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  1. before anything else check if you are allowed to bring a GPS into the country, they've been banned for a long time maybe something has changed
  2. no they should be covered no problem with parameters and why are you so certain it should?...unless you post those parameters its quite impossible to figure out why they don't show up
  3. i am willing to pay more too but heck $100 is too steep even for my willingness lol
  4. that was just nasty, you had to keep moving otherwise you would sink in the mud lol
  5. there are two separate sections to make changes to, the "Your Location" deals with coordinates the "Your Profile" deals with city and province/state in the "location" line...however i do believe that the line "address", which is not visible to the public, is the one that will show you the correct list of newest caches at the right location
  6. very wrong, as an IT person your husband should know http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp i am not saying you should change your browser, i agree that GS should support all the popular ones...but saying that IE is the most popular its not true
  7. where i live the only vicious things i need to worry about are mosquitoes so i have a really hard time imagining how exactly being armed is going to help you against a snake, or what exactly is the purpose of being armed? ever hear of snake shot, available in many different calibers it does wonders on snakes, I've probably run more snake shot through my S&W mod 19 then anything else nope, that's why i'm asking what i am wondering is if they are so fast in attacking how would you have time to shoot them or you supposed to shoot them just in case?
  8. where i live the only vicious things i need to worry about are mosquitoes so i have a really hard time imagining how exactly being armed is going to help you against a snake, or what exactly is the purpose of being armed?
  9. archived caches do not show on the maps nor will they be in any PQ's unless you know the GC code you have no way to track it on the site btw disabled and archived are completely different things, you can still see the disabled caches on the maps and run PQ's for them and caches are never deleted
  10. i can't even begin to imagine why there have to be that many employees, the site says 40 but that picture has 64 including the frog :anibad:lol and what exactly does a reviewer icon look like?
  11. for the Newsletter go to "edit your profile" and in the box that has "email Preferences" click "change" E-Mail Preferences Do not show my email address to other users. Inform me of helpful tips, new features and changes to the web site. I want to receive the Geocaching.com weekly newsletter. Send emails from Groundspeak in HTML format when available. for Notifications just go to the notifications page and uncheck them http://www.geocaching.com/notify/default.aspx edit: you might want to add your Location, perhaps that will fix it
  12. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I don't think you're nearly as savvy as you might think. For starters, I bet the salary for all these Lackeys adds up pretty quick. Then we'd have to add in rent, utilities, hosting, bandwidth, and the list would go on and on. you got to be kidding, there's no way there are that many paid lackeys, surely that must include the reviewers...or is just plain a simple a joke lol
  13. it must have been during the "101 missing days" as seen in this picture from the newsletter, which now it is fixed to correctly read "362"
  14. while i understand the concern of a sudden exodus of people on an otherwise quiet country road i have recently come across someone taking it upon themselves to restrict access to a trail which has one single cache there since 2005 it is a public trail yet they put up dollar store "no parking" signs tail entrance is a good distance past their home and with lots of space for a couple of cars to park plus their home is way back away from the road further more the conservation authority owns the trails and the city owns the road, nowhere does it say it is a private road
  15. who would know the guidelines better than the reviewers? so if it was published it is within the guidelines but then again i've seen situations where they go back on their original decision personally i say it is within the guidelines, we have a few similar ones here people concerned with web pages logging their visits should not use the internet at all, they should perhaps educate themselves that every page they go to logs their visit are they even aware that PM caches only has an audit log?
  16. t4e


    huh? maybe i had too much swizzle but i don't get it the finds are someone's hides favorite points are awarded for how much you enjoyed the hide
  17. What is WRONG with useing IE I would guess about 50% use it so why shouldn't GC gome up with something that will work with IE. Why should I change browser, why should I upgrade Windows, I didn't break it GC did it all?????????????????????? when you calm down please show me where i said to change it...i said TRY...big difference and no, IE is not the browser of choice for that many people, tbh unless you're forced to use it by policies at work, anyone at home has no excuse for using that snail browser updating windows? i haven't said that either but regardless you NEED to apply the updates to windows for your own good/safety and for having a computer that works properly GC didn't break anything, they replaced one map with another...not as pretty as google but that's a different subject the problem is in your own "backyard"....works just fine for many and everyone else except for the couple of people that posted in this thread...i say that's a pretty good indication the problem lies in your PC and settings and for the love of God stop breaking the quote tags
  18. let me guess you're using IE? try a different browser, i can print them just fine from FF following the printer friendly link from the cache page
  19. over one year in BETA state with pretty much no improvements/changes is your idea of "addressing the issue"? Well, they did fix the beta map issue, now didn't they. no kidding eh?
  20. Nowhere in the "Premium Membership" section does it say that a particular set of maps is a PM benefit. http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.book&id=5 "Maps" are not exclusive to PM's, so I don't see the connection between the two. There's nothing in your premium membership that has been compromised by this change. B. this "See a complete list of benefits." implies that only PM members have access to the maps i have no idea if that is true though, i've only been a regular member for couple of weeks and i wasn't even caching during that time, as soon as i went out for my first one i became PM if that were true i don't see how the current PM's can generate 2 million loads per day in excess of the 25K free to make GC pay the suggested $3mil/year
  21. If they kept the maps and started charging more, you'd reconsider your support as well. Either way, they can't win... seems like they decided to stick to their pledge that a free membership would always be available, instead. They promised us that... they never promised us a rose garden eternally free maps. you obviously can't read all i said ... bolded for you maybe that makes it more clear and you don't assume what i will or not do
  22. No, they are NOT marked as "Collectible". regardless of what the page says...they are in your COLLECTION rather than in your INVENTORY you need to move them to your inventory...go to the trackable page and on the right hand side where it says "actions" the default will be "move to inventory"...click "go"
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