature more discerningly sometimes.
  12. So, true. I'm glad the OP didn't get discouraged or upset by all the negativity. Though not ideal, you CAN get good coords off an Iphone, it just takes a little more effort, patience, and common sense. I think the biggest problem with bad iPhone hides, happens when someone walks in to the cache, grabs the coords and walks off to go log them. You have to watch your numbers and compare to maps (when possible) to make sure your GPS is settled and not lagging. Take a few readings. Compare to maps. Should be fine. Not ideal, but not impossible. I've hid all 6 of mine with the iPhone, and never had any complaints of bad coords. Still, I'll probably wait to get my GPSr before making any more hides. Especially wooded ones. **Edit, so thats not entirely true. My first cache coord were off by 30 ft. I readjusted to a reading by a local prolific finder. That was my learning experience. I was pretty green. (still am, but a little less so)
  13. I've never had a PQ take more than a few minutes, not that I run that many, but when I do even on the weekends...It never takes long, usually almost instantly.
  14. Can anyone explain the EXACT difference in "Found in the last 7 days" vs "updated in the last 7 days" I would assume that "updated" would include any activity on the log, finds, DNFs, Maintenance, Needs Archived, notes, etc. But I'm not sure. Anyone know?
  15. Whew! Found it...with our trip coming up next weekend, I figured today would be a good day to buckle down and really tear the truck apart. Sure enough I found it lodged between the passenger and middle seats. Now its safe in my purse and will be off traveling again this weekend. Going to run go log it now.
  16. Yes...pocket queries make it worth it. I pay by three-month intervals. So over the winter my subscription ran out, I updated it when I got back into caching.
  17. I get the idea. I don't know if it would work. Basically you would set the bug free, state on the page that it is not to be placed in a cache. The coords in the notes wouldn't do any good...no one would know to look at your bugs page...unless...say for instance you visit the nearest cache, dip the bug in there, and reference it in the online log pointing visitors of that cache to your bugs page, where they can get the coords and find the bug. Its possible...would people play...dunno. Sounds fun to me. I always thought it would be cool to have a car magnetic bug with a big "grab me, take me with you" sign. If a geocacher noticed it, they grab it, and place it on their car until someone else takes it and moves it on. Problem is how to ensure that cachers get the idea without having non-cachers take it?
  18. Ha, As an iphone user I would PERFER the coordinates to match the map, even if that was slightly off. But hey that's me, and not the way the game was invented to be played.
  19. I don't see why PB jars get such a bad rap on the forums. "OMG you used a PB jar, your soaking wet, smelly, ant covered cached will attract a bear and your FTF will vomit from the smell, be incapacitated by the millions of antbites that will cover his hand and then mauled by the bear." But of course if you would have used a lock n lock, you cache would have been favorite by thousands and would last forever. I've seen some pretty good PB Jar caches and some lousy (broken tabs, leaky, lid cracked) lock n locks. I know I'm still pretty new, but in my opinion lock n locks are nicer, but PB Jars are fine. Ammo cans however...do seem to last forever!
  20. So apparently you know what bug it is since it was on the inventory list of that cache...so email the owner and maybe ask for the 'secret code' and make up a new bug for them using that code. What I mean to say is..."I'm sorry, I lost your travel bug. Can you tell me the code that's etched into it for logging it online? Then I can transfer that number to a new travel bug and get it going again." Losing bugs happens...but that doesn't mean the code can't be used still...right? Just a thought. Well, I'm not so sure its that lost yet. I've only been looking for a week. Thats not that long compared to some of the bug logs that have been sitting in caches inventory for over a year when everyone knows they are not there. Anyway, the bug owner has a lot of travelers, and she dropped me a very nice e-mail thanking me for keeping her informed but that she wasn't overly worried about its outcome. (Not that she didn't care, but that she had faith that I would find it and patience enough to not fret while I looked)
  21. Well, Impatient as I am, I went ahead and posted a note for it, so other cachers can see its not in the cache (if the ready the logs) and the owner has a heads up. Bummer.
  22. Check out the dips on this one. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=2641520&page=1 I personally only like to dip if it is a unique location (like a cool cache I took a picture of the bug at, or a new state for the bug) or to keep milage accurate (I pick the bug up in Arkansas, drive it home to Louisiana, and then drop it off next week in Texas. If I don't dip in a Louisiana cache, the miles are substantially less wonky). I don't like having to look back through 20 pages of logs to see where the bug came from.
  23. So, I recently dropped off two bugs, and picked up another from a cache while on a road trip. I put the bug in my hubbies truck and haven't seen it since. When I went to log my finds, I couldn't find it...but wasn't too worried, I was sure it would turn up in his truck or my luggage. I brought the bug across state lines with the intention of e-mailing the owner to find if they would rather me drop it here quick like, or in a new state the last weekend in April. But they bug still hasn't showed up. I went searching, knowing I really need to get it logged...still no bug. I feel horrible...I'm usually really careful with them. I don't think its lost forever...but who know when or where it will turn up. I still have a lot of searching to do. Do you think I should e-mail the owner and let them know whats going on...or give myself some more time to locate the bug before worrying them. Advice?
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