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  1. I bought the Garmin Dakota 20 for our trip to hawaii. I was unsure if we would have service on the phone. I loaded it with the caches there. We had service and are so used to using the phone it was just easier for us.
  2. My vote would just be to use your phone. That is all I have ever used. There is a 50% (I didn't do the math) Chance that whoever hid the cache used there phone so no way to be sure it is more accurate. If you have a older phone maybe save up the money to buy a GPS to upgrade your phone at sometime. Oh and I did go buy a GPS but never use it.
  3. I am not from Florida but guessing that could happen from time to time but shouldn't happen often?
  4. I would just remove it and throw it away. If you are worried about such things you could contact the CO to do it. Calling the cops would be over the top! I guess you could but I am sure they have other things they should be worried about. Good excuse if you do drugs and get caught...you could say "Its not mine. I just found it in a cache and was taking it to throw away!"
  5. I personally don't log a DNF unless I am pretty sure I found the spot it should be and it isn't there. Otherwise it would be no log or a note if I had something to say about the experience. When I was a new CO I would go check any cache that had a DNF on it and I don't want to do that to a CO if the cache is there and I was just missing it. What can you do about it? If it is one special log you are worried about you could contact the cacher to ask what is up with it but in general people will log how they log. If you contacted us about it I would think it was a bit odd unless you gave a good reason why.
  6. I was thinking they post that they have a pic of the container if the CO wants it. Not necessarily posting the pic on the cache page.
  7. This happens from time to time in our area. 9 caches probably wouldn't be cause for us to notice but it is often 50+. I will notice because I have out a bunch of kayak/boat to caches and also puzzles. I will get a bunch of logs in a day of just "found it" or something like you said. I will know it is next to impossible to put in at all those places and find all those caches. Also most will say more. Then I look and see they also logged some really hard puzzles that they never certitude. Then you will see they found some in other states on the same day. Not sure why they do it but sometimes they do.
  8. It would be fine. I don't know if someone would take and listen to it but someone might. I don't see how it would be any different then us putting a WarNinja's button we had made in a cache.
  9. The watch feature can be cool. Many years ago my daughter and I went to Hawaii. We found a puzzle and I put it on my watch list. I am still amazed at how many cachers I know end up logging that cache.
  10. I don't know how many you have created but I hear it is best not to waste the GC numbers. If not many I would probably just edit them and in the future just start from scratch. If it seems hard to edit them you can just archive them as katsurian said.
  11. I always take a screen shot and also email the coords to myself so even if I was to loose my phone or whatever I have the coords in a email with a description. It is easy to email form the GPS averaging app I use. Hope you find yours.
  12. It seems to me that this conflict will hurt that caching community more then the wet log. A wet log is a easy fix with a better container and a piece of paper. This here might need some more work. You both have been playing a lot and my $.02 is to try and remember we are all playing together to have fun.
  13. Depending on what app you use you can also just save the caches to the phone and then look for them when off line. That is how I do it. We went to a area without service so when I did get service or somewhere with WIFI I would save all the nearby caches to look for later.
  14. The original poster here was just trying to do a nice thing. We did the same when we first started. There is nothing wrong with it. We grew tired of it and realized later in a lot of situations it is not the best thing to do but still nothing wrong with wanting to help the game out. As for the rusted wet stuff just throw it out. There are some situations we might still do this. There is a few CO that we know that we will help out. I did this just a few months ago on a cache that is on federal land and no new caches can be placed there. I went to find the one there and knew it had problems. I cleaned it out and added new swagg. I have also done this for a cache that I thought the CO and I were cool and his cache had become open and all the stuff gone the replacement log was a gum wrapper. I added a nice log and a baggie and some cool swagg. That CO got upset that I did that. So you never know. Just play the game the way you like. If you feel like cleaning up a cache that is in need do it. If not don't. Most important thing is to have fun.
  15. Like others said. Go replace this one where your son found it and then go look for the next one!
  16. Seeing the cache, it does have a active CO and has 5 favorites. It also seems to point out the tree and the CO has moved it further away because it was muggled. If it was our hide it would already be in a shoe and at the top of the tree with a 4 terrain to get to it! Still doesn't hurt to ask!
  17. Sounds like a neat idea to me. All you can do is contact the CO and see what he or she says. If it was our hide when we first started we didn't want to archive any we put out. We kept them all active for over 5 years before archiving any. But still if it was a good idea and our cache didn't have over 10 favorites or was special we would make room for you. I would also probably look at your history of cache hiding/maintaining hides. I wouldn't want to archive one of ours for you to put out this cool hide and then not take care of it. You don't have a history of maintaining hides but also don't have a history of not maintaining them. In this situation I would archive our hide to let you make this one but that is just me. Send them a message and let us know how it goes. Hope you can make it!
  18. To me it sounds like the small cache there is a throwdown. Also the one you found was a throwdown. Guessing the original has been missing for a while. So now everyone is questioning if you found the right throwdown. I would just log it as found unless it was close to home or somewhere I planned to be going back. If it was a cool cache or something difficult I might think differently but sounds like your basic hide.
  19. I met a guy at a event the other day who has over 92,000.
  20. That is really cool! I want to go find it!
  21. That is why they shouldn't put the deer crossing signs on interstates and highways. They should put them near school areas or something! Deer crossing signs!
  22. I felt the same way as you. Then we made a nice regular sized cache and placed it a popular area. I spent around $10 for the container and then about 4 hours painting it or duct taping it. Laminated custom logo's for the inside and would fill it with some good quality swagg. The hide is just over 30 min from home with no traffic and longer most times. Swagg kept getting swapped out with junk and every month or so it would get mugged. Then one time my car window got broken out while doing maintenance and some stuff stolen out of my car. After the break in I decided to move it 20 feet and make it PMO. Now I can go a year or more without needing to check it. I pay to park most times when I check it now so it won't get broken into. I agree and make most of our hides for basic members but there are some that if I spend a lot of money and time into the hide I might make it for PMO.
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