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  1. My wife and I started geocaching as another way to get some exercise/get out of the house (working odd hours, 24/7 caches are a godsend). Plus we thought it would be cool to get my little brother and sister into it since they're active kids with tons of energy to burn. They didn't really take to it though. We continue to do it because it's fun and challenging. It gives us something to do when running errands (yay P&G's), on road trips (sometimes it's the excuse for said trip) and even helped us find areas of the city we live in that we never knew about or explored. We've even met some cool people.
  2. My wife and I tend to be open to any form of geocaching. Though with her having multiple issues with her feet we tend to avoid the crazier terrain ratings and yes, we'll grab P & G's usually when we're doing errands or other mundane things. My father in law (who started caching long before us) is a die hard "hike up a mountain type" who isn't really interested in any other type of caching. I guess that's why geocaching is so great there's so many ways to play the game.
  3. Got absolutely loaded with ticks while caching up here in MA last Oct/Nov. Never really had a problem with them before that. We find keeping a lint roller on hand does a good job of removing the little buggers from our clothes before they can find a way to bite us or set up shop in the car.
  4. On our way to one cache we ran into a dog from a nearby house that wanted to play frisbee. Other than that we've run into a few skunks without incident.
  5. My wife and I were finishing up a series of caches along a rail trail in town a month ago and ended up running into three more cachers along the way. On one particularly challenging part all five of us were wandering around GZ looking high and low. Mostly we just looked lost. Well I had climbed up onto an embankment to get a different perspective on things when I notice a muggle (who didn't appear to be all there mentally) coming down the rail trail. He just stares at the five of us and the proceeds to ask my wife if I'm going to steal his car. Apparently his car was parked behind me in the parking lot. Wife: *Proceeds to explain geocaching* Guy: *blank stare* ... "You're sure he's not going to mess with my car?" Us: We're positive After the guy wandered off we did find the cache.
  6. 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 2" baby lift, soon to be supplemented by something a bit better on gas.
  7. We usually roll with: - GPSr - spare batteries - 2x Android phones (for flashlight and C:Geo) - swag for trading - notebook - pens - tweezers (to remove logs & ticks) - lint roller (ticks again) - 1-million candlepower spotlight (night caches only) - bags & nitrile gloves for CITO - leather gloves - water - bug spray
  8. Finally ran into the police last night while grabbing some quick caches with the wife. We rolled up on a cache in a playground and parked in a warehouse parking lot across the street. Well apparently that warehouse has been broken into a few times. The officer rolled up on me before I was even fully out of my Jeep. He was cool though and after showing him my GPSr + giving him a brief explanation he let us be on our way. We made the find and booked it.
  9. Lately not much in the way of excuses thankfully. But common ones for us are: - Not wanting to waste gas - Weather (heat/rain) - Wanting to relax with our dogs (they aren't quite conducive to caching at times) - Issues finding 24/7 caches since we do a fair amount of night caching lately
  10. My wife and I had a two month lull so now we're caching almost daily to make up for it.
  11. I think so. Centralia, PA, I believe. Correct. I've visited there back in 2006. Neat place.
  12. Been out the past two nights doing some night caching. Very fun.
  13. - Water - Note Pad - Pens - First Aid Kit + EpiPen (I'm allergic to bees) - Extra batteries for GPSr - Bags for CITO - Gloves (Nitrile for CITO and a leather pair for rooting around for caches) - Swag items - Bug spray & sunblock - Flashlight I still need to get a folding saw and a new camp knife. Right now all I have is a Leatherman tool.
  14. This. In my case I also carry my EpiPen in the event of a sting.
  15. Seriously, that's the best thing I've ever read It's funny 'cause it's true! I love it!
  16. I thought about using my WoW character's name as well. Instead, I went with the name of the rap group I was listening to when I was signing up
  17. Thanks for this. Just got one of these today and was wondering the same thing.
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