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Explain why did you choose your Users Name/Geocaching name


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First choice was "WEENA" but it's already taken and the account hasn't been logged into since 2003.. I asked site admin if I can take it over but they emailed back and said it's already registered so there is nothing they can do.. and I'm not a fan of adding numbers to a name .. so left with my other nickname/joke from where I used to work.. no I didn't work there, hah

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I've always identified as a "snail" - I appreciate the little guys' slow appreciation of life. I thought of putting the word bandit next to my favourite animal in the world, because I couldn't help chuckling at the irony of it. A snail bandit couldn't possibly get very far, or very quickly (with its loot). But goes to show you're not really limited by your inabilities! Who knows, maybe there is a bandit that is a snail out there, somewhere?

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From the phrase 'a pyrrhic victory':


A Pyrrhic victory (/ˈpɪrɪk/) is a victory with such a devastating cost to the victor that it carries the implication that another such victory will ultimately cause defeat.



Chosen awhile ago for another forum after going through a particularly hard point in my life and getting through it by the skin of my teeth.

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My daughter wanted to call ourselves ninjas. We listen to a morning radio show in Missouri (we live in Cal) The Woody and Rizzuto show They sometimes refer to it as WAR for there initials. They call all there listeners there ninjas. So we came up with the WarNinjas. I liked it and probably better then my fishing site handle Master Baiter or my Email name TermiteTweeker...I'm a termite guy. :laughing: WarNinjas it is then. She also wants to put WarNinjas under every log for some reason with the - before it. So I do even when I find ones on my own and now on this site for her. She is thinking of also getting an account as I find them while working alot without her. I'm going to try and look into how I can get her to log all the finds we have made together as the WarNinjas to just her account or she might just have to start off new. We have decided to break up our names to her as the pink ninja and me as the blue ninja when we are out in the field.


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Pedagogs (also pedagogue - from the Greek "paidia" (παιδιά) meaning child, rather than the Latin pes meaning a foot) were a type of slave in ancient Rome; their charges were to protect, care for, and in many cases, educate, the children of the masters.


Popular meaning - who teaches young people.



Well as a Childminder and Youth Leader it just makes sense.

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   /ˈtrɛndi/ Show Spelled [tren-dee] Show IPA adjective, trend·i·er, trend·i·est, noun, plural trend·ies.



of, in, or pertaining to the latest trend or style.


*Though I am not what one would describe as being "trendy", the whole concept of geocaching seems to be a growing trend.




   /ˈtrɛʒər/ Show Spelled [trezh-er] Show IPA noun, verb, -ured, -ur·ing.



wealth or riches stored or accumulated, especially in the form of precious metals, money, jewels, or plate.


*Because we are seeking geocaches and each one found is a precious treasure in the form of a memory accumulated in our hearts

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Well basically, I'm not a morning person (just ask my mom). So the opposite? A night owl of course! (And that perfectly describes me.) As for the 8 and 14? Those are my favorite numbers. 8 because it's Ovechkin's number and 14 because when I was little, I was playing a handheld Deal or No Deal game and I won a million dollars with case 14.... so it seemed to be pretty lucky ever since!

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I first used niraD werGcM as a nom de plume in high school, when I wrote a paper styled after Horace Miner's "Body Ritual among the Nacirema".


For the record, I pronounce niraD as "NEAR-add", and the similarity to the Indian name Nirad is entirely coincidental.

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Well mr mayfair is from my facebook public figure page (Travis Mayfair) of course mayfair is not my last name but keywords are a big play. Being the only travis mayfair on facebook easy to search means easy to find. Mrmayfair is my nickname and user on many games and websites!

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My sons name is Faeden, he was meant to join me in my ventures. he was four when i started this, hes now five. so thought me and faeden would be a good name....should be 'me-myself-and-I' though because i just couldnt get him interested!! even when i told him we are land pirates looking for treasure! not interested. <_< but i dont mind doing it myself, because i get more done while he goes metal detecting with his dad lol.

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A couple of years ago my college buddy and I decided to use nicknames one night when we went karaoke-ing instead of our real names. Our duo that night was Big Nicky and Lil' PJ. We only used those names the one time, but every now and then I still call him Big Nicky.


Anyway, when I was trying to think of a good pseudonym to use, I just decided to go with Lil' PJ.

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Originally used my real name, decided I didn't want to do that (not very creative), considered a few others, but they were taken, so I finally made an anagram of my name and those of my children, which happens to include a hobby of mine (hiking). That said, a bard I am not, though I do make less than pleasant noises on the guitar, so "Vexed" is quite appropriate. :-) Luckily I settled on this one before I had too many finds, so I only had to edit a few logs to specify that I'd signed under a different name. I find the name to be a bit long for some of the tiny logs, so I abbreviate it to AVBH when signing those.

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For me It was a simple choice. I am the oldest generation of this family line to carrying this fist name. I am Grandpa (shortened to GPa) and the first name "Lysle", hence 'GPaLysle'. I am actually a Jr., My son is "III", and his son is "IV".

We each have our own GEOCaching account.

On the rare occasions when 2 or more of us hunt together, we sign in as "The Shields Tribe".


Keep your eyes open for my wooden nickels that I will be putting into some caches. They are numbered. The first one to be released when I get them back from the printer will be #00005 since I'm keeping #00001 thru #00004 for myself and The Shields Tribe. I will place it into my first cache.


AKA: Feather With Spots - Another story for another time.

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I come from three years playing Niantic's Ingress in which my agent name is 'ByteSlinger'. This was because when I joined Ingress I was reading Stephen Kings 'Dark Tower' series (soon to be made into a film, very exciting!!) in which the main character is often referred to as The Gun Slinger. As Ingress is all about the digital look and feel, I felt ByteSlinger was quite appropriate.

Unfortunately ByteSlinger was apparently already taken when I joined Geocache (the cheek of it!!!) so 'TheByteSlinger' it was!

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When we married, my wife and mother-in-law were wildlife rehabers (and I followed suit). We specialized in opossums, especially joeys (yep, same name as their Australian cousins) who were orphaned. We would often take the possums to schools for show and tell, my wife and mother-in-law carrying adults and me with a couple of joeys in each shirt pocket. The kids called my wife and mother-in-law "Mrs. Possum" and me, "Mr. Possum." They have both since passed away, but I still keep the name to honor them.

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Wet Pancake Touring Club was a name created for a group within our Explorer Post, way back when I was in Boy Scouts (late 1970's). This group participated in a variety of events, both Scout and non-Scout related. Our major activity was Gimmick Coursemarker Road Rallye's, a game of logic.


I have kept the group's name down the years, now the group just consists of my wife and I. Our kids geocache under their own handles. Gimmick Coursemarker Road Rallye's are still being held in the SF Bay Area, but it is down to one or two a month. Back in the day, there would be one or two a week. Unfortunately, this activity never grew out of the Bay Area.



By the way, niraD does gimmick course marker road rallyes, and his signature include a link. If you list in the San Francisco Bay Area, I would suggest you check it out.

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I'm usually not lost and I want to be anonymous. Too much social media. On a hiking trip across England my hiking companion insisted we go one direction and I kept saying, no we need to go the opposite direction. My friend was using a map and I had loaded our path waypoints into the GPS. My friend insisted and I'm an amiable companion and didn't want to argue (we still had 120 miles to go, together). Eventually we backtracked and let the GPS guide us. I'm rarely lost but don't want to jinx it.

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I used Lunaden as my avatar name during all my gaming years - starting way back in the 90's (my 20's) playing MMORPGs such as Everquest, World of Warcraft, Rift, etc... you get the idea. I had two beautiful basenji dogs named Luna and Denver at the time and simply squashed their names together. :)

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I've always enjoyed going for walks and during my time at uni did a project called "Walking London" in which I'd take long walks around urban London and write a report. My research on walking came to me discovering that a person who enjoys walking is called a Flaneur or peripatetic (after Plato's habit of walking along the Peripatetic in the Greek Lyceum as he taught his students), thus, Flaneurite with my birthday being on the 11th.

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Ours is a bit complicated.


When we started caching, I ran a forum on a camping store website and my name there was BossCamper. At the time I was also a Corrections Officer and all inmates call all guards Boss, so I became Boss Camper, or BC

My better half is a cat nut and loves cats so her handle became MsKitty. We always cache together, hence the name BC & MsKitty. On nano logs it's east to just write BC&MsK

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My initials are JG. 'Grouchy' is not based on my personality, but rather is somewhat close to my real last name. It just sounded catchy to say "J Grouchy"...but I've sort of regretted using it since people tend to pre-judge me based on my nickname. <_<


That's OK ... just give them some time ..... :o ...... :) just kidding.

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