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Explain why did you choose your Users Name/Geocaching name


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I just changed mine. Originally, it was melissafred - a combination of my first & last names. However, we just moved to KS from our home state of AR. I wanted to give a nod to our home state and our beloved Razorbacks, as well as the fact that caching has become a family thing. Hence ARHogFanz.

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I'm a pretty big fan of David Lynch and I have this big "ERASERHEAD" poster on the wall in front of my computer desk. I was trying to think of a good user name for my PSN account and happened to look up from my computer screen. I decided to play around with the spelling and remove most of the vowels, and there it was! So now you know my PSN name and my Geocaching.com name.

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I hike all the time with my Welsh Terrier --Lauky. Ed 'n Lauky is the name I use on a couple of hiking websites. When I set up a new E-mail account for use on the hiking websites I had to run it all together and I decided to use that form here. Lauky, by the way, is taken from an Indian word meaning mountain.

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Well, like most people here, I've had this handle for many years now and have used it for multiple email addresses, WoW, and a few other websites. I had just gotten a new computer at the end of `99 and I was trying to come up with a unique name for AOL. I had an old paperback copy of the Empire Strikes Back that I had since I was a kid sitting on the shelf above the desk. I recalled a scene from the movie where Luke is laying in medical when Han walks in and says "well kid, you look strong enough to tear the ears off a gundark". Well of course, gundark by it self was already taken so, being that it was almost the year 2000, I added that to the end. My avitar is one representation of a gundark from the website "wookiepedia", and if you'd like to find out what exactly a gundark's supposed to be, you can go to wookiepedia and look it up.

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We had thrown a lot of ideas around for a name. But since I was born in Honolulu, and we both love Hawai'i, we picked a Hawai'ian name. Io for hawk and Honu for turtle; each of us has an affinity for the respective animal. The one downside is that I've noticed people DON'T want to say our name at events. It looks a little intimidating and hard to pronounce, I suppose.


I did hear one funny name on the Podcacher.com podcast--HobGoblinKiteFlyer. How do you sign that in a log from a nano??? :laughing:

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Well . . . I've been a Frank Zappa fan since the late 1960s and in his album-side-length musical story entitled "Billy The Mountain" (to be found on the album "Just Another Band From L.A." from 1972 - parental discretion advised) the hero who tackles the aforementioned Billy, is named Studebaker Hawk. Besides, the Studebaker Hawk was a pretty cool car! It's a nom de plume (nom de cache?) that I've used for many, many years and when I found that my other regular online aliases were taken, I went with this one. Besides, I like the traveling implications of the car.

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My nick is (semi-obscure) Norwegian company slang for "feet on the ground" or "grunt". It roughly translates to "(set your) foot in the marsh". Which company? Well, they wear green clothing, yell when they talk, use the entire hand to point at something and spend a lot of time outside. Oh, and I quit a few years ago :)

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"Ender's Gender?" was originally the name my wife and I gave to our band on Rock Band. Go go plastic instruments!


It's a bit of an inside joke between my wife and I, because about the same time we got Rock Band, I also took our cat Ender, to his very special appointment at the veterinarian. So, endersgender is a bit of an question mark.

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I've used the pseudonym "riffraff" since back in the bang-address days, when the Internet was young and ruled by dinosaurs (long before the web existed). Since riffraff and riffrafff were taken here, out of frustration I added the 9000...quick and simple.


And now you know.

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geodarts . . . follow the arrows . . . . go for the bull . . . dart in for the cache . . . find a cache while attending a professional darts tournament . . . apply lessons learned from Phil "the power" Taylor to caching . . . learn from his flexibility in hitting the cover shot when your first instincts go awry . . . take the passion, drama, human emotion, and the complete metaphor for life that professional darts offers and use it . . . enjoy the natural rhythm of the game . . . have a beer at the end of the day.


It is not my first user name. But it will probably last for while. At least my friends hope so.

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I started as bumpybecky - this is the name I've used everywhere else online for the last 12 years. When I first used it I was very pregnant and called Becky. I'm still called Becky but the bump is now 11!


That's the name that still come sup on the forums, but my caching profile and the name we use for log books is Dave's Piglings. It's very odd having a different username after all these years! It was my children's choice of name, chosen on the way to our first cache. We wanted something that we all felt happy using, rather than my user name. Dave is the name of our youngest's cuddly toy and 'piglings' comes from one of the famous five books, chosen our 6 year old daughter who loves pigs and the famous five.


On my profile there's a picture of Dave and one of the piglings, with their human companions!

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My original user name was Echofinder, this is also my user name on the caving forums, this is because i go looking for caves, and usually find your voice echos really well inside them, seeing as geocaching is all about searching as well i used it for this as well, I changed the name soon after to STURGE8, because my entire family now are involved in geocaching :D i have 3 boys and 3 girls have been very happily married for 18 yrs and we work really well has a family unit, geocaching has give us something extra to show our family unit, apart from when the gps goes on a mad one and i throw a wobbler :lol:

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My Geocache name is my username I use for almost everything online.

It comes from an interesting Christmas present.

Back in 1994 Sears sold Yeti stuffed animals. We got one for my ten year old daughter and she hated it.

Yeti was donated to Goodwill. In 2004 my wife and I went to a church yard sale and we saw a Yeti for sale for a buck.

So we bring Yeti home and find out it is the same Yeti we donated ten years before. Yeti still had my daughters name on his tag!

She still hated him and he ended up in the garbage.

I fished him out of the garbage and sent him traveling.

He became Yetiatlarge and sort of became my avatar.

Now a lot of people call me Yeti.

On bike nights Yeti usually comes along for the ride.

My real name is Bernie and my wife is Linda.

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