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  1. I'm curious to know how it was determined that the PMO descriptor was not "used by many users". I certainly appreciated being able to identify which caches were PMO or not, by having the icon be a square or circle. If there's no way to identify PMO caches on the map, then could GS at least add a toggle in the Filters pane so users can toggle on/off PMO caches. I know this can be done via Search, so I'm asking specifically in regards to the Browsing Map. The PMO designation was valuable to me, I used it regularly when planning a caching ride. Now, I cannot use the map to determine if a cache is PMO without opening the entire individual cache page. Serious flaw in your approach, Groundspeak! I'm with you, Michaelcycle! I will only place TBs or geocoins in PMO caches; in this part of the woods they're swiped from regular caches. Now I will have to click on every cache in the vicinity to find PMOs. I thought that GS's job was to help cachers, not hinder them! Please bring back the PMO designation on the map.
  2. When we married, my wife and mother-in-law were wildlife rehabers (and I followed suit). We specialized in opossums, especially joeys (yep, same name as their Australian cousins) who were orphaned. We would often take the possums to schools for show and tell, my wife and mother-in-law carrying adults and me with a couple of joeys in each shirt pocket. The kids called my wife and mother-in-law "Mrs. Possum" and me, "Mr. Possum." They have both since passed away, but I still keep the name to honor them.
  3. Hi, thiayack! I recently got a Montana 680t and must admit that for the first few days I was cursing it right and left. I have used a DeLorme for a couple of years, but my eyesight needs a larger screen, hence the Garmin. You need to download Garmin Communicator at http://software.garmin.com/en-US/gcp.html . You'll get the best results using Internet Explorer; I usually use Firefox and it's hit or miss. Hope this helps; if you have more questions, feel free to email me. Good luck!!!
  4. MrPossum

    Vehicle Art

    Please keep this topic, about design. It seems we differ on the definition of design. Design can relate to specific elements or the total concept composed of those elements. In this case, "design" relates to the total concept. The initiator of this thread is writing about a conveyed image of which the flashing light is a part (see the photo of his vehicle). Hence, my reference to it is both logical and legitimate.
  5. MrPossum

    Vehicle Art

    And don't forget the flashing light--about $20 at WalMart. I live and cache in a rural area and people will usually stop and ask what's what. I just point to the sign on the door; they look, usually say they're sorry they bothered me and they're on their way. I have a clipboard on the dashboard to add another official touch and a bright yellow vest makes everything complete. It's amazing the difference a couple of signs and a blinking light make; often I'd been challenged as to my right to be there(even if it was public domain)--it's a rural thing--but now I get offers to open gates, pass construction easily and even a police escort through a construction zone. "Unstealthy stealth" is definitely the way to go!
  6. MrPossum

    Vehicle Art

    There's a new member of the U. S. Survey Geocaching Team! Otterbreath1943 recently moved from Conroe to Kerrville, TX. He had such fun deceiving folks while riding in my CacheMobile, he got some signs for his vehicle. The "unstealthy stealth" legend continues!!!!
  7. MrPossum

    Vehicle Art

    Well, better late than never, as they say. When I saw ecanderson's topic, my first thought is "What a great idea!" So I wrote to him and as promised, he sent me the .tif format of the sign. My truck now sports both signs and light. I was somewhat puzzled--dare I say amused--at the various objections to this "unstealthy-stealth." "Deception" was one of the words used. Aren't some of the videos that appear on Groundspeak espousing deception? I recently viewed one wherein one person was reaching for a cache behind him while the other pretended to be taking a photo. How many cachers have done that, or carry a clipboard, wear a reflective vest and other apparel as mentioned by some contributors to this topic. Actually, the word I prefer is "illusion;" the signs and light leave to the mind/imagination of the viewer just what this vehicle and its inhabitants are. The Moderator stated this wasn't art or design. I disagree with that. If neither design nor art were involved, that sign couldn't exist. Like ecanderson, I've had police wave at me and road construction crews wave me through. But the most common result of the signs and light was merely people looking, then walking away. So my hat's off to you, ecanderson, for an extremely clever idea. Now I need to jump in the Cachemobile and go about the Texas Hill Country "deceiving" people!
  8. Hi, nutkin81, and welcome to geocaching! First of all, you're not dumb; unless you know a cacher to show you the ropes, starting out is pretty much by the "braille system," you have to feel your way through it. One suggestion is to use the "beginner's cache" feature, which will highlight the easier caches in your area and start with the regular or small as they will be easiest to spot. Also note the difficulty level; there's no shame in choosing 1 1/2 even for those of us who have been around for awhile. Read the logs of folks who have already found the cache and look at any photos--there's a wealth of information there. As your skill level improves, go for more difficult ones. Don't be discouraged at a DNF, just keep caching and things will take care of themselves. But most of all, HAVE FUN as that's what it's all about! Happy caching to you!!!
  9. Solar System, I agree with WarNinjas--your time will come. It definitely is a rush to be FTF but, at least for me, that's only icing on the cake we call geocaching. There are FTF Hogs everywhere; let them have their fun. I would suggest concentrating more on the companionship and bonding that caching affords you and your daughter. And I've seen places within 50 miles of my home that I never knew existed: natural beauty, historic sites, old schools and cemeteries--the list goes on and on. Sharing things like that with your daughter will give her memories that will last a lifetime. And treasure these times with her--they grow up awful fast! And hang in there--that FTF may be just around the corner and were you'd least expect it. Keep watching those notifications and one day, when you pull out that log, yours will be the first signature. HAPPY CACHING TO YOU!!!
  10. I definitely am sold on the DeLorme PN-60. It's never failed to bring me within 2-3 feet of the cache, even in extremely cloudy conditions or under heavy tree cover. My only complaint is that battery life is nowhere near what the specs say but it's a small price to pay for its amazing accuracy.
  11. Two events started me geocaching. The first was the death of my wife in March and much too much time on my hands. The second was an article in our local newspaper about geocaching. I went to the website, signed up, saw that there were about 200 caches within 10 miles of my house, got a DeLorme PN-60 and started caching. My wife would have loved this, so in a way I do this in her memory as well.
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