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  1. That seems like a hilarious way to mess with possible finders
  2. I've never understood how the guidelines can allow a geocache in space when the same guidelines require GPS use to be an integral part of finding a cache. GPS does not exist on other planets, so accurate coordinates can't be obtained with a GPS device. And although GPS will work within low earth orbit, any cache hidden there would be, well, orbiting, making it impossible to use a GPS device to guide you to the cache the way you would on Earth. Finally, the ISS cache doesn't even have a logbook in it "out of respect for the Russian segment of the ISS" and since it would be a fire hazard. So what makes this locker a geocache instead of any other locker full of stuff?
  3. HAHAHAHAHA! "How come the plane doesn't interfere with my phone?" "And how come the other phones don't interfere with my phone?" "Could I hold this plane hostage with my 3DS?"
  4. But what I want should be default. I'm not down with all this... clicking business.
  5. The SIM card in the iPhone 5 is removable. The slot is on the side of the phone.
  6. There's also finders who like to hide the cache a bit "better" than when they found it. They think they know where the cache should go better than the CO does. After a few visits from these cachers the cache could be miles away.
  7. You must go to the finder's profile and send a message from there. Right now, you are replying to the automatically generated log notification and those messages do not go anywhere.
  8. Since most FTF hounds already do that in real life as part of their efforts to be FTF, I doubt there would be much interest in porting that to a virtual world.
  9. No, you can't. Apple locks restricts the dock connector on their devices so it would not be possible to include this functionality in an app.
  10. Is the countdown displaying the real number of caches? Usually when web developers display countdowns like these, they tie the number to the date and time of the viewer's computer clock to make it easier to program than actually retrieving the number of caches from their records.
  11. You're not enabling anyone to find out about geocaching who otherwise couldn't have. Just keep in mind that for all the students who do return to destroy the caches, there are just as many who will enjoy the game and genuinely appreciate being told about it.
  12. If you don't get a response, why would you leave the container there to be destroyed? Why not pick it up and log a NA so it can be reused?
  13. If I was getting a tattoo, I'd have the tag in my hand and activated before getting it tattooed on me. The last thing you want is to find out the code tattooed on you is invalid. That said I have a TB that I've been meaning to use for a couple years but never got around to it. I could sell the code to you and send you the tags later. I'm not sure where the tags are though, so I can email you the code and send the tags to you eventually.
  14. I do it all the time. I upload dozens of caches to my GPS when we go on a trip even though I know we might search for only 1 or 2. My family's terrible when it comes to tipping me off about where we'll stop, so most of the time the dozens of caches I upload aren't even remotely close to where we have a change to go geocaching.
  15. Expect someone to sign the log in a red herring and log a find. Also, since the red herrings are not an actual geocache, the geocaching guidelines of rehiding it exactly as found don't apply. So if someone doesn't like it, they can treat it like any other litter they find near a cache. I think it's a bad idea. If you want to present a challenge then set up a puzzle or multi-cache, but don't make things harder for the searcher with fake difficulty.
  16. I've purchased custom dog tags before and a pair was about $8. Those were just regular dog tags with my custom text printed on them. Groundspeak's Travel Bugs cost around the same and include a tracking number and use of the tracking system.
  17. I think it gets uncomfortable for everyone else sometimes too. Although the rest of time it's not too bad here, so by disallowing your son to use the forums just to avoid the occasional discomfort he is missing out on a lot of good stuff too.
  18. My Garmin Rinos do. Supposedly. The menus are there, but I've never been able to get it work.
  19. I see there is hope for our future!! Young ones coming up with these. These are hilarious. Great job & love the wit!! Thanks! I think the problem is that ever since they started making monitors that could display millions of colors, web designers have been using way too many of them in their designs. Everyone gets used to this overload of color and when they try removing any of them, everyone essentially goes into color withdrawl. The solution is to go back to when monitors could only display two colors: green and black. Groundspeak should dispose of the web interface we are so used to and make it available to Platinum members only. Everyone else will need to download a special console application that only shows green and connects to Groundspeak's servers over a dialup modem. It could look like this: The logs:
  20. Very good point here. I'd bet this was never even considered. Geocaching doesn't care about cholr bildn! Publish icons are green. A positive thing, no? It depends on the type of cache being published. I suggest a few more: I don't believe your log Complaint about etiquette Complaint about swag Complaint about wet logbook Complaint about full logbook Complaint about coordinates Reviewer bribe invoice Reviewer bribe received ALR proof request
  21. Because only Google can find pages outside of these forums, and the sites publishing these numbers are not a part of the forums.
  22. There was one of these in my area once. The container was muggled, so the CO added a message that you could log a find if you found the remnants of the hide. The reviewer at the time never archived it even though I posted dozens of NA logs, but the reviewer who was assigned to our area after him did.
  23. That's what I was going to say. When I bought a TB vehicle magnet I got both metal tags. I don't know why any retailer would leave one tag out just for the sake of it.
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