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  1. drneal, were these from trades or purchase? Just curious.
  2. OK, let's see...I bet not too many people know what SAWATDEE means!! Let's have some guesses. Hint: relates to my daughter in law. NO CHEATING BY LOOKING ONLINE!!
  3. Ok, I used Picasa, as I started out doing. Thanks for the directions. I would not have figured that out myself, well, not quickly. I selected the "embed image" otherwise it still gave the url of the page, not the image. Whew. I'm exhausted. THANK YOU SO MUCH, esp Mr Wilson & Mt Goat!! PS my pictures are posted in the "what did you get in the mail" thread. Now I just need to retake them and get better pictures.
  4. Thanks to all those who replied to my tragic posts about these pictures and helped remediate.
  5. Ok, how many hours did it take me to post this?? That was seriously agonizing. Anyway, this was my mailbox loot today! Now I need to get a better picture. Guess they need to be out of their jackets.
  6. Seriously...that was agonizing.
  7. OK, this old brain is about finished working. As I said before, nearing hysteria.
  8. Copy image location is not a choice when I right click.
  9. I am getting the url of the page, so where is the url for the image itself. I knew Picasa or Flickr should work.
  10. already have these pics in 2 locations online, Picasa and Flickr...I don't know the value of me doing the same thing incorrectly in another location.
  11. No, still lost. Tried it using Flickr. I am getting a message saying can't use that extension. Am I just copying the Http page, shouldn't it be an easy cut and paste? I am trying to post a pic of a geocoin. I don't know where you want me to post a never to be published geocache?? On what page, where on geocaching.com? I am not getting it. Is everyone saying that Picasa doesn't work? I am obviously doing something important wrong.
  12. Perhaps someone can help me. I have read threads telling how to upload a photo. It sounds like no big deal. Getting frustrated because I just wanted to post a quick photo and it's taking me forever since nothing is working. I'm used to uploading from my PC, but I understand that I have to use my Picasa for this since it says to use an online site. Is Picasa one that wont' work, because I get an error message saying that I cannot use that extension. Any ideas? And thanks.
  13. Alchemist's Magnus Opus Geocoin Thanks for the message, I found it! That is a cool name for a cool looking coin!
  14. Just got my first ever shipment of coins today. Now that leads to more questions, as I am a very newb to the coin collecting. Should I get activation codes for them or not? I read from a poster that he/she would never trade or buy a coin that was already activated. Do I keep them in the little clear plastic sleeve they came in, in addition to the softer clear plastic cover? How am I supposed to identify them? I looked up the "names" that are still online, but I got a grab bag of coins, and I have no idea how to tell what one is. The others are easier to describe.(red fireplug w bulldog on it, ammo can, etc) One is a beautiful gold red and green "snowflake" looking coin that has 6 points and 12 signs of the zodiac (at least I think they are) and lots of triangles. No idea what it is. (from the grab bag) Thanks!
  15. Whew, this sure stirred up a hornet's nest!! My husband and I once got a cache around the corner from our house in a small neighborhood park that we pass everyday. It has a playground and at the bottom of a hill a small (maybe 1 acre) pond with a walking trail around it and a gazebo. There are very few trees so you can see the entire park environment, but the cache was hidden inside a circle of pine trees. When you "went in" the circle of trees you disappeared from sight and I remember feeling very self conscious about this. Of course we were innocently getting the cache, but there was such a huge site line from the rest of the area, that I felt like we looked like some sort of degenerate oddballs! Like...what are those old people doing in there!! Of course, I know I am suspicious! I like the posted quote that says "When you go to hide a geocache, think of the reason you are bringing people to that spot. If the only reason is for the geocache, then find a better spot." Then again, another one I like...If you don't like where it is, don't get it.
  16. Glad to see another question I needed answered, thanks from another geocoin newbie. PS Placed my first order yesterday. The wait begins.
  17. Hi, I'm brand new to the Forum, but have been geocaching for 3 years. Only found one coin, but it was a Pathways, and although it had a trackable number, when I looked it up, it said there were 250 made to be given away and not travel. So that was disappointing, in a way. I wanted to read about where it had been! My name is Sawatdee, which is Thai for HELLO! My daughter in law is a Bangkok native and I have learned about 800 words in Thai. Sabai dee mai? I am a retired teacher, and enjoy geocaching because it is a great way to get outside and enjoy nature and spend time with the family, and I love a puzzle. Another obsession of mine is genealogy, which I have been doing for 25 years. Hope I win my FIRST GEOCOIN! Thanks!
  18. Well, I would try to trade, but since I do not currently own any geocoins, that is impossible!
  19. Question from a super new newbie, in fact, just ordered my first ever few geocoins today. Can anyone tell me if (or how) it is possible to locate specific topics related coins for purchase? I mean can I assume there exists a geocoin for a specific state, city, animal, hobby, whatever, that I want to get? Or is that why everyone starts trading?
  20. Ok, Thanks to both of you for the replies. I am starting my first order now. Guess I'll just dive in.
  21. Oops, I neglected to say I am very appreciative of any sound advice or suggestions you may offer. THANK YOU!!
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