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  1. Yep, .44 Special, .45 Auto or a 9mm depending on the mood I'm in. Sticks are for playing fetch with the dog.
  2. Well, we have two Jeeps, the Commander and a Grand Cherokee, and we have two Jack Russell Terriers. 2J2J is a easy nano handle.
  3. You're gonna REALLY love the PN-60. We have had the PN-20, PN-30 Camo and now the PN-60. By far the most accurate GPS'r out there.
  4. We just did our 10th CITO yesterday. Coffee & doughnuts while getting our assignments, pizza lunch when we finished, and two t-shirts each. Added to this was CITO bags to take and assorted pens and badge holders given out. Included in the badge holder was a mini first aid kit. We are getting a good collection of shirts from these events. But . . . you gotta do it for the warm, fuzzy feeling you get. The goodies are just extra.
  5. DrNeal's post about covers what was there as far as new coins for the GCF 2011. I had the pleasure of helping the good doctor with setting up his discovery / trading tables (yes plural). If he doesn't have it, it's still at the mint.
  6. Here's mine. The Leatherman Crunch with the locking pliers. Wore one out and it was replaced by a new one from the factory. Carried in the standard leather (of course)case.
  7. Unlike ArtMan, we use 3 different devices. The TomTom's in the Jeeps. A Lowrance 5200C Chartplotter/GPS in the boat and a DeLORME PN-20 or the PN-30 for the final find. That's just us, we have a phone to make calls and a camera to take photos. Luddite, I know.
  8. From the page: If you have your own personal web site or blog, did you know you can post your own updating stat bar there? Choose your options to customize your own stats bar, and copy the html from the textbox below and paste it into the html of your web site to display it there.
  9. Rock Hill . . . Rock Hill . . . Rock Hill, South Carolina. The US version of Geocoinfest 2011 is in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Charlotte just happens to be near by.
  10. We use the DeLORME PN-30. Paperless geocaching. And the laptop to use at Micky D's when we need to download more. (and get a cuppa joe) Punch in the L/L numbers on the TomTom and off we go.
  11. OK . . . Here's ours: 2006 Jeep Commander 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  12. We use our first names followed by 2Jeeps2Jacks, if they don't see out trackable event nametags first.
  13. At 11:11 A.M. on 1-1-11 we logged our 1,111th cache. It was a challenge cache... A Century of 1/1’s.
  14. Two Jeeps Two Jacks Two 4 Wheel drive vehicles, two hyper mostly white Jack Russell Terriers.
  15. Try the Benchmarking forum.Benchmark Hunting Not all the Coords listed are accurate, some may be off by a quarter mile or more. That's where the "goto" helps.
  16. Here ya go . . . *commercial link removed by moderator* Just what you're asking for.
  17. We use the Keeson 200 foot fiberglass from Northern Tools Keeson 200 Foot That and our Trumeter 5505E distance wheel covers our measuring needs.
  18. We have 13 caches on Lake Keowee in South Carolina. 12 are on islands and one is at the ramp we put in at. There are a total of about 35 on the lake and you can make a day of it. Here is out cache boat, 2004 Triton 163 Sport, with Mrs. 2J2J at the helm.
  19. Now that this has been steered back around . . . Yes, I carry when caching. Main carry is a Charter Arms Bulldog Pug in .44 Special. Also known to carry a Taurus 92-AFS, Taurus PT-145, or a Taurus Model 66 in .357 Magnum. We blow off the caches that are on school property. I do notify LEO when we meet.
  20. We use carabiners, give away at events and place in caches that will hold them.
  21. We have the PN-20 & PN-30, make sure your backlight is not staying on all the time. Check under MENU - DEVICE SETUP - DISPLAY - BACKLIGHT TIMER. We get the best charge using the 120 volt adaptor that came with the battery kit.
  22. That won't work for us . . . they are both silver, AKA - Bright Silver Metallic. Mine is "The Commander" and hers is "The Grand". Love them Jeeps.
  23. How are they to prove they found them? Photos? Some of your own finds do not included a photo, I'm not saying you did not find them, but with a challenge cache, there needs to be some verification. I have only logged one benchmark challenge cash, A Century Of Benchmarks. Check it out to see the requirements. Good luck on this, could you move it closer to North Carolina?
  24. These are great, would buy for sure.
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