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  1. There's nothing in the system/about file about Linux copyright on the etrex 20, which is required by law. Also, I see nothing of a source code repository on their web site, as is required by the GPL. But a search for "Linux" on their site does result in eight hits.
  2. Aye, thanks for the "My Trails" info. It actually covers a fair number of trails around here in the "flatwest" (midwest).
  3. Yeah, if the chipset was to blame, we would be hearing of a systemic problem; the fact that it's not a 100% failure among all users would pretty much rule out the chipset.
  4. Not a response for which GPSr to purchase, but on the next one, consider a SquareTrade third-party warranty. They're about $20 or so for three-years coverage, which includes device-death by droppage. With claims they send you the original purchase amount. Disclaimer: Nope, I don't work for SquareTrade, but I do have their warranty on two electronic devices (Nook Color tablet and eTrex 20). I haven't had to use the warranty, so your mileage may vary, but the company seems to be highly thought of.
  5. Using my eTrex 20, yesterday we found a cache and the unit read 22 feet off. The next cache, it read 2-4 feet off. So, ya never know. I mostly start looking for the cache with my "geo-sense" when the proximity alarm goes off at about 20 feet from GZ.
  6. I've seen the "sticky" a couple of times since updating to 2.70, and always under cover. But it's much, much improved.
  7. Sea level fun fact: "The mean sea level at the Pacific end of the Panama Canal stands 7.9 inches higher than at the Atlantic end." Carry on. (edited for clarity)
  8. If they haven't been found by anyone in 12 months, they probably should have been archived by now.
  9. I just ordered a "GizzMoVest" for my eTrex 20. Nope it's not too bulky.
  10. Sea level isn't absolute. The term is actually MSL, Mean Sea Level, and it is a measurement over time that averages out affects from wind and waves and tides. On top of that, it can vary something like plus/minus two meters globally.
  11. That is because the cabin is pressurized. ... True. You have to hold the GPSr out the window to get a correct reading.
  12. I just tried this, albeit with a small drop of machine oil instead of Vaseline. It does make a noticeable difference in the effort required to turn the latch. Good job.
  13. What is breaking? The post? The D-ring? Or something else? Mine seems fine; should I request one, preemptively?
  14. Splurge on the 20. If you ever do any urban caching, you'll find the lack of maps on the 10 to be a great hindrance. What do they say? Cry once? The difference in cost between the two units will quickly be forgotten; the need for maps will stay with you until you finally upgrade (and you will).
  15. Started with a Lowrance GlobalNav12. It sucked. Awkward to use, and it would drain its four AA batteries in less than three hours. Next, a Garmin eMap. Much better. Added maps on the 128MB card. Currently, a Garmin eTrex 20, with 8GB card. Works great. I'm set for a while.
  16. I load "caches along a route" PQs when I travel, and take the USB cable. Even if I don't take a laptop, someone I'm visiting will have one that I can update from, and there's always the public library. But the separate SD cards idea is a good one, too.
  17. Even before you "Go" to a geocache, you can get details. For instance, if I move the map pointer to a cache symbol, then click on it, it shows the option to "Go" at the bottom of the screen, but it also shows details and some logs before I click "Go."
  18. Weren't both the Legend and eMap both black&white/monochrome? Color screens will never equal the readability of monochrome screens in direct sunlight, it's just the nature of the beast (reflective LCD versus transflective LCD).
  19. There are wifi-enabled SD cards. I see no reason why a GSPr can't have wifi. The initial set-up is only done once and isn't hard to do (regardless of comments in this thread). Maybe someone will come out with wifi-enabled microSD cards...this stuff gets smaller and smaller all the time.
  20. Different types of batteries have different discharge rates. Selecting the proper setting allows for a more accurate battery meter. So the meter information isnt from measuring voltage, but more by power on time? is that possibly why mine pops a 'low battery' message then 10-20 seconds later turns off? ( I would like for a few minute warning not few seconds) Probably. If you're using NiHM batteries, they have a fairly flat output 'til near the end. Personally, I just carry another pair of charged NiMHs in my geo-bag.
  21. Yoohoo :-) I don't think it is possible at the moment, ... OK ignore that, and try this: Geocaching.com - Image map scale Works for me Excellent! Now just waiting for a miles/feet option (said to be in the works).
  22. Cool. Thanks, everyone. So, am I correct in thinking my eTrex 20 cannot display these attributes? I switched my preferences to 1.0.1, and downloaded a PQ, but I don't see any difference.
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