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  1. Sometimes. There will likely be some good handheld deals online next week. The ad copied above states that it is an online and in-store deal. I've had this one eyeballed since I saw the deal. Hoping to get one.
  2. My first name is Dawn and Aurora is the roman goddess of dawn. and my last name begins with V.
  3. I usually go with a group and typically its one or more of 4 other individuals. If its my BFF and I we usually sign the log "Lucy & Ethel" and then "aka Aurora_V and junebug_sheri" but we always use our geocaching names. Our 'group or team' name is just a fun way to talk about our group in the logs.
  4. I use the original Motorola Droid phone with the android Geocaching app and it works pretty well as long as I have a signal. I did have some struggling this weekend up in the mountains with signal but downloading the caches beforehand as an offline list helped greatly. I can definitely recommend any android platform phone because the app works great.
  5. here is mine Google+
  6. antully I've added you to my google+ geocachers circle too
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