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  1. I have a popular cache that is also a TB Motel. It has quite a few Favs and is quite busy with TB movement. Can I move it about two miles and keep the listing the same and just change the coords? I really do not want to archive it.
  2. I have email notifications set up, but I get a lot of notifications from one reviewer where the caches are in another country. Can I filter out this one reviewer so my inbox is not filled with caches I cannot get to?
  3. My Geocache name is my username I use for almost everything online. It comes from an interesting Christmas present. Back in 1994 Sears sold Yeti stuffed animals. We got one for my ten year old daughter and she hated it. Yeti was donated to Goodwill. In 2004 my wife and I went to a church yard sale and we saw a Yeti for sale for a buck. So we bring Yeti home and find out it is the same Yeti we donated ten years before. Yeti still had my daughters name on his tag! She still hated him and he ended up in the garbage. I fished him out of the garbage and sent him traveling. He became Yetiatlarge and sort of became my avatar. Now a lot of people call me Yeti. On bike nights Yeti usually comes along for the ride. My real name is Bernie and my wife is Linda.
  4. I am new to Geocaching and have been using Iphone 3gs and free app. It seems to work really well most times, in fact it put me right on top a few of my finds. If it starts to go wonky back off and give it a minute to settle and go at it again. It's no real GPSr but it will get you started as it has done for me.
  5. How about those key chain thingies with the strap that goes around your neck. I get them from Nascar races and bike nights at the local watering hole. They usually have beer brand names on the straps.
  6. Welcome STURGE8 I am new to Geocaching too. My wife and I now have a good excuse to go out on the bike. We are tackling the caches in close proximity to home right now and having fun. I do not have a GPS yet so I am using an iphone. Sometimes it is spot on and sometimes it just gets confused. Have fun.
  7. What should I do when I find something other than the cache at the location? I was searching for a cache titled The Moaning Micro and I found drug paraphernalia in the location. I logged it as a DNF and described my find on the cache's log. I also returned the stash to the location. Was this the right thing to do?
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