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  1. Yes, I would like to read that you too lego. Or if not, perhaps they would like to justify why they discounted 8 years of hard work and sided with someone who seems to have had it in for him, effectively dismissing him, to the UK customer base. I think I would be looking at defamation, personally (Mrs F.'s words)...Not that I would have been kind enough to be a reviewer.
  2. Thank you for the clarification dave-harris. I forgot to add my thanks to Deci for the 8 odd years he has given as UK reviewer. So sorry that your hand has been forced. However, as others have said, there are many organisations who will value your time and dedication. Or you could just kick back and do a bit more walking and spend less time on emails, how good would that be!
  3. Yes, but I'd hope that is going on behind the scenes, amicably.
  4. You don't have the right to stop on a RoW if that means barring the way to others. You are allowed and sometimes encouraged to stop but it is not a Right, note the subtle difference. You can't camp on them without pwrmission. You can stop and rest (there are many seats encouraging people to on a lot if RoW.) Most land owners are reasonable and kind. The cache is on adjoining land (I missed that in the op too at first) and with permission from the relevant landowner. With permission, people can stop there and find the cache. The neighbouring landowner sees extra walkers using the RoW they have every right to use and is trying to manipulate things to get a notice put up saying people cannot. He is in the wrong and is breaking the law.
  5. Not really much of a dilemma, I'm afraid. I can't imagine many people making a different decision. (Hmmm... which reminds me: what did the reviewer that's now responsible do? Should we expect more ex-reviewers over this?) I'm not sure I understand this statement. How is this against the law? Sure, they're telling the CO to lie, which is just as bad, but I'm not clear how that lie amounts to breaking the law. I can't believe Groundspeak spun it this way. It seems like an easy case where a local complained, so the cache should be archived, since apparently while they can't restrict access, they can forbid caches. This position of forcing specific content in the description is just bizarre, even before consider that the required content is a lie. It is against the law to stop people from using public rights of way, or to put signs up saying the public cannot use the RoW. It being on the internet won't make much difference. If investigated, the CO would point at the reviewer who told them to do it (although that won't wash) the reviewer would then have to admit to knowing that the land owner had told GS to change the wording on the cache page. The land owner should get it in the neck, but it does nothing for geocaching, and the reviewer and CO might also have to shoulder some of the blame (and fines).
  6. Well it is a nicely made film, well produced, good editing, music, camera angles. It is sad that it only shows the fast food equivalent of geocaching, not the wonderful gourmet experiences out in the wild, with some big, well kept cache containers and stunning views (although that lass did seem to enjoy the view). Im not sure how I feel about the focus being on town caches. Maybe it is good to keep the countryside walk caches out of the limelight. Giving the remote type of caches more publicity doesn't inspire many people to hide caches in remote areas, it tends to inspire people to hide caches in towns. So at least you are showing some good hiding places, and not all nanos out of reach for the sake of it. As P & G town caching goes, it is a good summary, and I do like that puzzle cache at the end (I'm not usually one for puzzles). I hope they put a subtitle on the feature which implies there is more than this to caching, and this is just one side of it.
  7. Try sending a private message to the original poster.
  8. Since you seem to be proud of this, I'm happy for you! But I have no idea what you are talking about. I too will pass on the egg McRubber, thanks... I've heard of The Emmaus communities and Kairos communities and try to support local ones. i see no connection with geocaching and have no idea what the rest of your post means.
  9. This is what I was afraid you were going to be leading up to. It sounds great, until you multiply this by all the millions of others who geocache. Then, instead of getting a worldwide game, you have people only sharing their caches with their friends an family, and since they 'aren't getting published' and don't go through a reviewer, you will also get every cache turned down at review level being privately published, people pulling their previously published caches and only letting their friends and family see them. So fulfilling this simple request would change the face of geocaching completely. Then the serious accidents start happening because caches are placed in dangerous places, and the thousands of lawsuits spring up and close the whole thing down. bada bing. I do like the idea, but I don't think it would work on a worldwide scale using geocaching.com. Perhaps, as someone said, there is a side game which could mean people could do this using a different website or phone app. Alternatively, hide the caches where you want, add the waypoints and have your daughter find the cache using your waypoints. (That is how most people use the available technology to hide caches and test out the coordinates, sending the waypoint to a friend or family member, before sending the cache page for review and publication.)
  10. I received this lovely kwanzaa coin yesterday. Many thanks, mystery giver for such a wonderful gift. I also needed to look up Kwanzaa to find out more... "Kwanzaa has seven core principles (Nguzo Saba): Unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith." Sounds good to me, something we can hope for as basic rights and principles for everyone.
  11. Thank you for the cointest, and all the best for 2013!
  12. Happy new year from 2013 here in the UK! I'd like in, please.
  13. Thank you for posting, WolverineX, and for the timely reminder to be careful. Who does this? People who don't have a private place of their own and who don't want to get caught. Where? Sadly, almost any town with a secondary school could have kids using this stuff and leaving it lying around under a bush. A timely reminder to listen to our kids, too.
  14. I finished making some RAOK today to be posted off for persons unknown.
  15. Done quite a few the last few days, and signed up for a lot more in coming weeks.
  16. For my second guess, I'll go for marigold, but a different type - the Calendula genus, not the English marigold.
  17. I'm going to go for the iris, genus iris. They are often thought of as a spring flower here (such as the miniature iris reticulata) but they do re-flower in the summer. Years ago my mother gave me the rhizomes for her beautiful flag iris I had grown up with when she dug them out of her garden. I replanted them right at the bottom of our garden, and they flowered that spring. Then a builder dug them up that summer when he put in a new road down to the bungalow he was building!
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